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Marijuana Is Not Going To Legalize Itself


Legalize Marijuana legalization cannabis prohibitionPoll after poll shows that support for marijuana legalization is growing, and in the case of my home state of Oregon, an overwhelming majority of voters think that marijuana legalization is inevitable. While I like that sense of inevitability, it’s also important that marijuana reform supporters keep fighting the good fight. Marijuana will not legalize itself, and there is still a lot of work to do.

I have always said that if everyone that consumed marijuana regularly spent as much time fighting for legalization as they did consuming marijuana, marijuana would have been legal a long time ago. If people even spent half as much time fighting for reform as they did consuming, marijuana would be legal already. How often do you consume marijuana? How often do you fight for marijuana reform? Is it a good balance, or is it out of whack?

Consider this a call to arms if you will – it’s time to pile on. Politicians simply can’t ignore the winds of change forever, especially if those winds become stronger and stronger every day. When was the last time you contacted your State Rep. and Senator to urge them to support marijuana reform? When was the last time that you contacted your Federal Rep. and Senator to urge them to support marijuana reform? When was the last time that you offered up your signature to a marijuana reform initiative? Or even better, when was the last time that you volunteered to gather signatures? When was the last time that you wrote a letter to the editor to your local media outlet? If it’s been awhile, for the love of marijuana, put the bong down, get off your bum, and get active! After all, remember, marijuana won’t legalize itself.

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  1. Want all the ammunition you could EVER possibly hope to have to shut the naysayers up dead in their tracks ? Tell them to google US Patent # 6,630,507. If you do not have personal knowledge of this patent, you should stop right now, look it up & read it before you do anything else…. Funny how our government can hold a patent on the CLINICALLY PROVEN curative powers of marijuana, can lay out all the illnesses and malady’s medical marijuana can cure or alleviate, in great detail so as to protect it from infringement in the future, and still have it classified as a schedule 1 drug. They applied for the patent in 1997, was awarded the patent in 2003…TEN YEARS AGO… Virtual Pike’s Peak of hypocrisy. Look it up… Read it through… Tell EVERYBODY you know. This was clinical research, done at the taxpayers expense, then with held from the public in general, but the patent is public domain… This is the straw that can break the old curmudgeon of a camel’s back once & for all… Help me help everybody that the archaic laws have tried to break down over the last 8 decades. This is our time, and it has been a long time coming. Please post the patent info & number everywhere you feel it may be read… We can do this if we all act as one. Enough is enough…

  2. Here’s a different approach.

    In a recent LA Times’ article, Harborside Health Center founder Steve DeAngelo was quoted as saying, “People are not going to stop using cannabis, they’re just going to buy in the illegal marketplace.“ In the spirit of “Out of the Shadows, Into the Light”, fighting the Justice Department, and changing people’s perception about the cannabis legalization, Zig-Zag is a Kickstarter project that merits two-minutes of your time for consideration.


    Should you like this approach to nudging public opinion, please feel free to forward this to other supporters.


  3. I’ve got to work on my balance, spendin all my time working for reform.
    Caught an awesome buzz last night though.
    Drove fine but forgot where I was 3 times. Epic voyage. Turned out fine.

  4. I want drug dealers to join the Dodo bird on the extinct species list. Pat McCory of North Caroliona doesn’t want that, he wants you to pass the gate and try more drugs. That’s not what he says but actions speak louder than words!

  5. This is true, and after moving back to a state where it is not legal, and seeing the quality isn’t even comparable (this isn’t medicine, it’s garbage), I’ve given up and quit smoking. I have nothing to do but write my reps. and let them know that we need alternatives to addictive Pain Medicines and most importantly, to the people I know, an alternative to Methadone. They’re not going to mention it until they feel like it will benefit them, so let them know what would get your vote. Keep fighting the good fight, and I’ll see you on 4/20. Peace.

  6. The fact that my North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory wont ALLOW me to VOTE my opinion to legalize marijuana proves that this is not a free country and the my vote doesn’t matter. I want my freedom and my voice/vote will be heard.
    I call the police (after some kid ran off with my weed money) and bitch them out and I got under the table the advice just to calm down and it will probably be legal soon just don’t do anything stupid and they let me go.

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