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Marijuana Dispensary Initiative Makes the Oregon Ballot


According to the Oregonian newspaper, ‘Secretary of State Kate Brown said Friday that both petitions (one being I-28 of course) had more than the 82,769 valid signatures needed to make the Nov. 2 ballot. Neither has been assigned a ballot measure number yet. That’s because signatures collected on behalf of four other citizen petitions are still being verified. Voters should know the full lineup by the Aug. 1 deadline.”

I found more information on another site stating, “According to the Elections Division, of the 130,702 signatures turned in for the dispensary measure, 85,848, or 66 percent, were valid.” Also, the article stated, “The marijuana dispensary ballot measure is expected to appear on the ballot as Measure 74.”

What do you think the outcome will be Oregon?? The only poll that I have ever read showed 59% in favor of a dispensary system, but that is an old, old poll. So much has happened in the dispensary industry since then, both negative and positive, that I personally don’t read too much into that statistic. This isn’t the first time that Oregon has voted on dispensaries – Measure 33 in 2004 tried to bring dispensaries to Oregon and it was defeated soundly (57%). Has enough changed in the last six years to change people’s minds, such as the economic potential of mmj dispensaries??

Would dispensaries be good for Oregon? There are other states that offer dispensaries, and the results have been mixed. Patients get ultimate access to quality medicine, but it also comes with the possibility of zoning laws, robberies, etc., and that’s assuming dispensaries catch on. Oregon has had a medical marijuana program since 1998, and since the beginning, participants have had to cultivate their own medicine or have someone do it for them. So this are my questions; If tens of thousands of medical growers are operating in Oregon, how many of them will continue to distribute their medicine the way they have been for 11 years? How many will actually take it to a state licensed dispensary to sell it? How many will continue to, um, ‘get rid of it’ the way they have been? I guess only time will tell.

For a full analysis of the initiative, click this link to read an article I wrote on May 31.


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  1. I have a buddy in brookings dyin to smoke a joint he does not know anyone there he is from NY , chemo for hep-c

    if anyone knows a cafe or somewhere he could get stoned he would be gratefull!

    I guess there is a need for dispensarys

  2. Van Dough Trust on

    WE will if we mm states push for reciporcity which currently exist in one state Montana. However we plan on honoring such if we can sucessfully petition for reciprocity as you and wash. need to do for all states that have the law of mm that will push for national mm…..

  3. Van Dough Trust on

    I have posted a copy of a petition that goes though some of the highlights for the need of such entities to exist. One is to remove the criminal element invovled. This incorporates the ones, that steal a medical medicine from a patient to sell. This is totally wrong. The patient that cannot grow medicinal grade in the city, or is a catstrophically disabled, quad, para, DD, PTSD, Agoraphobiac, dysthymic, cancer, MS, Diabetes, etc.etc. There are to many to list. If the system is set up for the people by the people of the prgam these items will be protected. The producers and dispensaries need to be done by need. If there are 37,000 patients in need then 1000 should produce for them at the minimum. This should be base on grade of medicine, method of growing it should be included. All ingredients used need to be known. Pesticides/Herbicides. For Cancer patients should only use organically grown medicine without Pesticides or herbicides. orgainically grown. No man induced help towards the change of molecular structure of the thc. chemial bonds and attachments that will bond to organic opposed to pesticide and herbicidal changes or artificial lighting can even stunt and make the medicine only good for minor medical use. Not for pain nor medicinal grade.. This is a truly good thing for all if done correctly and not like colorado or california but the VANDOUGH plan which will help municipalities be free of plutocracy of MM.

  4. Oregon does not recognize out of state patients, however, ANYONE can come to Oregon and sign up for a medical card in this state, NO RESIDENCY REQUIRED! You can hop a plane, see a doctor, hit up the dispensary, then fly home as much as you want due to a new administrative ruling. Wild stuff. I love Oregon.

  5. If Oregon developed dispensaries I think Washington patients would be paying a visit. Does Oregon honor out of state cards?

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