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Marijuana Inc Announces Patent Application for Cannabis-Based Pill


Marijuana, Inc. announced the pending application for a true cannabis derived remedy. Marijuana, Inc. intends to file a patent application as the owner of a cannabis-based capsule to be taken orally. This formulation for pain management, one of the integral properties of cannabis, may help those suffering pain from a myriad of diseases.

Formulator and inventor Reverend Dr. Douglas Van Dyke stated, “This Shamanistic blend of herbs has shown great promise for pain management treatment among a closed group of patients. The probability of efficacy among a large control group is quite feasible and we welcome the opportunity to prove the formulation.”

Marijuana Incorporated has several other planned patent applications waiting to be filed including a topical lotion.

Marijuana Incorporated further seeks to explore the common question of how the multitude of strains of cannabis may affect different individuals. Taking biodiversity into regard, even the most highly regarded dispensers of cannabis can only pose a guess at how an individual will react to a certain strain of cannabis. Age, sex, size, and physical condition may be only a few of the factors deciding how the ingestion of a certain cannabis strain may affect an individual.

To this end, Marijuana Incorporated has entered into preliminary talks with a group of medical professionals including a published and well known medical doctor, a chiropractor and a psychologist with the intent of forwarding research into strain efficacy. The possibility of incorporating a major university to contribute to the research is also on the horizon.


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  1. I am glad to see people trying to take it seriously, but if they really manage to patent the “invention” of grinding up weed and putting it in a capsule, they are going to hold back real cannabis research for decades due to their greed. I hope there is more to this than that!

    P.S. Their CEO is a dead ringer for Dewey Cox (check out his photo!),

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