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Marijuana is legal (Well kind of, sort of)


Greetings from Washington!

My apologies for not posting anything sooner but besides getting a new life together I’ve been on a natural high. The last time I was in the Northwest I was serving in the Navy with no knowledge of the growing medical scene here and now as a civilian I see wondrous things.

Marijuana is legal or so it seems, coming from Arizona. Since I’ve arrived here I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in Train Wreck, Papaya, Northern Lights, Hawaiian Gold, Maui Wowi, Jack Herer and my favorite Sour Diesel. There’s some other strains here and there but so far that’s the most I can remember.

Writing has taken a backseat but as I’m settling in I’m putting it on the passenger side. I hope my last write wasn’t too existential for ya’. The love for herb here has been overpowering kindness. There’s been so much I’ve been wanting to tell you guys but simply put the northwest is amazing (from the stoner perspective).

Marijuana is legal, that would be an awesome headline but not soon or outright it seems. But we’ve come a long way baby. We’re now in the equivalent of alcohol prohibition in the 30’s, a wink and a nod gets you a script.

Silly things have happened that make no sense in out world like Willie Nelson’s arrest or Pat Roberts support of decriminalizing weed. Busting Willie is like farting in church, it shouldn’t happen. Those involved in his arrest will have to answer to a higher power. I mean really, who did you take off the street? Who did you really save? Than there’s the Pat Robertson thing. I never saw the lead of the 700 club coming in support of the legalization of weed. This is perhaps the holiest thing one of those kooks ever said.

Than I recently had to have the marijuana discussion with my 9 yr old son. Not that this is a good or a bad drug but on how silly the laws are. I came across a coloring book flier from the DEA that said you couldn’t smoke marijuana and ride a bike. I wrote most of this article high. I beat sober people at games, the DEA is a waste of money and tax payer dollar.

Marijuana is legal, well kind of sort of. You need deep pockets and/or a job to maintain a quality of life and buy good bud here. Its not perfect but its not like it use to be, this is what I tell myself just like on so many other things. The thing is people against legalization are straight profiteers from it, not all of them sellers but the big ballers don’t want it to be. As more people get their green-cards (I find that funny to say as a half Mexican) prices will decrease. Shops will remain profitable but growers and dealers (caregivers) will need to do more to make the same they are now. So for $150, a wink and a nod you could be right with your god.


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  1. Well my friend I could not agree more take a look at my profile on facebook an you can see what I mean. These times have been hard for every one dam when these Idiots have to go after my man Willie. This is why people like us need to unite as a whole an show this A hole how things should be for us in this country.

    Let me Say Thanks for you service to this country and it sure must be disappointing to have to explain to our children the truth after all the BS they have taught us was a lye in school an by our own country.

    Wake up America because we do love you and you have a Fredoom of choice an if you need to will go MMJ.

    Check out my videos on Utube let me know what you think?

    This country must change Dam this has been a night mare an thats right we have come a long way from the 30’s whats 80 years and they still can not figure it out.

    Then again greed is an ugly thing.

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