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Marijuana Cultivation Facilities Most Expensive In Arizona, Colorado


indoor marijuana gardenThere is a misconception out there that growing quality cannabis is not that hard, and not that expensive. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure, growing cannabis that is mediocre or awful is not that hard and not that expensive. But when a grower is trying to get a cannabis plant to produce at the highest level possible in the areas of quality and quantity, there is a lot that goes into it.

It requires a very specialized facility to keep bugs and disease out, and provide an optimal environment for cannabis plants to grow and thrive. Building such a facility is not cheaper. Some states are more expensive than others due to climate requirements and building codes. Per Biz Journals:

There can be extensive build-out costs in outfitting buildings for medical marijuana cultivation – and Arizona has some of the highest build-out costs in the country as a legalization effort could find its way on the 2016 ballot.

Jiyan Wei is the founder of BuildZoom Inc., the company analyzing building permit and construction data.

Wei and BuildZoom writer Greg Clifton found that behind Colorado – where marijuana is legal – Arizona has some of the highest construction build-out costs in the U.S.

Industrial cannabis gardens present unique obstacles and needs compared to other industrial facilities, even other gardening-based industrial facilities. Expect building code requirements to evolve with the growth of the industry, as well as security requirements and other requirements. If you are trying to become a large scale cultivator, make sure to research any provisions that you are required to follow, as they vary greatly from state to state.

Source: MarijuanaPolitics.Com – syndicated with special permission

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  1. How does growing quality cannabis compare to growing other herbs of good quality? Prices for other herbs are very down to earth compared to current prices for legal weed, even before taking the taxes into account.

  2. If they used state funds, it would be a matter of reference to determine in fact what they were spent on. If they did use state resources to lobby for policy, it would be recorded. Most of the time, it is propagated under the facade of “educational” tours where they “confuse” value statements with findings of fact…Jetdoc above said it.

  3. They did it under the guise of “Drug Education”. But the people they gave it to are ardent marijuana opponents. This group’s run by the AZ County Attys. and AZ Sheriff’s Association. But the 2 TOGETHER are a Political PAC called MATFORCE.

    They put out propaganda saying that if Marijuana’s legalized in AZ, that means 32,000 “School Kids” will BEGIN smoking marijuana. What they do is “cherry-pick” stats from a REFUTED study and add them to some OTHER cherry-picked numbers and come up with FICTITIOUS, but BAD looking numbers to the UNINFORMED people. They also play the “…mayhem on our roadways” and everybody will be quitting their jobs and sitting home smoking marijuana all day. Street corners will be overtaken by people not working, just hangin out smoking weed all day.

  4. Really. So you are saying that these people are criminals guilty of crimes that can be proven as fact?

    Its illegal to use state funds for political purposes….thats possible jail time for them if they really did use MMJ fees for political purposes. Shit, the issues came out in Oregon with the Sheriff’s Association. They promptly stood down…I wonder why

  5. Right, but that doesn’t help heavy users get cheap drugs. They need the perception that its “just a plant” and it “grows like a weed” so growers don’t “deserve those prices”

  6. The AZ state gov’t has done everything possible to stand in the way of our medical marijuana program. They’ve ALREADY started fighting the 2016 Legalization initiative.

    The sad part is… A lot of the money the State received from patients and dispensary fees was given to 2 ANTI marijuana groups that are using it to defeat legalization. Somehow I think that’s criminal!

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