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Marijuana Jobs Are At An All-Time High


marijuana jobsI received the following e-mail. Getting a job in the marijuana industry is not easy. I don’t know this site too well but figured I’d pass it along if you are trying to crack into the industry – it just might provide the lead that gets your foot in the door:

420careers.com (www.420careers.com), the leading marijuana industry job board website, has announced that because the marijuana industry is expanding so rapidly it is creating an unprecedented demand for marijuana-related jobs throughout the country.

Currently, more than twenty states allow medical marijuana, two states allow for adult recreational marijuana use, and nearly a dozen other states have pro-marijuana legislation initiatives.

“The U.S. marijuana industry is developing quicker than any other industry. The rapid growth is generating hundreds of new jobs,” stated Dan Kingston, President of 420careers.com.

The marijuana industry is predicted to grow by 64 percent, to over $2 billion, in 2014. Reports also predict that 14 more states will likely legalize marijuana for adult recreational use by 2018, potentially creating upwards of a $10 billion marijuana industry in the United States.

420careers.com provides a place for marijuana-related businesses to post available marijuana jobs and browse job-seekers’ resumes; while, job-seekers can browse and directly apply for marijuana jobs, as well as post their resumes. Businesses can upgrade their job posting(s) with a Featured Job listing that is displayed and highlighted on 420careers.com’s homepage, for only $25.

The most popular marijuana jobs currently offered in the marijuana industry are with dispensaries. These jobs typically consist of budtenders, cultivation experts, management, security, inventory and packaging, and various administrative positions. Presently, marijuana jobs are in the highest demand in Colorado, California, Washington, and Arizona, where marijuana industries are booming.


420careers.com is the premier marijuana industry job board website. Businesses can post available marijuana industry jobs and browse job-seekers’ resumes – all for free. And job-seekers can browse and apply for marijuana industry jobs and post their resumes – all for free. 420careers.com is owned and operated by Hemp American Media Group (www.HempAmerican.com).


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    Scam, no need to pay to get info, just work a little harder on your own and the contact info is on the web for individual business that can also direct you to other possibilities. I’ve been having luck from out of state, I’m going where it’s growing Colorado from Ohio. Bye Bye Bye.

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