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Marijuana Arrests In New Jersey Are At A 20 Year High


new jersey medical marijuanaI have never been to New Jersey, but TWB gets a lot of readers from there, and they have all been nice people. Some of them are medical marijuana patients, others are just cannabis enthusiasts. All of them express a strong desire to see New Jersey’s marijuana laws reformed. They are also quick to throw their Governor, Chris Christie, under the bus for his adamant support of marijuana prohibition. Chris Christie once called marijuana users ‘diseased’ and stated that he supports incredibly harsh sentences for marijuana, even if it’s just for personal possession and use.

Keeping all of that about Chris Christie in mind, it is not surprising that New Jersey’s marijuana arrest rate is at a 20 year high (based off of most current data available). Per SFGate:

New Jersey’s 24,765 arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana in 2013 was the state’s highest number in 20 years, nearly doubling the amount in 1993 when the population was 12 percent less, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Simple possession is considered less than 50 grams, or about 1 3/4 ounces.

As legislators debate whether to legalize and regulate the drug, Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to veto any bill that would legalize recreational marijuana use.

Ofer said that he doubts “anyone knows the exact answer, but it’s a point of concern.”

“It coincides with a governor who has taken an incredibly harsh tone on marijuana use,” he said.

At a time when a record number of Americans support ending the harmful public policy that is marijuana prohibition, Chris Christie is still pushing for it. Chris Christie will never be President of the United States, however, that hasn’t stopped him from stating many times that if he were, he would roll back marijuana reform nationwide. That guy is so out of touch, it hurts my head. No one should have their lives ruined and be locked in a cage for a plant that is 114 times safer than alcohol.


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  1. Daniel,

    I want to order my father some oil from kushstormcannabis, but my mom is skeptical of the payment/delivery. What was your experience.

  2. Arrests are up, yep. Follow the money trail of who is prospering from privatized correctional facilities and mandatory rehab facilities. Look at those who would not prosper from legalization (pharmaceutical companies) and you’ll find where the campaign funds come from for Christie.
    Just my 2 cents

  3. Jail is too easy, his own weight will get him.
    I am still amazed we elected an oreo cookie for pres twice.
    What a mistake, but was the only reasonable choice,

  4. They can’t undo executive orders. They can attempt to defund the president’s order, but it has to get passed, and the president can just veto that. Only the next one can really undo it.

  5. All these arrests are pointless! cannabis is a medicine, it worked a miracle for my son’s autism. Initially i didn’t quite believe in it until a friend of mine told me to google kushstormcannabis (an online shop) and order from them. i did that, got some quality cannabis oil and as we speak my son’s health is remarkably better

  6. The MAJORITY of NJ voters. Your generalization of us is just as bad as Chris(py) “Creme” Christie’s generalization of pot smokers. I’ve NEVER voted for Christie OR Cory Booker. Both are politicians and NO POLITICIAN has ever had the people’s best interests at heart. Now if they were PUBLIC SERVANTS, that’s a bong of a different psychedelic color. Public servants, by their very nature and definition ALWAYS have the people’s interests at heart. #Generalizations do nothing except incite negativity.

  7. Just a reminder, the president had total control when he took office with a majority in the house and senate, yet he never came through on his promise.
    He, like most politicians, says what is believed to be popular with the people being addressed at that moment, and then amnesia sets in.

  8. David Yoseph Schreiber on

    It would be interesting to examine the cases of those received harsh sentences for marijuana possession in New Jersey. Here are some issues:

    1. Was the sentence consistent with letter and intent of the law or was it distorted by the judge, prosecution, and police?
    2. Was the charge consistent with the facts or was it grossly exaggerated?
    3. Was there perjury or slippery testimony by the police in court or in their report?
    4. Did witnesses commit perjury as part of a plea bargaining deal?
    5. Did the person convicted have good character?
    6. Was the judge, prosecutor, or cop hack or corrupt?
    7. Was their evidence of entrapment, illegal surveillance, or other illegal activity by the police or prosecutors?
    8. Was their evidence of collusion by the judge with the prosecutor and police?
    9. Did the defendant’s lawyer, particularly if it was the public defender, properly and fully present the case or was it bungled perhaps intentionally?

