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Marijuana Eradication Effort Under Way Across 6 Calif Counties


Confiscated PlantsA massive, six county marijuana eradication operation aimed at ridding the Mendocino National Forest of clandestine marijuana cultivation is in full swing, Mendocino County officials have confirmed.

California Department of Justice spokeswoman Michelle Gregory tells the Press Democrat of Santa Rosa that the raids have netted nearly 300,000 marijuana plants and led to 77 arrests as of Monday, according to The Press Democrat.

Citing officer safety concerns, officials declined to give details of the operation, which began early last week but which they initially attempted to keep secret.

The operation includes hundreds of law enforcement officials from local, state and federal agencies. Raids are taking place simultaneously in Mendocino, Lake, Colusa, Glenn, Tehama, and Trinity counties, counties that contain portions of the Mendocino National Forest.

Each summer law enforcement agencies eradicate millions of pot plants from California public lands, which marijuana growers favor for their remote locations and rugged terrain.

The latest raids span Mendocino, Lake, Colusa, Glenn, Tehama and Trinity counties. Hikers and ranchers report more run-ins with armed pot growers in the region.


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  1. exactly. its ridiculous! i personally think the government is protecting big pharma by doing all this. just like they bailed out the auto companies.

  2. This whole operation costs a whole lot of money. All of these cops flying around in helicopters, ripping up and destroying plants, arresting growers, incarceration costs like housing feeding medical, prosecution costs and the burden on the justice system, etc. etc. etc. And the best they can hope for is to eradicate a small percentage of cannabis, which raises market value, and the growers make more money. This policy is great for the cops and the growers, but is it good for the American public?

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