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Marijuana Legalization Ballot Language Approved In Ohio, But ResponsibleOhio Doesn’t Like It


ohio signIt’s official – ResponsibleOhio’s marijuana legalization initiative shall be known as ‘Issue 3’ moving forward. Issue 3 will be joined on the 2015 ballot by Issue 2, which would prevent ResponsibleOhio’s initiative from becoming law. The official ballot language was approved this week for Ohio’s marijuana legalization initiative. ResponsibleOhio is not happy about the ballot language using the word ‘recreational’ instead of ‘personal use’ which was the phrase that was actually in the initiative language. Per The Cannabist:

Don McTigue, an attorney for ResponsibleOhio, opposed the board-approved language that described the legalization proposal as permitting the sale of “recreational” marijuana. He argued that the word “recreational” was not in the proposed amendment, while the phrase “personal use” was. He suggested “recreational” was chosen based on unfavorable polling.

“We don’t say recreational smoking of cigarettes,” McTigue told the board.

He also took issue with a description of where marijuana facilities would be permitted and how much marijuana people could purchase.

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde of Kent joined her other Democratic colleague in voting against the ballot wording, saying it was neither accurate nor impartial. Clyde said use of the word recreational “crosses into editorializing about the amendment.”

Secretary of State Jon Husted, the board’s Republican chairman, said “recreational” helps to distinguish between marijuana used for medicinal purposes.

There has been a lot of debate surrounding Issue 3 versus Issue 2 in Ohio. The question that a lot of people are asking is ‘what happens if both issues pass on Election Day 2015?’ Ohio law is a little confusing. On one hand, Ohio’s Constitution says that whichever one gets the most votes becomes law. However, Ohio’s Secretary of State is saying that since Issue 2 would go into effect prior to Issue 3, that it would become law, regardless of which one gets the most votes. I think it’s safe to say that in the event that both pass, there will be a challenge in court from whichever side doesn’t get their way, and that’s the only way we will truly know which one will trump the other.


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  1. Yes on 3 no on 2 unless you want the mafias and cartels to control the weed money! FREE THE WEED

  2. Protective Mama on

    HELP!! Comfusion reighns! I want to vote for marijuana to keep my adult child outta jail. Everyone I talk to is confused!! How do we vote to pass marijuana on Issue 2 and 3?

  3. It’s really about taxing it to make gov revenue. Anything that you may sale they want their cut..period. They did it with cigs and alcohol so now…. Let’s do what’s right to get what we can get ou if it . instead of jail…. A choice to have it or not. Legally

  4. Jeanette Sawyer on

    Why does that not surprise me? The gov’t is always trying to find some way to bend us over!

  5. Jeanette Sawyer on

    I hope with everything I have that Issue 3 passes, purely for medicinal reasons. I have ever changing and increasing illnesses, and currently, take 9 medications to treat them. I don’t even want to SMOKE it…I know that certain strains, high in CBD’s, used in tictures, topicals, and edibles can not only reduce my pain drastically, but a tincture of a high CBD, low THC, like Charlotte’s web, could help control a movement disorder I have, and take away the need for 2 of my medications. With the right strain, I could eliminate or very drastically reduce the amount of chemicals I have to put in my body pretty much twice a day, every single day. Even my doctors agree that it would be a lot better for me. Of course Governor Kasich, in all of his wisdom, has said that doctors he had talked to say medicinal mj isn’t necessary, that there treatments available that work very well (those good old toxic medicines). I told my pain doctor this, and he said “I don’t know what doctors he is asking. He never asked me!”. My doctor is all for anything that works, with minimal side effects and maximum benefit. I think Kasich and his xhronies will find some way to keep it from becoming legal, even if issue 3 passes and 2 doesn’t!

  6. btw whoever acidsex is, they are not for legal pot whatsoever. Thats just the typical rhetoric of someone with a hidden agenda, act like they are on the good side, when in fact they are a wolf in sheeps clothing. If you want to see legal marijuana in Ohio, on Nov. 3rd get your butts to the poll, and vote yes on 3 and no on issue 2!!!

  7. They’re letting you grow your own even with this bill, how could you not vote yes on 3 and no on 2 unless you are a prohibitionist.

  8. I have had 15 or 16 surgeries on my back, I keep getting schwanomma tumors on my spinal cord. It is very very painful and at times I can’t function I’m currently on 7 different kinds of medicine’s my last surgery was on October 1st I have some nerve damage to my left foot I have been in a rehab facility for therapy and I have noticed a difference in it, my 3 boys have also had these damn things removed as well. I definitely want 3 to pass if I can smoke a joint and my pain level goes down and why wouldn’t I want this law to pass, common sense people it has so many benefits!! Come on people vote yes for 3

  9. Voting yes on 3 and no on 2. I may never get to see it legalized if we don’t vote it in now. It’s no different than the casinos they have limited in certain areas. Someone will get rich no matter what. Isn’t it better for it to be licensed operators rather than the corner drug dealer?

  10. So many different opinions… where to start? In the beginning, man discovered when the cannabis plant was burned, he would get a buzz. Hmmm… I wonder what would happen if I put this stuff in a pipe and smoke it? Wow, that takes the edge off! Let me sit back and enjoy the day. Then he said, I need some heroin!! NOT! Marijuana can be a gateway drug only to those who are weak, have low self esteem and have nothing to live for.

    I am not that person. Many of the people I know around my age are not that person. We have a right to be able to utilize the plant as we wish. We are not chemically altering the weed to get a different kind of high, we like it just the way it is. We are products of the 70’s, have jobs, go to work every day, don’t call off, take care of our families and enjoy each others company and are responsible citizens who vote. We haven’t been arrested (thank the Lord), been to prison, sold crack on the corner or used a needle for anything harder than insulin.

    Tone stated some statistics but I would think we MIGHT have a few accidents now and again, mostly from being burned while trying to fling a lit doobie out the window and it lands in your lap ( Big Labowski, best scene). Some do have a tendency to drive too slow… No overdoses, crime or deaths… actually, it can give someone a life again if they need medical grade. And yes, there is a difference between street weed and medical weed. You don’t smoke medical weed to get high. Then it would be crap.

    The self-righteous people out there who NEVER do wrong will vote against any kind of legalization/ decriminalization because that is what they do. If they have never smoked they don’t know what they are missing and really don’t care. They worry about their children which is understandable. They need to be educated because ignorance causes fear. When your child turns 21 and heads out to the bar because the self-righteousness says alcohol is legal and it’s ok to drink but don’t smoke the weed… well, remember, alcohol kills tens of thousands of people every year. If you are smart, you teach your child how to make smart choices. If marijuana was legal, well there ya go. Now your child has a choice to be stupid and become an alcoholic and grow old with cirrhosis or grow old with a healthy liver and a good outlook on life by smoking an occasional joint.

    Oh, there is the alternative… prescription drugs. Depressed? Try this stuff… OMG, have you seen the commercials??? Side effects will kill you before you had a chance to OD on something! Please, Valium is NOT my drug of choice. Another strange statistic is that people who smoke tend to have a better cholesterol level. Considering the one BAD side effect is to crave munchies, this is quite a surprise. I, myself, have excellent numbers. I have a coach who helps with my medical issues who told me even though I take a statin drug to keep it lower, it is in the genes. I didn’t let on I smoke. But hey, the numbers are good so I can’t discount the statistic.

    For those of us who do imbibe on a regular basis, we need to be able to just do it. We need to be able to cultivate our own plants, smoke our untainted weed and not have to worry about being arrested or having a black mark on our records for something that is so freakin’ trivial!! Yes, trivial.

