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Marijuana Decriminalization Rally In Athens, Georgia December 1st


athens georgia marijuana decriminalization rallyFor the past year students and citizens of University of Georgia and Athens-Clarke County have been attending commission meetings in a effort to enact some form of marijuana decriminalization for possession of personal amounts (less than 28 grams).

Thanks to the work of our affiliate (Athens C.A.R.E. Project) support is building with the commission. The mayor has expressed interest in this issue but seems reluctant to move forward. The city attorney claims a decriminalization ordinance is not feasible. We contend it is allowable and seek to enact such legislation.

With your help we can accomplish our goals.

On December 1, 2015 we will continue our push for reform but hosting a rally outside Athens city hall and speaking before the commission.

James Bell, Director of Georgia C.A.R.E. Project will be presenting a draft ordinance to allow for a written citation for possession of of 28 grams or less. The goal is to reduce the harm cause by prohibition. A local ordinance will take the case out of state court and eliminate a criminal arrest/record, booking, bond and photographs.

The Rally: A public rally will take place on December 1st – 5:00 pm to 7:00pm on the side walk at city hall. Everyone is invited to bring signs and express your support for this effort. It is important we have a good turn out.

The Meeting: At 7:00 pm the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County will convene to conduct business. Citizens are allowed 3 minutes to speak on any topic they wish. We encourage you to attend and step up the microphone in support.

The Committee: Our goal is to get the proposed ordinance in the legislative committee for discussion and a vote taken by January 2016.

For more information: info@gacareproject.com or 404-452-4668

Please follow us on Facebook and visit our website www.gacareproject.com

When: Tuesday, December 1at 5:00pm – 8:00pm in EST

Where: Athens City Hall 301 College Ave, Athens, Georgia 30601

Source: Facebook event page


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  1. Conservative Christian on

    Jesus said to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. None of us would want our kids put in jail over a little marijuana. None of us would want the police to confiscate and sell our parents’ home because they grew a couple of plants to help with the aches and pains of growing older.

    Let’s start treating other people the way we would want to be treated.

    Polite + Friendly + Responsible = Success!

  2. March people march! We need this aggression toward our citizens to end! We need to be truly free and have liberty to choose a plant that is safer than alcohol and pharmaceuticals!!!

  3. Ask anyone who works at NASA and they will deny the existence of outer space. Outer space itself. We will see UFO’s. They are coming to save us.

    Oh yeah. Blame it on the rain.

  4. It’s like they are expecting the phantom you from the parallel universe to come and fill the order. The government knows all about this universe explored by the NASA programs.

  5. Strikes me that the only things we are allowed to do in this country are the things that we don’t need. Like the re-printing of the money. There is no real need. But propose something that is just wasteful and there are no issues taken.

    If we had no money at all, we wouldn’t let someone start printing it, that’s for sure.

  6. Kudos to everyone involved in this effort, but even more important is to get change to happen at the Federal level.
    Call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 every single day and ask that the President get Marijuana de-scheduled, (given its incredible safety profile compared to over the counter pain relievers (Google Marijuana Therapeutic Index)) or at least moved down to Schedule 4, (since pure 100% THC (Marinol) is already on Schedule 3, and DEA policy with respect to Opiates, for example, is that mixtures are on less restrictive schedules than pure substances.)
    Get everyone you know to call every day too and to get everyone they know to call also.
    With luck the effort will go Viral.

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