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Marijuana Jobs Report For June 2015


The fine people at Cannabis Jobs Board (CannabisJobsBoard.com) have released a video describing the state of marijuana employment for the month of June 2015. I hope they make more of these videos. They are very quick and to the point, and provide a lot of valuable data about how many jobs were created, and where they were created, in the marijuana industry in June. I know a lot of people out there are trying to get into the marijuana industry, and looking at the data and trends will no doubt help with that goal. Below is the video, enjoy:

marijuana business fact book


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  1. Jeffrey Smith on

    Do people actually get jobs through their job board? 79 bucks a month for access.

  2. Amanda Bowles on

    Would love this job however in Missouri we dont have medical cards or legalization

  3. Tinman53028 on

    I would love to join the industry but I don’t have a medical card!!!
    I’m in the construction biz and my body is telling me I need to find something else!!!
    I live in Arizona and it’s getting harder and harder to qualify for one because of politics!!! Not fair in my mind but who am I right!!

    Someone show me the WAY!!!!!

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I sincerely appreciate The Weed Blog passing along this splendid information. In your own little niche of the net, you folks are simply awesome! My only critique is to start using the botanical/scientific/Latin names for these plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, or whatever variety of Cannabis is the subject. Millions of high-paying, sustainable, career-track jobs can be created in the United States after ALL forms of cannabis cultivation are fully re-legalized–that is, with minimal government restrictions over this OLD industry. For nearly a century, the slang word “marijuana” has been bandied about as the ONLY proper term by tyrannical politicians and corrupted media, with 100% effectiveness, to confuse and deceive Americans regarding cannabis plants–the same species that Thomas Jefferson once described as “…of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.”

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