    Now we get the government involved. I go to a dispensary and pay. They have to pay taxes on their profit. That’s ok for those who don’t have the green thumb. If you do, grow it. You can make your own beer and wine, you can grow your own tomatoes, you should be able to grow your own cannabis. I would prefer to keep my own supplier as he grows some pretty decent stuff. Should he pay tax for what he sells? I don’t have much of an opinion there. Taxes from the sale of weed could definitely help our economy and provide much needed monies to pay for our military, our roads, healthcare, education, etc.

    WE NEED TO EDUCATE!! Take note, I am an educated individual. Public, city school educated. I am also veteran who served 10 years of my life with the US Navy. I have earned the right to use and not feel I am breaking laws. Thank you for taking time to read my opinions.


  11. 0. Deaths 0. Crimes, off use of Marijuana. 0. Accidents 0. Overdose. This drug does not harm us as human beings but only helps every day struggles and medical problems that we as human’s have to go through since birth. This “Plant” saves “life”. Point, blank, period.

  12. There is no such difference between “medical” and “recreational” marijuana. The only people that will tell you different are the people that will charge you an exorbitant price for the “medical.” I have tried several types of this “medical” stuff and as far as I am concerned it’s all crap. It’s a bad initiative, the ads they are running are chock full of hyperbole and lies, and I really could not care less about it passing. Issue 3 is a glaring example of our elected officials not doing their job. In Ohio it is apparent the legislature has outsourced their job to moneyed interests. I say let it fail and then we elect officials that will pass legislation that will allow every Ohioan a chance at bettering themselves in part of a billion dollar Ohio cannabis economy and not let it be highjacked by those that wish to only enrich themselves.

  13. And then an hour later they are fine.
    Unlike alcohol, which can lead to a bad next day. #reefermadness

  14. Thepublic Informer on

    I don’t care who bogarts the cash, just don’t bogart the blunt..

    Vote: Issue 2 NO and issue 3 YES

  15. Until the Government at all levels can figure out a way how they can make all the billion of dollars that this crop will produce, they will never get on board with it. Just like Prohibition so many people drank and got drunk including politicians and such that was the drive it took to legalize alcohol which does way more harm to us than marijuana….think about that! Marijuana Prohibition is not going to work and see below for the reasons why, It will be the same as Alcohol Prohibition.

    Alcohol Prohibition Was a Failure By Mark Thornton

    July 17, 1991

    Executive Summary

    National prohibition of alcohol (1920-33)—the “noble experiment”—was undertaken to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, reduce the tax burden created by prisons and poorhouses, and improve health and hygiene in America. The results of that experiment clearly indicate that it was a miserable failure on all counts. The evidence affirms sound economic theory, which predicts that prohibition of mutually beneficial exchanges is doomed to failure.

    The lessons of Prohibition remain important today. They apply not only to the debate over the war on drugs but also to the mounting efforts to drastically reduce access to alcohol and tobacco and to such issues as censorship and bans on insider trading, abortion, and gambling.[1]

    Although consumption of alcohol fell at the beginning of Prohibition, it subsequently increased. Alcohol became more dangerous to consume; crime increased and became “organized”; the court and prison systems were stretched to the breaking point; and corruption of public officials was rampant. No measurable gains were made in productivity or reduced absenteeism. Prohibition removed a significant source of tax revenue and greatly increased government spending. It led many drinkers to switch to opium, marijuana, patent medicines, cocaine, and other dangerous substances that they would have been unlikely to encounter in the absence of Prohibition.

    Those results are documented from a variety of sources, most of which, ironically, are the work of supporters of Prohibition—most economists and social scientists supported it. Their findings make the case against Prohibition that much stronger.[2]

  16. Donovan Clawson on

    I’ve smoked marijuana for a very long time and not once have hurt anyone, been arrested, or have had any sign of cancer or dropping of IQ levels. Alcohol and tobacco products harm people far more than marijuana. Its all about maturity level here people! If you know what to do when you smoke it and know how to handle yourself then it won’t be any trouble! Ask yourself, when was the last time cigarettes or alcohol helped treat cancer or sickness such as (belemia, anorexia, epilepsy etc…?) And the sad part is 36% of people have never tried it and are voting against it. I have way more thoughts on this so feel free to email me if you want to learn more or have a debate! Emmitc15@gmail.com

  17. Just let the people smoke that need to like to . Get the dope that has killed 2 of my own family and best friend . Let’s waste all the taxpayers money on flying helicopters looking for weeds. go get the sex a fenders . War on drugs pot is not killing anything.

  18. Agreed. I already started doing just that. The enlightened call it cannabis. Racists call it marijuana. The haters call it pot. The uneducated call it weed. Ever try growing it? Its definitely not a weed, its a delicate flower.

  19. weed isn’t for the average person. weed is soo strong that smoking one joint or blunt is like drinking 5 beers. people with weaker & unstable minds cannot handle the strength of it & lose focus.

  20. Simple fact is a billionaire got a prohibition on marijuana for his own financial gain, one Randolph Hearst (thru a tax stamp act, wasn’t illegal until ’74 during Nixon). In the 1940’s Americans didn’t care about Cannabis (the name they knew it by) it wasn’t a problem (regardless who used it or didn’t). Hearst started a somewhat racist campaign in his many newspapers saying “You never know what those crazy Mexicans might do hopped up on that marijuana!” By using the Mexican slang word, most Americans didn’t make the connection and it was like oh we can’t have that. In the first LAW Hemp (this sister plant which doesn’t get you high) was included – WHICH IS WHAT HEARST WAS REALLY AFTER! Hearst knew he couldn’t get Hemp made illegal on its own. SEE all newspapers of the day were printed on paper made from Hemp (many farmers grew it as it was useful to make clothing, canvas, rope etc). BUT Hearst wanted all Newspapers printed on paper made from trees as HE HAD PURCHASED SEVERAL LUMBER MILLS AND 1,000’s OF ACRES OF TREES/LAND!
    Bottom line line is a billionaire decide our policy period.
    What you’re for or against is a product of bad law (1974 – cannabis is NOT a narcotic) and gov propaganda.
    It’s all BS. Besides in the 1850’s cannabis was the MOST widely prescribed drug for a wide range malady s, (ask ANY pharmacist this as a trivia question and see what they say – “Uh morphine?” None of them know it). George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew it on their property for Christ sakes! People have been using cannabis for thousands of years. It’s only today’s broken twisted matrix that is preventing you or I if we wish to do so. Home of the brave absolutely! Land of the free, not so much.

    Notes: a. Coincidently Dupont had just invented rope made of nylon which he wanted to sell to the Navy.
    b. Henry Ford wanted his Model T to run on alcohol – his fuel of choice. What happened? ! Another billionaire DECIDED our policy by causing PROHIBITION! (which also included alcohol distilled for fuel). Who was it? Rockefeller. He owned oil refineries, and he wanted cars to run on gasoline (a waste product of his operation s). Well he and Ford went back and forth on this until Rockefeller finally won and GOT HIS WAY. Cause he cheated. And just like Hearst, Rockefeller didn’t give a hoot about the Alcohol we consume, he was really after the other for FUEL.
    c. How much bloodshed was occured over and during PROHIBITION?
    d. How many non-violent people are locked up (paid for by taxpayers) and other ills caused by the ongoing prohibition on marijuana?

    Are you beginning to get the picture?

  21. Is funny how all you guys think marijuana is bad but my pinion did marijuana ever start cancer (no) but cigarettes do cigarettes kill more than marijuana has ever done Harm to anyone

  22. I’d grow my own and I dont care what they set the price to anyways, its definitely lower than ‘jail time’.

  23. Oh wow! You sure made some OCD grammatical point! You straightened this issue out once and for all. What’s the difference if there are one or ten government licensed providers? Whether you call it a monopoly,duopoly, a decopoly or a cartel, It will lead to implicit monopolistic practices. Price fixing, poor quality, ability to work against your customers interests. This a bad thing.

