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Marijuana Initiatives Filed With The Secretary Of State In Missouri


missouri show me cannabisBy John Payne

Last Tuesday, December 3, Show-Me Cannabis Regulation board chairman Dan Viets filed ten different drafts of an initiative to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis in 2014 with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office. You can read all those drafts (they are numbers 68 through 77) and submit comments about them to the Secretary of State’s office on this website from now until December 19.

Then, sometime in January most likely, we will receive ballot language back for all the drafts, and we will conduct polling to determine which, if any, of them are politically viable in 2014. If one of our drafts polls near 60 percent or more among likely 2014 voters, we will likely begin collecting signatures to put the measure on the ballot next November.

This is very exciting, but I want to reiterate that we will only pursue a campaign if the polling research indicates that we would very likely win on Election Day. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more developments.

Finally, polling does not come cheaply. It will cost over $30,000 to conduct a thorough poll, so please contribute now to help cover that expense!

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