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Marijuana Book Review – Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind


Epiphanies Whilst High Out of Ones MindI got high for the first time in 1994. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had smoked marijuana a handful of times previous to actually getting high, and had almost given up on it being enjoyable since nothing seemed to be happening. I’ve talked to thousands of marijuana consumers over the years, and some people get extremely high the first time they consume, but for others like me, it took a handful of times.

I will say though, the wait was worth it, because once it kicked in it was one of the wildest, most enjoyable experiences of my life. I remember my friend asking me ‘did it work this time?’ All I could do is look at him, laugh, and nod my head. I always love hearing other people’s experiences getting high for the first time. I read a book recently that is a first hand account of evolving as a cannabis consumer.

The book is called Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind by H.T. Yim. If there’s one thing that I would say about this book, is that it’s highly entertaining. A lot of the experiences that the author recalls are very funny, especially the way she describes them. If you are a veteran marijuana consumer, then you have been in similar experiences at one point or another. The book is also excellent for newbie consumers, for consumers that are coming back from a long hiatus, and for non-consumers.

Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind can provide a lot of insight and learning experiences for people that aren’t veteran marijuana consumers. More and more people are trying marijuana for the first time, or are just curious because it’s such a hot topic right now. This book provides a stoner biography of sorts and can really serve as a guide of what to do, and what not to do, as a marijuana consumer.

“I wanted to write a book that was accessible and fun to read, and – just as importantly – one that promoted responsible consumption,” explains Yim, a Third Wave feminist and dedicated advocate for drug policy reform. “I’ve learned so much about the substance over the years, both positive and negative, and hopefully readers will benefit from those lessons.

“Especially as we enter a new era of understanding, I believe it’s important to challenge lingering misconceptions about cannabis, as many are as unfair as they are inaccurate.”

“I want to help shatter the stigma associated with marijuana, which dates back to the 1930’s,” explains Yim. “Epiphanies allows readers to learn while laughing and glimpsing the world from the perspective of an average user – breaking down stereotypes and exploring the beauty of the Cannabis plant and its many medicinal, sedative, and creative uses.”

One of my favorite things about the book is that the author, H.T. Yim, is a member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). SSDP has been one of my favorite organizations for a long time, and I always like highlighting the work of hardworking cannabis activists. The author has a IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign to help raise funds to print Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind on paperback. You can contribute at this link here.

You can enter to win a free digital copy of Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind by going to the Facebook contest page for the book at this link here, list one benefit of legalization, and tag 3 friends in the comments to win. Give the page a ‘like’ while you’re there. If you don’t win in the contest, or just want to get your hands on a copy of the book, and/or want to support a hardworking activist while getting a very entertaining book in the process, check out Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind on Amazon. The Kindle price is just $.99, and at 99 pages, it’s an easy, fun read.

About the Author

Hayoung Terra Yim is a graduate of University of Toronto with an Honours B.A. in Political Science and English.

She is a Third Wave feminist and an advocate for drug policy reform, a member of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. She is a recreational user of cannabis and the author of Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind: a series of narrative nonfiction essays written on the subject of cannabis, seeking to both entertain and educate. For additional information, please visit www.potandprose.com.


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Johnny Green


  1. The book Chasing the Scream is an eye opening look at the new study that has been done on addiction. This is surprising everyone that reads it with new knowledge. All state,federal government, and all judges need to read this book.