  24. Of course, there is a good reason why there are monopolies for the utilities and why it does not apply to cannabis. Part of it is the billions of dollars of capital expenditure and the very strict government regulation regarding rates, requirements to provide services like high speed internet to neighborhoods. This Ohio law is a bad law. Call me names, call me a prohibitionist, etc, but this is the wrong way to go about creating a legal market. If the only goal is to allow retail sales of cannabis, that is one thing, but everything about RO stinks and unfortunately, people will need to wait for another shot in Ohio.

  25. Casey Tackett on

    I think we should totally discuss it while we get shitfaced drunk a few hours before we have to roll into work. Since that’s legal and all.

  26. don’t forget about the Casino’s, they are a lot closer to being a monopoly than RO’s plan is… yet the Ohio legislature did absolutely nothing to stop the amendment that wrote a total of 4 and only 4 Casino’s to the Ohio Constitution… ask yourself why they didn’t try to stop the Casino amendment back in 2009, and why they are so dead set on stopping this marijuana legalization amendment… the answer is because they are accepting of gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs (because that’s where they get their funding/money), but not of marijuana/cannabis

    its a well known fact that John Kasich is linked to the pharmaceutical industry trough his wife, who previously worked for GSW, and he frequently receives pocket money from them

  27. remember me. i can make up words too. uglyopoly. when politicians impose their will on the majority of the people of the state. if we are talking monopolies why not start by breaking the ones the power companies, utility, and cable companies have. again cannabis is spending money, who cares who gets it!

  28. I’m not for the use of Marijuana. However but I would be more in favor of the legalization of Marijuana provided that the Ohio Taxpayer’s, SHALL not burdened by its use or misuse. 1. That No Taxpayer’s Money SHALL be used for rehabilitation purposes of any addicted individual. 2. No Taxpayer Money SHALL be used to provide Legal Representation in the Courts of Law. 3. Employer’s SHALL have the right to terminate an employee for the use or misuse of legalized Marijuana in accordance to Company Policy. 4. Anyone not responsible enough to use accordling the law SHALL fund their own rehabilitation or legal representation. HARSH maybe? But our State has enough Freeloaders walking around and I’m sick and tired of footing bill for them. Now meet these criterias and you may be on to something, otherwise you can count me out.

  29. disqus_moNEBO0qsg on

    OK OK. I stand somewhat corrected. I’ll give the bill a second look. BTW…I dont want to grow for profit and couldn’t if I wanted to. I’m retired and live in an assisted care facility.

  30. Huntsman smoker on

    Of course they just want to make money. We all know that. But to those who chose to look at the whole picture, we also see it as a golden opportunity to get what we want. What’s wrong with that? I don’t really understand what’s got you so worked up anyway. It seems to me you’d go for decriminalization, or just keep the prohibition in effect. We should all know about the privatized prison system, do you support that. That’s possibly one of the most criminal things I’ve ever heard of, but I bet you think it’s a good idea to lock people up for money don’t ya. If you wanna scream and cry and be a nay sayer, then why don’t you try picking on some one who is a real criminal instead of us lowly dim witted potheads!?

  31. Huntsman smoker on

    No you moron traffic laws are there to keep idiots like you from killing others on the road. It still sounds to me like the Florida sun has cooked your brain. Just move up here and cure your case of OHIO ENVY!

  32. Huntsman smoker on

    So I guess the tickets are ok too huh? I don’t care who votes as long as it’s to legalize. Everybody knows there are not enough medical patients to get the vote themselves but there are people who don’t even use who will vote yes too. It’s a nightmare because prohibition shouldn’t exist at all! Furthermore, marijauna is still a jailable offense depending on what you have pal. Do you expect dealers to transport 3.5 ounces at a time, duh! And for people to be able to grow their own and buy from a store is the whole point!!! What do you think this whole blog is about?

  33. Did you not get pissed last time when I called you a prohibitionist? At first you said far from it, then the truth came out. If you want to prevent monopolies why not start with the power, utilities, and cable companies. Cannabis is not a necessity you can always choose not to use. So lets get rid of the made “oligopoly” and other republican lawmaker made-up terms and cut to the chase you are a prohibitionist and it would not matter what the language in the bill would you and a few other dumba$$es would vote no anyway. The bill will pass so start getting accustomed to it cry babies.

  34. what threats Patti, I haven’t made any threats to you, now what’s that address in Dayton Patti?

    as for Valerie, absolutely no old wounds there Patti, I kicked her to the curb more than 10 years ago like the piece of trash that she was, I left her n Flori-duh, which is exactly where you should have stayed, and the fact that you would bring her name up just proves that you know absolutely nothing about who I am or what’s going on in my life at the present time, so try something a little more recent Mr Wizard… something that actually means something to me, something only someone who really knows me might know, cause your just talking shit as usual… like I said, your a troll that likes to try to stir up shit, and your just on a phishing expedition

    as for your statement above, your an idiot as usual, but I’m glad to see that your sticking up for your butt-buddy Ed, I can tell you 2 are really tight with each other and your both on the same intellectual level

  35. Well, see, it doesn’t matter what you meant it to be but more in how such reference is perceived. You should practice what you preach as well.

  36. Dude, can you please keep your empty threats contained to the places they are already are or at least actually mix it in with a response to what I wrote? You are getting very annoying having to jump to comment after comment where you can’t keep your shit organized. I responded in your other tirade that I am located in Dayton.

    Having said that, I am curious as to your educated response of the examples provided above which shows you are incorrect and love to hurl insults at people’s intelligence like Ed.

    Sorry to have opened old wounds with the Valerie comment. I can admit when I am wrong and I shouldn’t have interjected it.

  37. Listen. old fuck, you obviously don’t have the balls to do anything so its best you cease your speaking to me before we have a REAL problem and one you can’t get out of. You have obviously demonstrated you are incapable of intelligent debate and it’s okay, I get it. Not everyone is. There is no shame in that. I don’t expect you to agree or support my positions and beliefs nor should you of me. So unless you really want to come to Dayton and throw down man-to-man, it’s best if you unpuff your ex-military chest and just accept the fact that our votes will cancel the other one out and neither you nor I will decide the outcome. Have a nice night.

  38. you are such an arrogant asshole Mr Wizard, but I know if you were right here right now I know you wouldn’t have the balls to run that big mouth of yours, because you are actually just a little pussy who talks really big, but doesn’t have what it takes to live up to his tough-guy talk, because your to chicken shit to reveal your actual name and address like you said you would… your exact words big man were, “all you have to do is ask”, and so I did ask, but you didn’t live up to your tough-guy image because your a little bitch who talks a lot of crap but can’t back up his mouth when it comes right down to it!!!

    your the tough-guy talking about meeting me face to face and knocking my teeth out, but its obviously all just a bunch of talk from a chicken-shit asshole with tiny little balls!!!

  39. such a big talker you are, you said if I asked you’d tell me

    well I asked but I noticed your to chicken-shit to give it up

    that’s exactly what I expected, all talk and nothing to back it up

    what’s wrong Patti, are you scared?

  40. Actually, again, you are wrong. And oligopoly much like a monopoly is designed to prevent competition from outsiders. Much like how both the democrats and Republicans try to prevent third parties from entering debates. Of those you listed above, NONE of them can prevent a new company from entering the free market and offering products in any of those fields which is exactly what RO is doing. They are preventing others from entering into the cultivation for profit market. HENCE FUCKING OLIGOPOLY. Please read a fucking business book or take a fucking class.

    For any of those you listed, said companies in that industry would have to prevent a new company from offering a different brand of cigarettes. There is no way for these companies to prevent someone who wants to start their own wireless company nor can Ford and others prevent a new auto manufacturer from opening their doors and selling cars. Apple and Microsoft and other companies cannot prevent a new start up software company from entering their market.

