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Marijuana Boxer Shorts


Underwear With Weed Designs Are Always A Popular Gift For Marijuana Fans

Pictures of attractive women in marijuana panties has always been a popular thing amongst marijuana consuming males (and perhaps women?). It seems like the e-mails that I receive from HailMaryJane.Com have pictures of marijuana panties from time to time, including the e-mail that I received this morning. ‘Green’ from HailMaryJane.Com said in the e-mail, “These girls with the marijuana panties are hot and all but where can I get a pair of boxers with weed leaves all over them?” I too have wondered the exact same thing Green! From what I can find, only cafepress.com has a large selection of marijuana themed boxer shorts, none of which have marijuana leaves all over them. However, they are still pretty cool, and there are dozens of them to choose from. Below are some of my favorites:

marijuana boxer briefs

marijuana boxer briefsmarijuana boxer briefsmarijuana boxer briefsmarijuana boxer briefs


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