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Marijuana Joint Rolling Tips With John The Freak


I have never attended the Seattle Hempfest, but this year I plan on making the journey from Oregon to Seattle to attend. I have had many, many friends go, and they always say it’s an amazing time. Seattle Hempfest has been rolling out videos lately. Below is a video of Vivian McPeak, who sat down with the master joint roller for Seattle Hempfest, John the Freak, who shows you how to properly roll a joint:


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  1. Karen Ferguson on

    Crackin’ me up early a.m.
    Every time I see long nails like that, I inevitably go back to the 70’s in my mind and the ‘movies’ seemingly demonstrating how a nail was used in the coke-soaked times. I remember when a nail referred to a ‘fingernail.’ *chuckle.*
    I love this chaps’ dedicated attempts at helping me: it’s sorely needed. But then when I renewed my CA recommendation, the kind Doc was looking at my chart, then me, then the chart. And, said,”You’ve only been medicating for a year? What took you so long?!!” :-) For the first time since I learned more about med cannabis, I was embarrassed for NOT medicating. eheheh…I said, “Yeah, I know…I supported everyone else’s right to use, but for some reason, it didn’t apply to me.”
    The doc was very serious when he said: “My prescription to you when you medicate in this order: 1. tincture 2. edibles 3. topicals 4. vaporizer
    The difference from a year ago to now? LIke night and day.
    I love The Weed Blog and those few I’ve met that have guided me along the way.

  2. That’s not a joint, that’s like 2 blunts compressed into the size of a joint. I mean holy crap, that’s a lot of weed. Also, this dude really needs to cut his fingernails.

    Other than that madness, pretty good video.

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