    Now if Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and others prevented new software companies from offering new products, then you would be correct or that they would only allow a limited number of companies to develop software for their platforms and freezing out the free market. But that doesn’t occur.

    However, in this case RO is preventing free market competition by limiting cultivation for profit to their select group. The only way this would not be an oligopoly is if RO opened it up to the free market and no one stepped up to compete with them. But that didn’t happen. They want it written into the state constitution that protects their status and their claim to all for profit rights to cultivation.

  41. LMFAO. You do you know forecast sales are hardly ever right, correct? Remember when Washington thought there was a shit ton of money too? Forecast sales are intended to entice investors with dollar signs in their eyes. What did Colorado forecast for the first year before Hickenlooper had to roll back his estimates?

  42. You assume those ten growers will not collude to set prices. Don’t think it will happen? Think again. How long do you think before collusion actually begins honestly?

  43. No different than the RO supporters that dream they will acquire one of the 1100 licenses and making easy money by selling the weed they are forced to buy from a small select growers.

  44. Sorry but decisions should never be made based on emotions. It does suck for those people but if I am being honest, I will have to live with a bad proposal much longer than they most likely will. I have stated many times on this site what I could have supported if RO had approached it in the correct way but they don’t give a shit about what is right and moral. They only care about their money. So blame RO for putting together a shitty greedy initiative when those patients suffer. It’s not on the voter, its on RO.

  45. Really? And who is going to fund this because surely you know voter initiatives are expensive. If RO’s proposal is so good and they can’t get it passed, who else would step up and cover the cost of the initiative? Placing any faith in the collective people will result in the same failed efforts other places have seen. Look no further than California than to see how challenging it is to get a consensus on what should or should not be included.

  46. Again, those that have their kids taken away are most likely not medicating responsibly. Surely you would agree that children should be removed in that scenario, correct? You took my statement to be a blanket statement that all medicating parents are neglectful.

    You know drunk drivers also think they are wonderful drivers under the influence. So it doesn’t surprise me medicated parents think they handle their children the same as they do when they are sober. And there are certainly medical users of cannabis and pills that do blaze up unaware of their children or any of their other responsibilities. To assume there aren’t is moronic at best just as it would be to assume all medicating parents are neglectful.

    This is exactly why there isn’t a bigger number of supporters for legalization despite the increasing numbers. This is why the drug war has gone on so long. You should also be supporting increased accountability for those parents because if not, it will be those same parents that will make it harder for legalization to take a foot hold nation wide.

    Again, another lobs criticism and accusations of keeping prohibition and stigmas alive when each of you have failed to see I hope for the same end goal as all of you in legalization. I don’t need MMJ but I am not so arrogant to think there may come a day when I might. And I haven’t partaken in cannabis consumption since my college days but perhaps one day I might and for that to occur, it will have to be legalized.

    We can sit here and talk about how unjust a law is but that unjust law also has consequences associated with it that each person knows before they take their first puff. We all assume the responsibility for our actions. But RO was brilliant in their idea by trying to exploit the prohibition and consequence aspect to garner support that gives their group an oligopoly. They really could give a shit less about you because you are seen as money and sales. If they didn’t see that potential, no way would they bother try bringing forth anything to help move legalization forward.

    Their motive isn’t pure and in the best interest of the public. Their motive is money and their protected right to be the sole cultivators for profit in Ohio. Wait until Monsanto comes calling and starts producing GMO weed. I am sure the left’s outcry will be thunderous. But hey, you voted for it.

  47. or u to even suggest that users doesn’t take that into consideration when medicating is ubsurd. U think medical users just blaze up or pop pills unaware of their children being around. Of course not all do, but I’d say most do n their is ppl that neglects their children n aren’t even on ne type of meds, its jus plain laziness. Its stereotypical that u think cuz u ingest a lil bit of herb or pills for that matter means ur automatically gonna neglect ur kids n should have them taken. I’m not excusing nothing, I jus know from personal experience that no matter what meds ur on or what sickness u have, u can still take care of ur children properly, n its ppl like u that believe it to b true keeps the stigma alive.

  48. What is ridiculous is how you are excusing personal responsibility and accountability. People that are sick still must use responsibly despite their illness. Is it totally cool for a parent to get baked around their kids and neglect them? The same logic applies to alcohol and pills. If you are on some heavy painkillers, you either make arrangements so your children are taken care of while you are under the influence. Why is it so difficult to expect the same for cannabis users?

    And I believe that same should apply to the pill poppers and alcohol drinkers. You have a right to all three but you also are expected to have some accountability and responsibility especially when it comes to your children.

    NEWSFLASH: getting sick doesn’t excuse responsibility. And until the cannabis community understands this, the stereotype many are working hard to change will continue to apply. And you continue to give idiots like Sabet more and more ammunition. No wonder this society has gone to complete and utter shit.

  49. Yes cuz watching people that suffer from disease’s is so hilarious. Voting for issue 2 only allows that state even more control n makes sure that cannabis won’t b legal at all. Ur a very smart individual….

  50. “if you are ingesting around your kids, you should have them taken away.” what about ppl that r sick n some way taking cannabis for a medical reason n still take care of their kids on a daily basis….guess pills n alcohol r an exception though right? Even tho kids could kill themselves on either one of those if they were to somehow get ahold of those…..u r ridiculous…..

  51. Your logic is flawed to a degree here. It wasn’t polling, it was public backlash from their original bill that was written and designed to make sure only their own products would be the only thing that could be purchased. The cannabis community saw through RO’s bullshit and called them on it. That is the only reason RO went back and changed their wording.

    Why is it so hard for RO supporters to admit what RO is hoping to do rather than blindly defend them? They didn’t bring this measure because it was the right thing to do for the public. It was entirely money motivated. You say $4/month isn’t going to make a difference and will only fund the license program. Then why bother even have it? What real purpose will it even serve?

    Take a look at Colorado or Oregon. Those movements were not brought forth because a group of investors proposed legalizing and keeping the cultivation portion confined to their country club group.

    Take the production of porn for example. It is not legal per se to produce porn in the state of Ohio. But imagine some group coming in and suggesting to the voters to legalize production, add it to their Constitution, and oh yeah, the only people that can produce porn is from their group and the only porn that can be purchased legally has to come from their production companies.

    This is roughly the same thing. The people wouldn’t go for it.

    I have seen plenty of the supporters say that if RO is willing to spend the money they should be entitled to the market. Interesting. So when Adelson comes calling with his money to prevent legalization, isn’t that fair game as well? Doesn’t he have the same right to spend money for his outcome?

    But make no mistake. You will need every single vote you can muster come November and there are plenty like myself who support the legalization cause but refuse to just swallow whatever shit proposal someone puts forth. And there are many of us that do not believe in any monopoly or oligopoly no matter what is promised to us as a result of granting such rights. I am firm in voting for Issue 2. Issue 3 I intended to support despite the bullshit RO tried. But all of the RO defenders have inspired me to vote against Issue 3 just to watch you all cry come the night of November 3. It will certainly be worth it.

  52. Those are exceptions, not norms. Still Ohio’s decorum is far better than the shit they are trying to pull in Florida. Traffic offenses are tickets as well and according to you, are punishments. Should we get rid of traffic laws? And if you are driving with cannabis in your car or under the influence, you should lose your license and possess a criminal record. If you are ingesting around your kids, you should have them taken away.

  53. Because polling told them that’s what the voters will accept, of course.

    Do you somehow imagine four dollars a month is going to make a difference to anyone? – All that does is fund the licensing program.

  54. >>>”You are using them to find your dream of getting high legally”

    LOL!! – Spoken like a true prohibitionist – or drug gang member.

  55. Nonsense. A ticket is still punishment, with $150 fine. Also, any conviction for possession of a controlled substance is subject to driver’s license revocation for no less than 6 months and no more than 5 years.

    Plus, other than special conditions for a first time offense, it stays on your criminal record.

