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Marijuana Expert And Activist Robert Platshorn Is Finally Free


robert platshorn silver tour washington dc rally event seniors senior citizensI first met Robert Platshorn at the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. I had talked to him a handful of times via e-mail leading up to the event, and he always impressed me. After hearing him talk at the Cup, I was even more impressed. He has a way of capturing an audience like nothing I had seen up to that point or since. Robert Platshorn has the distinction of serving the longest prison sentence for marijuana – almost 30 years. And even after his release from prison, he was on a very restrictive parole, hindering his travels and making it nearly impossible to attend speaking engagements. I’m happy to say, that Robert Platshorn is finally a free man who can travel around the country spreading his invaluable message of reform. Per the New Times:

“It makes me feel good knowing that other people won’t have to go to prison like I did, and seniors with MS or Crohn’s or glaucoma will be able to get a safe and effective medicine that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg and has absolutely no known side effects.”

Newly energized, he plans to embark on a campaign to get the senior vote out in favor of Amendment 2. But first, he plans to enjoy the hell out of Cannabis Cup.

“I don’t wanna look back and be miserable now that things are getting so much better,” he says. “You have no idea how good it feels to be free for the first time since September 1978.”

2013 was the first year we ever named TWB Award winners, and I gave Robert Platshorn the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award.’ It was an easy choice, as Robert Platshorn has done so much for the movement it’s hard to put into one article. Congratulations Bobby Tuna, you deserve your freedom, which is long overdue. I hope to run into you at an event soon, and I hope that every campaign, organization, and event has you come and speak. Kudos!!!


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  1. No one should be locked up at all, let alone 30 years. The injustice and ignorance is numbing. Thank you so much Robert for remaining an advocate and remaining hopeful and present and happy – you are to be applauded for your perseverance and truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you stand for and how you stand up. Peace.

  2. Robert good to have you free. Thanks for your sacrifice. Nobody should be locked up for thirty years because of marijuana. Hopefully the rest of your life is fulfilling in every way.

  3. There is strength in diversity and only fear in compliance. Long may you run Mr. Bobby, I watch square grouper at least once a year. Let’s be honest the money and power struggle, built Florida. Disney did put orlando on the map. Cocaine and marajuana built the flower state. If you want to know about the he’ll this man has been through, watch square grouper on Netflix

  4. I like him too. A lot. And I really applaud his efforts to educate the elders of Florida on Marijuana as medicine and alleviate their fears of cannabis in general. I can’t wait for his new book, “Greed and Evil”, to come out. He is working on a shoestring budget to publish his lasted and probably greatest, and can use any help the public will donate. Legalization advocates – we owe this guy – so give and give generously if you can. http://www.gofundme.com/Greed-and-Evil

  5. The currents of history ebb and flow. But over time, they flow toward freedom – more people in every corner of the earth standing up and reaching to claim those rights that are universal, and that’s why, in the end, our ideals are stronger, and that’s why, in the end, our ideals will win. Dignity will win, because every human being is born equal, with free will and inalienable rights, and any regime or system of government that tries to deny these rights will ultimately fail and countries that uphold them will only grow stronger. Justice will win, because might does not make right. And the only path to lasting peace is when people know that their dignity will be respected and that their rights will be upheld. And citizens, like nations, will never settle for a world where the big are allowed to bully the small. Sooner or later, they fight back.

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