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Marijuana Edibles Made Up Almost Half Of The Colorado Market In 2014


marijuana candyCannabis edibles have been around for a long time, but you couldn’t buy them in stores or dispensaries until fairly recently. In the past you would have to have a culinary savvy friend who also liked cannabis in order to get your hands on edibles. Now days in Colorado, you can go into a store and purchase cannabis edibles in many different forms.

Cannabis edibles are popular in Colorado too. So popular, that edibles made up roughly 45% of the newly legal recreational industry in Colorado in 2014. Per The Cannabist:

The proliferation of marijuana edibles stunned state and industry leaders, making it one of the biggest surprises during the first year of legal recreational marijuana sales. Potent cookies, candies and drinks — once considered a niche market — now account for roughly 45 percent of the legal marijuana marketplace and led to the most high-profile marijuana controversies in 2014.

The variety of marijuana-infused edibles available became a “point of fascination” for consumers, said Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer for Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, one of Colorado’s largest producers of infused products.

“We knew that there would be consumer interest in edibles, but I think we did underestimate that the demand would exceed our expectations,” Hodas said.

There are a lot of people fighting to become cannabis cultivators right now, and to get into the retail side of the equation. They may need to reconsider, and try to crack into cannabis edibles. Demand is clearly there. Food for thought.

Source: MarijuanaPolitics.Com

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  1. we tried this and it worked for pain, but not the spasticity. We might try this again with another strain to see if it’s strain specific in how it works as pills, vs oral partial absorbing. The only other thing we can think of, is that like sublinqual B vitamins, it needs the areas in the mouth to make a difference….oh, who knows????

  2. Judith Legendre on

    I do not know why it works but it dose Honey is not a fat but it pulls cannabis really well if you crock pot it for 5 hours on med …..you can use milk if its right from the cow with all the cream on it ……you can also make green dragon sugar …..by extracting it with ever clear and then poring it on sugar then you cook the ever clear out in the oven …..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1kuERN6mGE

  3. Judith Legendre on

    Its funny to me when people will say …I cant stand to eat that because it has so much of a cannabis taste ….If done right and you know your flavors you should not be able to tell its in there …..one of the biggest mistakes I have seen people do is use salted butter …big no no wants to be unsalted ……In oils and how it pulls and no harsh flavor to me coconut oil is the winner …

  4. Nancy Anderson-Price on

    Some people in the Customer Service profession need to suck on an infused lolly, might lower the anxiety and rage that goes along with the job.

  5. Thanks American Baked Co. I would like to chat with you further, because frankly co oil is getting harder and harder to get down, and dosing is a real, real problem. I really appreciate you getting back to me, I also have been pretty sick right now with a bad sinus infection, as well as pretty debilitating headache with swollen glands (not to mention a bit of raging depression: cannatonic and I are parting company, if this doesn’t improve…I am heading back to Maui (oh only wish physically I could, but the herb is good!) thanks again, if you want to talk please let me know.

  6. American Baked Co on

    mary – I’m on it! Im a professional chef and soon to be licensed i502 processor. You’re gonna love what I’ve got – high quality low dose and delicious. AND I use concentrates.

  7. AND we need folks that are creating recipes for medibles, to address concentrates for those of us who need them as medication: how to add them to a recipe without literally dosing ourselves into a funk! So far, every author I have attempted to ask about adding in cannabis oil (not cannaoil or cannabutter, but cannabis concentrated oil) just asks me if i can’t ‘just make cannabutter or oil’ from flowers.

    I only found from Grasscity someone willing to address this need, because frankly eating balls of peanut butter day after day with a grain size amount of concentrate, gagging it down, isn’t wonderful.

    Here’s a problem that could use a recipe book solution! Any takers?

  8. I hope that the joint committee implementing measure 91 will be considering borrowing ideas from Colorado regarding edibles. Every facet of the retail market should be ready to go once Jan 2016 rolls around. I can only hope OLCC is working tirelessly to get their ducks in a row so we can get licenses out sooner rather than later.

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