    More than 700,000 innocent Americans are arrested for simple marijuana possession each year and made second-class citizens – for life! They will forever face large obstacles to decent employment, education, travel, housing, government benefits, and will always go into court with one strike against them. They can even have their children taken away!

  56. Trying to force the evolution of language is like trying to herd cats. It will go where it goes.

    20 years from now they may be calling it something you never heard of. – Then again, it could just be good, old marijuana.

    The important thing to remove the decades of demonization from the plant and those who consume it.

  57. you said all I had to do was ask, so name and address please

    what I do know

    I know your name is Patrice Masters and you did live in FL, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find your current address here with a little help from my friends

    I also know you joined this site on Jan 26, 2010, and if I had to guess I’d say your around 26 years old?

    I also know that you have an email address that is patrickmasters at “fill in the rest with an email site”

    how’s it feel Patrick?

  58. actually Acidsex, you did make an actual threat and it is in black and white on this very site posted for everyone to read… you said if you see me in public, I’ll end up with a mouth full of teeth… in public, really, that dumbass is an actual threat which you can be prosecuted for in a court of law, and you should know that Mr Wizard, so you should really try to learn to control that obvious anger issue of yours because it could end up putting you behind bars real soon if you don’t learn how to control the shit that comes out of your mouth

    and just in case you think that you can delete the post you made where you actually make a threat of physical violence toward me… I actually took a screen shot of it just in case I have to claim self-defense, when you end up all busted up on my front lawn

    as for my reference to the drive by, that was meant for your protection not mine, I am not the least bit afraid of you, or people like you assid-wipe

    you’re just a bunch of hot air and a big mouth all wrapped up in a useless meat sack that’s full of shit

    furthermore, I could care less about RO or their actual plan, I have one goal here, and that is legalization, period

    if you want to make it personal, like I said, you know where I live

    but since you offered, what is your actual name and address, it’ll make it easier for law enforcement to find you for the charge of menacing aka intentionally threatening violence or physical harm to another person

    every reply I made was in response to your threats, which makes it self-defense if I have to harm you to protect myself… that’s exactly why I invite you to pay me a visit at my place of residence at anytime

    regardless of whether you willingly give your address, this site will supply it if need be… thanks again for playing along dumbass and for being stupid enough to actually threaten me on this site, you’re not too bright are you Mr Wizard?

  59. actually Acidsex, you did make an actual threat and it is in black and white on this very site posted for everyone to read… you said if you see me in public, I’ll end up with a mouth full of teeth… in public, really, that dumbass is an actual threat which you can be prosecuted for in a court of law, and you should know that Mr Wizard, so you should really try to learn to control that obvious anger issue of yours because it could end up putting you behind bars real soon if you don’t learn how to control the shit that comes out of your mouth

    and just in case you think that you can delete the post you made where you actually make a threat of physical violence toward me… I actually took a screen shot of it just in case I have to claim self-defense, when you end up all busted up on my front lawn

    as for my reference to the drive by, that was meant for your protection not mine, I am not the least bit afraid of you, or people like you assid-wipe

    you’re just a bunch of hot air and a big mouth all wrapped up in a useless meat sack that’s full of shit

    furthermore, I could care less about RO or their actual plan, I have one goal here, and that is legalization, period

    if you want to make it personal, like I said, you know where I live

    but since you offered, what is your actual name and address, it’ll make it easier for law enforcement to find you for the charge of menacing aka intentionally threatening violence or physical harm to another person

    every reply I made was in response to your threats, which makes it self-defense if I have to harm you to protect myself… that’s exactly why I invite you to pay me a visit at my place of residence at anytime

    regardless of whether you willingly give your address, this site will supply it if need be… thanks again for playing along dumbass and for being stupid enough to actually threaten me on this site, you’re not too bright are you Mr Wizard?

  60. Only in Ohio could a gray haired man with an equally gray goatee claim to be all gangsta. And I have made no threat. I have merely provided your old fucking ass an opportunity to talk shit to me in public. Because you and I both know you wouldn’t say a fucking word because you have no idea what might occur. Maybe you get your ass beat. Maybe you have the facts presented to you,maybe your old ass has military flashbacks, etc… But I do guarantee I would command more respect from you in a public setting that you have extended me on this site. And anyone who would blindly assume they would know how events would play out is plainly stupid.

    Now, John, let’s be honest here. You aren’t using your real name, only your initials. But you obviously must feel some level of fear otherwise you wouldn’t have seen the need to reference some drive-by incident you were involved in. So apparently you piss off enough people that someone wanted to shoot at you?

    That is the problem with your type. You are so convinced that your position is the right position that you criticize everyone that disagrees with your position. Just like Obama. You suffer from delusions that you can somehow change hearts and minds through force or threats. It didn’t work with the drug war and it certainly won’t work with your approach.

    You and the other RO zealots resort to calling people names when they don’t bow down and kiss RO’s ass. You do realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion and their own vote, correct? And it is entirely possible that two people can want the same end goal but believe two separate ways in getting there, correct?

    Face it, RO tried to game the system and create a market for their investor country club. But it was a bad idea on their part because the Ohio legislature showed them how to really game the system with their anti-monopoly measure.

    And Issue 2 passes in November, you will be right back here crying about how stupid Ohio voters are and how its all of their fault.

    You decided to make this personal, buddy, not me.

  61. like I said pussy, I know you know where I live (anyone can Google it), and I welcome you to come on by and talk your shit to my face… we’ll see who ends up with a mouth full of teeth, you little chicken-shit!!!

    don’t make promises you can’t keep pussy boy!!!

    Oh, and thanks so much for revealing your true intentions in the grand scheme of things, and what your real intentions are here in Ohio

    lets see, you lived in Flori-duh and that legalization initiative failed thanks to you, and then you came to Ohio to ensure that ours fails isn’t that right?

    then you’ll move on to your next target after all of us true Ohioans vote to legalize in November… and just where is it that you plan to go and try to STOP legalization next you sick fuck, that is what you actually do, isn’t it Acidsex???

    you intentionally try to sabotage legalization efforts from state to state

    who are you really, your obviously to chicken-shit to give your REAL name Acidsex???

  62. Now John, you don’t have a choice where I reside now do you? Maybe I’ll move on after I do my part to fuck up RO’s attempt to legalize and profit. That way you end up fucked in the end, big mouth. I am nothing like those bitches from Deerfield or even from Cuyahoga Falls. Yeah, bitch, its a small world now isn’t it?

    Like I said, I dare you to say anything close to the shit that has come out of your mouth to my face in public. I promise you’d be spitting teeth, old man.

  63. here’s some actual facts for you Ed, choke on the reality of how the world really works outside of your little fantasy bubble!!!

    Oligopoly –
    ol•i•gop•o•ly -ˌäləˈɡäpəlē/ noun

    a state of limited competition, in which a market is shared by a small number of producers or sellers.

    Let’s think about this for a moment and consider just how many oligopolies there really are in this world we live in… the Tabaco industry is an Oligopoly, the alcohol industry is an Oligopoly, the cellular phone/wireless communication industry is an Oligopoly, the automotive industry is an Oligopoly, the cable television services industry is an Oligopoly, the airline industry is an Oligopoly, the mass media industry is an Oligopoly, the pharmaceutical industry is an Oligopoly, the banking industry is an Oligopoly, the computer and software industry is an Oligopoly, the smart phone and computer operating system industry is an Oligopoly, the aluminum industry is an Oligopoly, the steel industry is an Oligopoly, the oil and gas industry is an Oligopoly, the entertainment industry (music and film) is an Oligopoly… are you starting to get the picture yet or do I need to continue stating the FACTS about how our world actually works!!!

    so you want to dispute what I just stated, well here is the actual proof to what I am saying, so try to dispute the actual facts and the reality of life Ed

    National mass media and news outlets are a prime example of an oligopoly, with 90% of U.S. media outlets owned by six corporations: Walt Disney, Time Warner, CBS Corporation, Viacom, NBC Universal and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

    Operating systems for smartphones and computers provide excellent current examples of oligopolies. Apple iOS and Google Android dominate smartphone operating systems, while computer operating systems are overshadowed by Apple and Windows.