  9. Hey Christie throw your self in jail……..you have cannabinoids in your fat ass body right now.

    Proves how friggin stupid he is.

    Even the stupid comments by Ben Carson(I won’t call him a Doctor) the other day, “marijuana use can give you flashbacks years later that can impair your ability to perform your duties”.

    EVERY real Doctor knows better.


    Both of these ignorants need to do just 5 minutes worth of reading

    And they think they can run this country? WTF??????

  10. saynotohypocrisy on

    I have to disagree on whether the Repub controlled Congress would overturn such an executive order. Rescheduling cannabis would have overwhelming public support, I don’t think they wouldn’t dare overturn it, especially in a Presidential election year. The charade that cannabis has no medicinal use can’t stand up to public scrutiny, and they know it.
    Obama is dithering while people die.

  11. Closet Warrior on

    If Piss Christie would be chastised or “shamed” by a celebrity w/clout like snoop or Morgan Freeman then he might lose a little steam because he’s in the business of selling bullshit and is running for president but idiots like him are usually hardliners till the end. The hypocrisy of it all is that most ppl like him have never sparked one up to actually press their cause, they’d rather take the advice from another reefer madness nut. What pussies, can’t even take a real stand, just a bunch of stories and yes men!!!

  12. Keep in mind that the Republican controlled Congress could and (unfortunately) likely would undo an executive order to de/reschedule marijuana. That’s in spite of potentially passing an amendment to the spending bill within a couple of years barring the DOJ from using any funds to prosecute state-legal recreational dispensaries.

    Regardless this charade will be over soon.

  13. saynotohypocrisy on

    It only matters because his out of control weight is in harmony with his out of control personality. and his personal substance abuse problem makes him especially hypocritical in his hatred of cannabis. His true colors were on display for all to see during Bridgegate, when he didn’t lift a muscle to get to the bottom of it until leaked emails forced his criminal hands.

  14. Cannabis needs to be removed from the drug schedule completely! It is absurd to be subject to these archaic and barbaric prohibition laws… we know the truth, the lies are known. End this f’cking reefer madness already!

  15. I doubt its the cops fault. They have been told to do this. Follow the money… they are ruining lives to boost state revenue and there is kickbacks from the forced drug treatment that everyone knows is a sham. Follow the money. Chris Christie is as crooked as a three dollar bill.

  16. Nah, that’s the intent. Real criminals are hard to deal with. They put up unreasonable amounts of resistance. Most cannabis criminals know they lost and fear for their lives the moment the officer declares he smells it (I’ve had multiple officers tell me they use this tactic all the time when they don’t smell anything).

    My family does party entertainment and had a dunk tank stolen from a rich development by a truck that they see out there all the time on trash night. The police did 0 investigative work and didn’t bother to enter the report (which we needed for insurance) into the system until they came back from vacation 2 weeks later.

    What, you think that if the police stopped targeting people for victimless crimes like drugs, prostitution, jaywalking (when clear of traffic), being homeless, and instead community policed and helped people, we’d have a much better society?

  17. saynotohypocrisy on

    Don’t the cops worry that someone could be getting murdered while they play around with cannabis ‘criminals’? Don’t they have enough unsolved serious crimes to keep them busy? Don’t they care that a lot of otherwise respectful citizens hate their fucking guts because they are willing to enforce the blatantly ridiculous and bigoted laws on cannabis? Don’t they know they are vastly expanding the sea of ‘criminals’ in which real criminals swim? Don’t they know how despicably hypocritical it is for them to use booze and then abuse people for using weed? They’re making their own job much harder than it needs to be.
    And it’s bullshit when they say we don’t make the laws, we just enforce them, their unions are so dead set against weed that they’ll take vital medicine out of the mouths of children to prove it.

  18. It don’t matter what he looks like, Christie’s ugly-ness goes all the way to the bone. He’s a true fascist that hopefully will end up in jail.

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