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Marijuana Concentrate Makers Need To Speak Up


dabsCannabis Dab Producers Need To Come Out Of The Shadows

By Amanda Reiman

Recently, a colleague of mine, working on medical marijuana for the state of Utah, asked me about BHO. It seems that lawmakers in Utah want to only allow chemical concentrate extraction via ethanol and CO2. Her question was simple, is there a reason we need to allow butane extracts? I honestly had no answer for her. When it comes to other aspects of marijuana regulation, the industry is not shy about expressing their needs. Cultivation, edible production and product distribution are part of public discourse and questions such as indoor or outdoor? What is a dose? What is child proof packaging?

What is appropriate advertising? Are all batted about with those from the industry side speaking up loud and clear. But where are the concentrate makers? Where are the articles about butane and why it is a preferred method? Where are the concentrate manufacturing best practices? Right now, the media owns this issue. Stories of explosions in neighborhoods are becoming the last desperate shred of reefer madness. Combine this with the public image of concentrate consumption (think 20 year olds with a dab rig and blow torch), and it is understandable why those involved in this aspect of the industry might be shy about coming out. Add on the fact that many state drug laws include increased penalties for manufacturing in a residential area. Originally developed to combat meth labs, these policies, along with their long sentences, have been used to go after cannabis concentrate producers. But, left to the policy makers and the media, concentrate production will be relegated to methods such as agitation and limited chemical extraction. Maybe this is ok. Maybe we don’t need butane extraction. I honestly don’t know.

But, I do know that, until the dispensary owners came out of the shadows the public believed dispensaries to be dirty, dens of iniquity. That is no longer the case. Before farmers came out and opened their land to the public, they were all assumed to be cartel leaders with no respect for the environment. That too has changed. So, where are the concentrate makers? Where are the responsible actors willing to bravely face transparency and stand up for their methods and product? The public needs to better understand the process, the methods and the steps that can be taken to minimize risk. The case also needs to be made for butane as a necessary and effective method of extraction. Until that happens, the harms of methods like butane extraction will continue to be at the mercy of the politicians and the media, with no direction from the experts.

Legalization is happening slowly yet rapidly at the same time. While the state by state approach may seem sluggish, ideas about what makes good policy are already starting to become ingrained in the minds of the public. There is not that much time to create a reality where butane extraction is the norm. If there are those who want to ensure that this happens, now is the time to speak up.


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  1. I’ll take your word on the subpar part; I’m not that experienced. But I don’t pay $80 a gram for anything. Well, maybe my chemotherapy drugs…

  2. If you’re a straight dabber you will go poor if you only dab rosin right now. #80dollargrams+

  3. There’s nothing you can do to make it taste or smell better. CO2 as a solvent is an extremely poor choice when it comes to terpene extraction.

  4. Rosin tech is sub par compared to BHO. The taste of that semi-decarboxylated oil is not quite the same.

  5. My experience with edibles made using co2 oil has been stellar, especially with candies. It probably makes decent topicals too. I think the refinement will get better to keep terpenes in the products, making it taste and smell better for dabbers.

  6. This is like asking drug dealers to come out and tell the world that they sell weed. BHO manufacturing is completely illegal, with the limited exception of licensed production in Colorado (I’m not sure about Oregon MMJ). So asking people to “come out of the closet” is like shooting themselves in the foot. Prominent extract artists have already been at conventions, made themselves available all over the internet, sharing their opinions and methods to the community and whatnot. I’m not sure what else needs to be said or done.

  7. That’s like telling people to stop dealing drugs – it’s not going to happen, sorry. BHO is extremely profitable and there is a huge demand for concentrates – even though it’s unsafe, it is the best method for producing oil out there.

  8. CO2 oil is tasteless headache crap. The sheep eat it up. The “problem” from BHO is the same problems they had with moonshine in prohibition. It will virtually go away if legal and regulated.

  9. And pulling a Matt Rize on us because you’re so stoked on rosin isn’t going to help the situation. There will always be a demand for solvent extracts : they are different than rosin. RSO is made from ethanol, which is purged out. There is absolutely nothing toxic about that.

  10. Newsflash : the BHO you were smoking was made from trash and full of plant waxes. Properly made BHO doesn’t make you cough like that… or make your face go numb for that matter (maybe in a good way). Trash in = trash out.