    The auto industry is another example of an oligopoly, with the leading auto manufacturers in the United States being Ford, GM and Chrysler.

    While there are smaller cell phone service providers, the providers that tend to dominate the industry are Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

    The music entertainment industry is dominated by Universal Music Group, Sony, BMG, Warner and EMI Group.

    Gasoline stations in the United States are as follow: Amoco. ARCO, BP, Chevron, Citgo, Conoco, Exxon, Gulf, Hess, Marathon Oil, Mobil, Phillips 66, Shell, 76, Sunoco, and Texaco… the stations like Sheetz, Speedway, and Circle K all get their gas from a major distributor that owns one or more of the other major gas brands.

    however, named brand gas stations in Ohio are dominated by BP, Marathon, Mobile, Shell, and Sunoco

    Natural Gas is actually defined by each individual state, in Ohio it is as follows: Direct Energy, East Ohio Gas, Duke Energy, NiSource, and Dominion

    Oh, and let’s not forget about the oligopoly amendment that was passed by the voters in 2009, that would be the limit of just 4 Ohio Casino’s, and Ohio legislature did absolutely nothing to stop that oligopoly that was directly amended to the Ohio Constitution… have you ever bothered to stop and ask yourself this important question, why they didn’t try to stop the Casino’s, but they are intentionally trying to stop the legalization of cannabis???

    let’s face it, I could keep going on, but I am sure everybody has already got the big picture by now, and for those of you who haven’t gotten it yet… well let’s just say you haven’t got a clue about how the world actually works or just how dishonest and corrupt our government really is at a state and federal level

    do I like the RO amendment, no… is it the worst one I have ever come across, no… are there better proposals out there in Ohio, absolutely… are there any other proposals that have actually made it onto the ballot this year or any other year in the past, NO, never… are there better proposals that actually stand a chance at getting on the ballot in the future… past experiences say NO, absolutely not!!!

  64. unlike you, I was born and raised here… so, feel free to re-transplant your sorry ass somewhere else, because Ohio neither wants nor needs you here!!!!!

  65. Yes. I’m old enough to have referred to rolled Cannabis as a “reefer”. I’m also all for fun, humor, and word play. But this IS a serious matter, and it’s TIME to get serious! Our culture (a lot of it) values science as theoretically impartial. And Science calls it “Cannabis.” I’ll take Science over a lot of the emotional and darkly manipulative stuff that has held sway for so long.

    Maybe us old hippies have some stuff to let go of – just like so much of law enforcement has to with the changing laws. Maybe we could just call it Cannabis as it’s allowed to become a more normal, mainstream presence.

  66. look punk, I don’t have keyboard-balls like you, I’ll insult you right to your dumbass face, so feel free to stop by my place anytime, cause I’m not afraid of a mouthy little asshole like you, your threats don’t scare me in the least!!!

    I know exactly what you are referencing when you say “You know, since we are so close in Ohio, perhaps you would like to meet up and discuss this in person and you can try insulting me in person– which we both know you won’t. But I’d love it if you tried…Come on, Mary, make it happen.”, that statement means you used my name (because I use my real name on every site I post on), to look up my address… and you are intentionally trying to goat me into a confrontation that you think you can win… and I say good luck with that information dipshit!!!

    however, just for your own safety, you may want to prepare yourself for the reality of your actual fate before attempting to facing me down and or making idol threats that you can’t keep… I’d strongly suggest that you Google the following just so you know exactly what you are in for if you are foolish enough to fuck with me, because I play for keeps: “drive by shooting in deerfield ohio”… unfortunately what this article doesn’t say is that I returned fire and blew out a window and put holes in the side and rear of the car that was used in this incident!!! this kid was a punk just like you, who confronted me at my home, and after I humiliated him in front of his friends, he resorted to sneaking on my property at night to vandalize my vehicles and home, then when I installed the security system and he could no longer come on my property, he decided it was a good idea to start doing drive-by’s (two total) at my residence to try to get EVEN with me for humiliating him (he thought he was a bad ass just like you think you are and I showed him he wasn’t just like I’ll show you), and that turned out really bad for him and his friend in the car on the second drive-by attempt.

    so, if you feel lucky, and you think your bad enough to deal with a completely crazy old bastard like me who just so happens to be ex-military, I truly welcome the chance to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget… so just come on by my house anytime, absolutely no appointment necessary!!!

    I’ve never gone looking for a fight (I prefer to wait for them to show up at my doorstep), but I don’t usually run away from one either… I’ll be looking forward to meeting you face to face… you know where I live!!!

    I live to exercise my 2nd amendments rights, and as a word of advice, keep in mind I do have that 12 camera security system with audio installed with just one purpose in mind, to deal with assholes like you who make your bullshit pussy-ass threats that you can’t and won’t make to my face… I’ve dealt with your worthless slithering kind before and like I said things ended badly for the other parties (as you can see from the article), so feel free to come on by anytime you think you actually have the balls to deal with me punk, I’ll be waiting, I’ve got nothing but time on my side!!!

    FYI: you’re the chicken shit pussy who is too afraid to use your REAL name on this site and shoot off your mouth with those tiny little key-board balls of yours… I on the other hand use my real name because I’m not afraid of fanatical dipshit asshole like you who hide in the shadows and make idol threats… bring it on punk, I eat pussy for breakfast!!!

  67. except go to any of the 9 other growers, or grow their own… You prefer the current solution? Buy illegal black market products? That’s ‘higher quality’ to you? Your position is pathetic and you are a loon.

  68. Thats exactly what was said to me by someone in Ohio that suggested I should vote against legalization just because this person wouldnt be able to grow and sell pot for profit to me, which they dont even smoke.

    Gee, sorry you don’t get to retire and become a drug dealer. What a shame. No one I know that actually smokes cares at all about that ‘oligopoly’ BS. A step towards legalization is an improvement despite what any of the prohibition propaganda monkeys have to say about it.

  69. He just wants the RMS they promised him for support (which he’ll deny if asked. The NDA he signed prevents even him from being honest about RO)

  70. There’s actually over 50 of them; good try though. There’s more than 10 just in cuyahoga county in fact.

  71. Exactly, their bill was so bad they couldn’t make 10% of voters without using the cure period, and BOTH submissions of signatures had under 50% validity. I collect for TWO opposing proposals, and every time RO showed up at the same spot the crowds laughed you off the spot. My favorite was when they tried to collect at the Cleveland GMM in may and the stage was warning people to not sign with them and to visit one of the tents with better plans; stating LOUDLY “IT’S A TRAP!”
    That and the winner for best sign in the actual march was an anti RO sign.

  72. I can’t speak for him, but what I’M really thinking; like many medical use patients: [wahhh I ingest by means OTHER THAN SMOKING, and extractions are illegal unless I BUY a MPM facility; I don’t want to continue to be sick because RO is shortsighted and uncaring!]
    At least I’m HONEST about why I say F*** RO!

  73. No, it’ll be a huge step EXACTLY where we are now; decriminalized with only a civil ticket for possession; the only people in jail for marijuana are for over 100 grams or intent to sell. Those would BOTH still be illegal if RO passes BTW

  74. I am not necessarily pro-marijuana, but I am pro
    ResponsibleOhio and heres why: The reality is this – the prohibition is ending
    everywhere, not just in a few states, it’s only a matter of time before its
    legal everywhere. There are people who rely on medical cannabis to relieve
    their ailments that can’t have access to it. Legalizing marijuana now brings
    immediate help to those that need it, and stands to make lots of money for the
    state via the tax system set for marijuana. Do I think it’s the best plan? Of
    course not, but it gives us a first look into marijuana, and gives us more time
    to see just how legalization works. There are many who oppose the plan which
    means after it’s installed it would be very easy to replace it with better
    legislature in the next couple years.

