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Marijuana Expungement Bill Filed In Missouri


marijuana reform bill legislature session legislative billsBy Dan Viets

Senator Bob Dixon, Republican, of Springfield, has filed Senate Bill 451 which would allow for expungement of almost all marijuana convictions from all public records. This bill specifically authorizes one who has had his or her record expunged to deny that he or she was ever convicted.

There are several expungement bills pending in the Missouri General Assembly, but many believe Senator Dixon’s bill is the one which is most likely to have a chance of passing this year.

This bill was drafted by a committee of the Missouri Bar Association on which I served. It has the support of the Missouri Bar Board of Governors, the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

As with all legislation, it contains compromises. Class A felonies would not be eligible for expungement under this bill. Further, expunged convictions would still be able to be used to enhance future charges. Nonetheless, the primary disabilities which result from a criminal conviction: difficulty obtaining employment, renting a home, and obtaining loans, would be relieved by expungement under this legislation.

Almost all non-violent and non-sexual offenses, other than Class A convictions, will be eligible for expungement from all public records if this bill passes in its present form. Please contact your Missouri state Senator and Representative and urge them to give their support to Senate Bill 451.

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  1. I was going to SMSU in 1997. I had never been any trouble in my young life. I lived in sun villa tower where i paid to live. however I sold a half of an ounce of marijuana to an undercover officer in my dorm room 14 floors HIGH up and I was charged and plead guilty to dist of controlled substance within a thousand feet of a school. I was sent to 10 years d.o.c. , and recieved an SES when i thought it was an SIS. I didnt really know the difference, or the life long implicatons of one vs another. ( ruined my life as I am now 40 years old and thought all this time that my crime was taken off my record after I did treatment, RDP, AND 5 years probation. . the judge sentenced me to A REGIMENTED DISCIPLINE PROGRAM as an alternative to going to prison.. a hard core prison bootcamp ran by ex military drill instructors. i completed the program, and walked down my probation. I had a public defender that assured me that i would get probation and that if i stayed clean it would be off my record. I now have a couple buisnesses and one of them is a retail where i take in cash, at the end of the night sometimes when i am counting down the drawer i get a wierd feeling someone is casing my shop. so i took the safe and sound conceal carry class after i had the local pd run my name through NCIC where it came back with no priors . so i was safe to purchase a hand gun. however after i paid the 100.00 to the sherrif and they sent me to MO HIGHWAY patrol, there investigation said i lied on my application about being a felon and they were denying me my conceal carry. I knew nothing of the legal system when i was in college so i took my public defenders word for it. I could not afford an attorney and my bail was 100k , so I took his word for it however on every application I put in over the next 20 years for different jobs, I always put down that I am not a felon. some of the higher end jobs , well paying in my late 20s and 30s I was often fired after the first week or two even though i was excelling. there excuse was that i lied on my application. they wouldnt tell me what , just that they had to let me go., now i dont even know if i can own a hand gun. my local pd ran me through NCIC and said i had no priors. but highway patrol said different

  2. but why are they singling out Class A felons that’s what I want to know. I myself in a class a felon I sold a bag of marijuana which in the state of Missouri is now a misdemeanor amount to edite officer at a gas station it was a Saturday night at 11 o’clock the gas station was closed and nobody was around no school in sight. But 573ft behind the gas station was a school! Shouldn’t the details in my case be taken into consideration? I am not a hardened criminal as a matter of fact I have absolutely nothing else on my record. I am a 37 yr old female who has made a mistake. I did my time paid my fines and am running through probation like its nothing. I think it is fair to single out ALL class A felons. I live in a rural area I cannot find a good steady job. This ONE thing is dragging me down. Cant something be changed about this??

  3. Gary Williams on

    Inch by inch the truth will be known. Just like the realization that Custer was nothing more than a self absorbed racist that got what he deserved.

  4. Our citizens should never been locked up or arrested for non violent Marijuana offences in the first place. But I am happy to see some politicians figuring out that the tide is turning and join up or get left behind.

  5. Nicholas "Turbo" Raines on

    The Missouri Cannabis Restoration And Protection Act 2016-013 expunges all non violent cannabis offenses and immediately releases everyone from jail for non violent cannabis offenses

  6. The least appealing trend sprouting up from cannabis legalization are the people. Those previously opposed politicians, religious leaders, and everyday citizens who are now scrabbling out of the woodwork like cockroaches trying to grab a piece of the pie. They know who they are. And the ones who gave into societies anti-everything prohibition era. The American hypocrites with a vested interest in profit margins never fails to surprise me. A word to those people: We know who you are. Its far too obvious. We knew you would be showing up. We are sorry you had such a hard time seeing the facts right away. Now get your grubby hands out the cookie jar and stop rolling your eyes, flapping your gums, and being such pathetic, ignorant bitches.

  7. daryl bertrand on

    Having to wait 5 years after you have finished probation to get expungement does not help this person right now at all. I am a felon for growing my own medicine. Now, I am in the process of trying to get a new place. I have to wait 5 more years to not report it.. Total crap and does not help us when it needs too..

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