  2. I remember my first time, at 15 in my best friends room, hanging out the window on a warm summer night in El Paso. I was so uncertain, even after seeing other people smoke weed, at that age. I thought it was for bad people and that they were wrong for using it. I thought I might die if the “high” went wrong. Wrong is the key word, “They” were wrong, I was wrong, prohibition was wrong. I learned all that in 45 seconds, after the second timid puff. By the third puff I was coughing and giggling. By the 5th, 6th, 7th I was right with the world, and with all the space monkeys flying through my friend, Henry’s window and into my brain as I laughed and hid under the blankets. We laughed at ourselves. We laughed at his mom yelling through the locked door. We listened to music and talked and laughed some more. His mom finally gave up because we were just laughing, nothing more to report officers, just laughing. That night, 35 years ago, changed my life.
    I have since played the military game. I have been successful in business and life. I have raised a solid, happy family. I smoke when I can and have for the last 33 years. As I have gotten older I have watched my friends and trusted contacts move away from the plant we all loved because they “grew up”. For me, every time I smoke, I am that timid 15 year old, without a care in the world, laughing and embracing a part of life that should never have been banned to dark corners and back alleys. I smoke because it allows me a taste of what life was supposed to be before the crushing burdens of “growing up” sucked the beauty and fun out of everything. I smoked because it revitalized the innocence of my soul.
    At almost 50 I have no way of getting what I called my medicine for life anymore. The only people involved in the culture, in my area, are youths or thugs and one doesn’t trust this older bald guy and the others I don’t trust. I long to pack my bags, load my car and make that cross continental drive to a state with safe access for people like me. The only thing stopping me is the responsibilities that “growing up” came with, and that is a sad, sad thing. I truly do not believe I could return to my present state if I ever took a trip to Colorado or Washington. I love my family and enjoy the fruits of my labors and its a sad day when a responsible adult cannot enjoy something which is so benign. We are denied a safe, natural substance which actually benefits mankind in a ways that transcend verbal explanations.
    I am on the verge of tears because its so unjust, unreasonable, unfair. I am smiling through my sadness though because a friend lost is still a friend and the memories will have to fill the void until such time that we meet again. I hope that day is soon because I miss my friend cannabis a lot.

  3. formatting i was referring to was this xubuntu onto another hard drive, i copied and pasted from tmishler420 at blogspot and left that out, so why i didnt delete the formatting mention part i do not know

    i suppose you are write though:-)

  4. the word alter

    that word is used by those who discriminate against the cannabis
    community to be sure, suggesting that a mind altered with cannabis is a
    diseased mind, and they have it backwards, well, the ancient church
    paintings clearly shows psilocybin mushrooms, and i am sure they had
    many spiritual experiences with that entheogen, and their minds were
    altered in a positive way, but that is not what i was wanting to discuss
    in this thought post, what wait, another sip is really needed:-)

    what i was wondering is if aging is due to cellular mutations, and as
    said before if cannabis therapy could have the potential to either stop
    the mutations, or possibly cannabis could either repair the damaged
    cells, restoring the perhaps the double spiraled helix of the dna who is
    to say that is not possible?, restoring the collagen, and all that,
    well it seems doable, or maybe it could stop the mutations from mutating
    any more, i have heard people say that in reality that time does not
    exist, in a cosmic spiritual sort of a way, our ageing is a sign that
    time for us seems to exist on one level, but on another level, if ageing
    is a sign of our cellular mutations, it is as though it does seem to
    stand perfectly still in some sort of a sense at times time, the time,
    using the revolutions around a star to measure, notice the sun, and all
    the stars live forever, so then if time wait lol, i really want to do
    the formatting idea, later for this, but the word alter, if you think
    about it seriously, if a cell mutates, it is altered from how it was
    when the person was born, so it stands to reason then that an aged
    person is an altered person, so yeah thats it, so then how do the
    dictatorial prohibitionists of our constitutional rights concerning our
    right to use cannabis for spiritual beliefs, as well as for health,
    which brings on a healthy happy life, liberty, and happiness, how do the
    prohibitionists in this country, and the world believe for one second,
    and many of them are altered mutants from how they were, when they were
    born, through ageing by the way, how can THEY suggest that THEIR ways of
    destroying their bodies through cellular mutation is a godly thing? i
    think not, and look what they replaced cannabis with, cannabis has been
    used for ions in all cultures around the world, emperor wears no cloths
    the book comes to mind, and others, look what they replaced cannabis
    with, ingesting pills alcohol, you name it, but if they refuse to get
    back to cannabis to re-balance their cells, maybe that is why we all
    age, if we do not do cannabis from time to time, thats my thinking on
    it, thats why i do not see how people can tolerate others telling them
    to be quiet about it, to not speak of cannabis in a positive light, are
    we to be shut up? are we to be puppets from some groups of people bent
    on hate? we are also told to discourage its use, why? people need it for
    all kinds of reasons, to keep it away from them seems criminal to me,
    prohibitionists of happy healthy life with cannabis are not on the side
    of god by prohibiting the plant that can do so much good, hmm wonder
    what is happening on coast, it says mind control and open lines, well,
    wonder if it is any good or not well, got to refill this dew, and one more thing, no one is reported of dying on cannabis yet people die one pills every day, and pills are looked upon in some sort of favorable light, i think its disgusting. but i love this buzz in my brain at the monent:-)

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