    Furthermore, those with any concern of a monopoly either
    want to keep prohibition in the first place, or were not proactive enough and
    willing enough to get enough signatures to have their own movement put on the
    ballot. The proactive nature of responsibleohio should be rewarded, and if it
    does turn out to be out of pure greed then we can simply vote to replace their
    legalization measure on new terms next fall, but do not let OUR state be the
    one to reject this opportunity to eliminate prohibition.

    I’ve heard many arguments about how cannabis is not safe, or
    can be very addictive, but its difficult to say it is any more dangerous or
    addictive than alcohol – we DO have drunk driving, and we DO have alcoholics
    anonymous to help those with an alcohol addiction.

  75. Oh well.Anti-monpoly will pass as well and most likely with more votes that RO. Care to wager on it?

  76. Then why would RO add the license and fee to their proposal? They could have simply added homegrow without the need for a license could they not?

  77. No. It will be clear to all Ohio voters the anti-voter amendment was designed solely to thwart the will of Ohio citizens. – R.O. will pass.

  78. Wow. You’re raving now. You somehow imagine R.O. investors are going to get a portion of the home-growing licensing fees?
    How’s the weather over there on Bizarro World?

    The best thing for you would be to go to Europe until after the elections. – Then, maybe you’ll be able to handle reality.

  79. Do you have a license to home brew your beer? How about one for your tomato garden? Both of those things are legal products and require no license. If cannabis becomes legalized, why should you have to pay for a license to cultivate it? We both know why. Because RO and the state will want their cut on the potential lost sales they would have gotten from you because you choose to grow your own.

  80. And you do realize in Ohio, you can currently posses up to 3.5 ounces and it is still a ticket, right? The only thing that will change if Issue 3 passes is that people can go buy it from a store or grow at home legally. Ohio is far from the prohibition nightmare you are trying to describe (and failing badly I might add). But make no mistake. IF Issue 3 passes, it will be from those who will use it recreationally more than it will from those who need it medically.

  81. You know, since we are so close in Ohio, perhaps you would like to meet up and discuss this in person and you can try insulting me in person– which we both know you won’t. But I’d love it if you tried…Come on, Mary, make it happen.

  82. I transplanted to Ohio last year but not that it is any of your business, Sunshine. You liberals really are morons. You all will vote for any bill or deal just so you can say you have one rather than do it the correct way. Won’t matter for you, unfortunately, because we both know the Issue 2 will pass with far more votes since everyone has a stake in that outcome– unlike Issue 3.

  83. Tough shit if they lose money. They shouldn’t have tried to buy the market with their stupid ass campaign. The great thing about elections is that your vote is no more important than mine and we both get to have a say on that day. If you are cool with them having a monopoly, then vote for them. But I care about more than one issue so I will be voting yes– reluctantly on RO but a hell yes on the anti-monopoly bill. And if Ohioans get tired of suffering prohibition, I suggest they all band together and bring forth an initiative that will not try to give 10 investors the keys to the kingdom.

    Face it, you are using RO just as much as they are using you. You are using them to find your dream of getting high legally and you are willing to give them the entire retail market for you to do so. Looks to me like you are the sell out and that is the real bullshit. So don’t fein outrage because like you said, you did’t cough up 2 mil so you aren’t losing anything.

  84. Huntsman smoker on

    What a load of shit you ass wipe. Screw millions just to screw the so called greedy people. What if legalization fails and they each lose 2 mill. Did any of us cough up 2 mill? Huh? Anybody? NO. So millions of Ohioans should suffer prohibition, well that’s just bullshit, not many of us give a fuck about some bullshit monopoly. What about those in jail for pot. I suppose you’d say it serves them right too huh? What a jerk.

  85. Incrediblewords on

    The whole license for growing isn’t a big deal. Ideally there would be no license involved but its only 50 bucks. You can grow 4 flowering plants with no limit on non flowering plants. That’s more than Colorados 3 flowering plant rule with a total of 6 plants. With the RO rule you can have 4 plants flowering every week if you time it up right. Some people oppose it because they’re scared of getting on a “list”. I assure you guys this isn’t some conspiracy. If you’re a medical patient you’re on a “list” as well. In no legalized state are they rounding up people for legal marijuana that’s part of legalizing. Anyways this amendment is pretty good in my opinion. I plan on opening one of the 1,100 dispensaries and I’m somewhat relieved that I don’t have to grow the product myself. I do plan on home grow tho.

  86. Because marijuana is the term many of us have known, employed and loved for four decades, thanks. – All the 100 names of marijuana are beautiful.

  87. “Recreational” does sound like something that can be more easily dismissed. Why don’t we drop the term “Marijuana” while we are at it? Cannabis is a beautiful and wondrous plant.

  88. Huntsman smoker on

    With only HALF of the forecast sales on Ohio, they will get their return in 1 month! There’s a shit ton of money in this, which you already knew. The only people who give a shit about this so called fuckin monopoly are the ones who wanted to quit their jobs and farm weed. There are probably less than 10 breweries in this state, is THAT a monopoly? Who’s bitchin about that? Maybe this is why legalization never happened, because some people will bitch like little girls no matter what you give them, never mind that for the first time in 70+ fuckin years that pot would be legal, but nooooo that’s not good enough!

  89. Jennifer Lacognata on

    I can’t understand why OHIO is the poster child for making the seriously ill suffer???I’m 38 totally disabled on SSI 4 life. My legs are going and 3 failed back surgeries. We all know about Ohio and how there are no help for pain patients so I ended up quitting pain management .. Turns out all the cortizone and steroids over 15 years gave me Jaw Bone Death or jaw necrosis. Give the people with serious conditions some respect!!

  90. Nonsense. – It’s all in voters’ hands now. I’m betting R.O. will do a good job of educating the citizens – and Ohio will join the four Free States in November.

  91. It is absurd to say any marijuana policy action would be carved in stone when there is nothing more fluid then the current policy status. – In all likelihood, the national marijuana market will take over by 2018. It will sweep away local arrangements and make this controversy fade from history.

    The important thing is that Ohio will have moved the reform ball – and freedom – forward at its first chance to do so.

  92. that’s Mr Sparky to you asshole!!!!!

    Acidsex is such a total douchebag and a troll as well… this tool doesn’t even live in the state of Ohio… lives in Flori-duh

    your just jealous because you failed at legalization and we’re going to get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. so you just admitted what an absolute moron you really are to the whole world… you words are as follows “remind again how many times legalization made it to the ballot in previous years?”, everyone here in Ohio knows the answer is zero “0”, which is the exact reason why everyone should be voting for RO’s amendment regardless of how bad it may be… because up until now, no other group has ever managed to get legalization on the ballot… isn’t that right MR WIZARD!!!

    hey, and great job in Flori-duh by the way!!! you really nailed it!!!

    I’d say you helping out on Florida’s campaign is probably the very reason it FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but good job douchebag, better luck next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, and if you don’t live in Ohio, then shut the fuck up and keep you moronic opinions to yourself!!!

  94. well, I would have to say that your computer skills are obviously not very good, because all you really have to do is use Google to do a search and you can find just about anything you want

    the grow sites are public knowledge because they were submitted with the amendment but if you Google the following “Here’s where Ohio’s marijuana farms would be built, under ResponsibleOhio ballot proposal” (minus the quotations), you can view the complete list

    as for the investors, Google this caption “ResponsibleOhio plan would put marijuana grow sites in Grove City and Pataskala” (minus the quotations) and you can view a list of the investors, although there is one name missing from the list

  95. And before you go claiming it will be easy, remind again how many times legalization made it to the ballot in previous years?