  11. Idiots blowing themselves up in Fresno, are being used as an example by the knee-jerk over-the-top anti-marijuana zealots in Florida… “If we say yes to medical marijuana, apartments and homes all across Florida will be exploding, sending thousands to the hospital, as pot-heads seek to get more and more stoned, making these evil concentrates in their kitchens”

  12. I live in a state that allows for BHO extraction. There are state licensed “qualified” labs that have had no trouble, but then the dispensaries got into the BHO extractions themselves. We have no “best practice” methods here and it’s a free for all. We don’t even know who is “qualifying the labs. The Medical Cannabis Program in our state doesn’t employ any cannabis experts, and are so ignorant of the concentrate processes – all of them – they can’t possibly police or qualify anything, never mind labs. They aren’t even qualified to inspect a grow site, and only count plants and security cameras. They don’t know to look for a spider mite infestation, chemical use, nor mold or fungus. Very sad indeed for a “medical” program.

    There was a terrible explosion in July that seriously hurt two employees, and this happened in a dispensary lab. To me, this shouldn’t be allowed even with a closed loop system. If someone wants to open a lab it should be a stand alone building that has no public access, not in a place where patients come to purchase medicine. That is just my dumb opinion.

    What I’m sure of is that I know quite a few people who have come to depend on BHO to live a semi-normal life. Could Co2 oil replace BHO for these people? Probably, and it would be a safer product too. The problem with that is there is only one Co2 lab in the state and the cost to open another, and to get licensed, will be prohibitive. Additionally, a new rule that is not yet being enforced will limit any cannabis extract to 70% THC. If enforced that would end Co2 extractions too. This THC cap, and the tragic accident at the dispensary, together makes the fate of BHO, Co2 and Rosin in NM very tenuous indeed. The patients will suffer.

  13. DIFI. California, BHO = felony
    Every time they hold a concentrate event they raid the labs
    When they come in white suits HAZMAT, they treat it like a METH lab.
    Even the FED MEMOS
    “Any othe illegal activity ”
    Makes BHO a flag for enforcing #prohibition
    When they raid ed the WERC SHOP
    IN CAli a few months back , I was disturbed this was a reputable testing facility. And they are well established in Colorado .
    My personal experience with wax :
    I coughed so bad my face gets numb
    I stopped dabbling and It went away
    ROSIN TECHNOLOGY will replace BHO for health reasons alone
    And all the people who swear by BHO
    Will scream!
    And the idiots who think they are extract experts can’t follow simple directions ” don’t do . This indoors ”
    After the kitchen exploded!
    Cannabis Is 1 of the safest known medicine and adding poison to weed didn’t make it safer.
    I don’t even like RSO anymore
    You can eat kief, smoke it snort it
    And makes great ROSIN
    Why add any chemical to cannabis ?
    Sorry I have to give BHO a big thumbs down!
    I Would not make BHO , I Would not endorse anyone mAking this , and I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone who Is I’ll smoking it!
    Oh boy her e comes the haters!

  14. However problems aren’t just in the extraction, since companies hide with no way to contact them (larger ones that are providing Co2 and other concentrates) when they are unreliable, unable to get them to give dispensaries strains they ask for (in the case of those needing cannatonic specific, no answer seems to be of any avail, the story keeps changing why they can’t seem supply the dispensaries, and none of them are about strain availability), or in one case, where the dripper was called a strain it wasn’t! I find that as long as dispensaries are dealing with making strains/using BHO, etc. They are looking at Cannabis as POT. They are not considering that strains ARE specific, that those who need them who’re medically fragile, Can’t simply ‘change’ strains to fit the concentrate companies whim; this isn’t coke versus pepsi….If you need what you need, and cannot extract yourself (not everyone can, btw), you’re caught in an extremely stressful situation, of hoping that the concentrate isn’t discontinued (as possible threat), or having to stockpile meds in fear. In some ways for those of us with medical need or severe medical need, it’s insane out there. While BHO is dangerous (making it certainly is risky for certain!), isn’t great for the health, it is the tip of the iceberg. You cannot make these companies hear YOU, or respond in any other way, other than “oops the distributer is new and didn’t know of your need,” with no recourse. Some people’s condition are serious enough that not taking concentrate (in pill form) can equate hospitalization.

  15. But butane is NOT necessary. That’s absurd. I can make all the oil I want with nothing more than a hair iron and parchment paper. I suppose that if you’re too lazy to make your own and have to rely on others to do it for you, there’s a point; solvents are necessary for high volume processing. But for crying out loud, do a little googling, figure it out for yourself and free yourself from dependence on others!

  16. I say nix the butane extraction AT LEAST until we end the federal marijuana prohibition. – Why use the unnecessary method while it poses such a big risk to public support for reform?

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