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Marijuana Becomes Legal In Washington D.C. After Midnight


washington dc marijuanaWashington D.C. voters overwhelmingly approved marijuana legalization during the last election. Since the successful vote took place, there has been a battle between D.C. and Congress to allow the successful initiative to become law. There was an attempt by conservative members in Congress to block the initiative, but those efforts seemed to have failed. Congress has a window of opportunity to step in, but unless that happens before midnight tonight, marijuana legalization will be legal in Washington D.C.. Per NBC:

A law to legalize marijuana in the District will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, unless Congress steps in at the last minute.

As a result, D.C. police officers will begin carrying business card-sized summaries of the new rules, which were publicly explained Tuesday and will be part of a public education campaign.

The law — which was approved by voters last fall — will permit possession of small amounts of marijuana by those ages 21 or older, with consumption allowed only in private homes and space.

Assuming there is no last minute interventions by Congress, as of tomorrow Washington D.C. residents can grow up to six plants, and possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. Residents cannot sell marijuana, nor is there a store that they can purchase it from, but they can give up to one ounce to another resident for no consideration. Keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal on federal property, which is a big deal in Washington D.C. because federal land is all over the place. I honestly can’t wrap my head around the fact that there will be legal marijuana being grown and consumed in our nation’s capital. What a great time for marijuana reform!


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  1. Smoke on DC!!!!!!! Although…..what are the drug testing policies for our elected officials…Congress and Senate? They go to DC and partake while those back home in states that aren’t clever enough to legalize it suffer.

  2. Constitutional rights for for some cannabis consumers are now legal, what do you know?
    They finally allowed a person that has a shade of skin that is not as light as others to go to the bathroom in the what 60’s?
    Wow, the usa is coming a long way baby

  3. It looks as though anti weed people in congress have unwittingly bypassed any tax or regulation that was not in what was approved by DC voters. We will see if it sticks. I hope so. Weed should be legal with no f-ing tax and people can just grow it. Government and big business always to get involved in what should just be a basic human right. I mean lets get real, sugar and alcohol are directly responsible for more deaths than war and all drugs combined period.

  4. I woke up early in Spain to observe this enormous occasion. Worth every second. maybe I’ll pop some champaign… what the fuck am I saying. lol

  5. Without the support of the 49 libertarian Republican Congress crittiers Rep. Chaffetz (R-Utah) got nothing. BTW he is not going to get that support.

  6. Count down to legal weed in DC …. Few hours left 3 hours and 23 minutes by time this post hits …..

    Congrats DC!

  7. Marry H. Picover Phd. on

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) who has threatened the D.C. mayor with prison for implementing this democratic referendum must be voted out of office immediately and held in contempt by the people of the United States, nay, the world, in perpetuity, for the brazen totalitarian vermin he is. Whole websites should be put up monitoring his nefarious actions. This is the point man for the whole fascist juggernaut the United States is based upon. We must not let him recede into the shadows.

  8. This means some of our favorite or not politicians will be sparking up in DC. sometime tonight for the first time legally but probably not the first time overall. The problem is how many of those closet tokers still want prohibition?

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