    No shit, citizens can put forth an amendment. But they would still have to reach a threshold of signatures in order to be placed on the ballot. If you think the legislature is going to help you out, you are sorely mistaken. And again, RO had difficulties in making the ballot and they claimed to have a shitload of cash to spend. Surely you would agree they were more organized and funded than some citizens would have the potential to be.

    So, yes, sparky, I absolutely understand what the fuck I am talking about because I helped out on the Florida campaign. The only difference between Florida and the other citizen-initiative states is that Florida requires 60% to change the Constitution.

    It really won’t matter. There will be more voters for the anti-monopoly bill that will include tokens and non-tokers than there will be for Issue 3.

    Like it or not, RO fucked Ohio with their greed. If it doesn’t pass in November, Ohio will likely never get it.

  96. you are so wrong, you obviously have absolutely no clue what you are talking about… amendments to the Ohio Constitution are amended all the time… it can be done by the legislature or by the citizens using a process called a “citizens initiative amendment”, which is exactly what RO used to get their legalization plan on the ballot this year

  97. Yeah because RO had such an easy time even getting on the ballot in the first place. And just who do you think will fund that initiative without some guarantee return on their investment?

  98. And just where has RO made this list available? I have yet to see one article from a reputable new source when every single one of them always refers to it as a group of unknown investors.

  99. Exactly, legalization will be dead in Ohio because RO tried to buy their oligopoly. Serves those fuckers right!

  100. I just love listening to illiterates who misuse the word monopoly… if you would pick up a dictionary and research the word monopoly, you would clearly see that RO’s plan, although not well written, is not a monopoly… it is in fact what is known as an oligopoly

    just because you choose to call it a monopoly, that doesn’t mean it actually is one

    mono-poly – mono meaning “one” or singular… which no matter how you add it up, doesn’t come out to ten!!!

    and good luck with that fantasy of any other initiative actually getting anything on the ballot in 2016, none of them could do it before, and they don’t have what it takes to get it done in the future either!!!

  101. yes I do have the actual investors “NAME’s” and the total number of investors is more than 10… and I also have a list of the actual land that has already been purchased in 10 counties were the grow sites will be located

  102. And you have list of every single investor? I am not talking about groups but the actual investors.

  103. wrong, your feeling couldn’t be further from the truth in this situation… the RO amendment can and will be changed with the exact same process that RO used to get legalization on the ballot… its called a “citizens initiative amendment”, and that is exactly what the citizens of Ohio will use to change RO’s plan to better fit the needs of the people in Ohio

  104. Huntsman smoker on

    With other states having good quality bud, which is where I get mine, that creates competition still. I have no doubt the bud will be both good and not so good, but with 10 different growers they will also be competition for each other.

  105. Huntsman smoker on

    Absolutely, just another person wanting to make what they thought would be a ton of easy money by weed farming.

  106. Huntsman smoker on

    Meanwhile leaving those in need of medical cannabis to fend for themselves. Changing the constitution is easier than adding to it. Legalize, then work on changing.

  107. everyone needs to stop worrying about the word “recreational” and start worrying about a bigger issue that could potentially stop legalization in the state of Ohio now and forever… the following was copied and pasted directly from OH NORML FB page… this comment was posted by Rob Ryan and it reveals the “TRUE” agenda of the State of Ohio Elected Officials in the legislative branch to completely disregard the will of the people in this state, by any and all means necessary, regardless of whether they are intentionally committing criminal acts against the citizens of Ohio!!!

    the following is a quote from Rob Ryan, Vice President of Ohio NORML:

    “I had an extremely interesting conversation with State Senator Seitz about HJR4 today. The sentence diagram and logic is correct. HJR4 will kill RO and OTEP since they all specify a Tax rate. It is simple; vote NO on HJR4, vote YES on RO and if OTEP is on the ballot in 2016 vote YES.”

    that’s right, any marijuana amendment initiative that clearly defines a tax rate (which is every one ever written) will be blocked by this amendment… the wording of this so-called anti-monopoly amendment known as HJR4 is a trick (Trojan Horse) designed to block any and all further marijuana initiatives in the state of Ohio, period!!!

    FYI: Rob Ryan (previously an Ohio State Representative) is currently Ohio NORML Vice President and formerly as President he actually helped get the 4 flowering plants per patient put in the ResponsibleOhio amendment initiative

    the following is a statement from another individual who has discovered the exact same hidden details and ulterior motives about HJR4, his statement verifies exactly what Rob Ryan and myself are stating about the hidden agenda of this so-called anti-monopoly amendment also known as HJR4 that’s actually designed to kill marijuana/cannabis legalization altogether, now and in the future in Ohio!!!

    “Here’s the really bad news! Because of the last minute shenanigans in the Senate that added language about taxation to HJR4, it will kill OTEP’s proposal if it manages to get on the 2016 ballot. So while it won’t hurt RO, it will kill OTEP. I know that its supporters (one of whom was me) are saying that it will apply only to RO, but the legal experts that I’ve talked to say otherwise. Too bad that the OTEP guys trusted the legislature, only to get side swiped at the last minute. Sooner or later it will sink in that they got hosed by the
    legislature, just like all of us have been ignored by them for all these years.”

    a brief summary of the above information: anyone that intentionally votes NO to LEGALIZATION (issue 3) and YES for HJR4 (issue 2), which is also known as the “anti-monopoly” amendment, is either a complete moron, or strongly believes in the actual prohibition of marijuana/cannabis!!!

  108. wrong, that’s not true at all… maybe you should do a little research before you start talking about things you obviously have very little knowledge of

    a citizens initiative amendment is what got RO on the ballot, and a citizens initiative amendment is exactly what will be used to change RO’s plan to make it better fit the needs of the people in Ohio

  109. Whyiowa4medical on

    My friend from FDSP said there are four laws under consideration. Just like MO. some of these laws make a great legislation and others are restrictive and fall flat. I will get the number of the best bill and repost tomorrow!!!

  110. Whyiowa4medical on

    All my grower friends and I have accumulated MANY on social media moved or live in Oregon. I will be on my way soon and I have warned the backers and a woman of some cannabis fame of this guy named “Bongstar.” She has found him and he was involved in some shady stuff and fits “carpetbagger” in every way, shape, and form!!! So, I always ignore his posts now he hassles everything I do on “Discuss.” If I were such a loser why did Humboldt co. breeders come to me for an early season stock. Iowa wild cannabis is in many breeds smoked and enjoyed yet today. We had some of the best Domestic Cannabis within 1,000 plus miles. This was according to a weed taster they brought with them that compared our quality to pricey imports!!!

  111. all you illiterates out there who choose to misuse the word monopoly, it makes me laugh… and just because you choose to call it a monopoly doesn’t actually make it one

    if you we’re to take the time to pick up a dictionary and actually research the meaning of the word monopoly, you would know that RO’s plan is definitely not a monopoly, it is what is known as an oligopoly!!!

    FYI: mono-poly – mono meaning “one” or singular… which doesn’t add up to 10 any way you count it!!!

  112. you must be living in a cave or under a rock, I’ve seen the list of investors posted several times and I also have a list of the 10 actual grow site locations… maybe you’ve just been on vacation for the last several months and that’s why you don’t know all the details

    also, there will be a special commission created to inspect the grow sites to make sure that they comply with all the rules, which is a lot like quality control in my opinion

  113. You don’t understand how a state’s constitutional process works now do you? Amending any constitution (state or federal) is designed to be extremely difficult to change which is why it is rare something can be undone. It may not be stone but it is close enough to give people pause.

  114. It’s a fair question since we don’t know who the ten investors are or if the people they will be hiring to be their master growers have grown any quality product before. I seriously doubt the ten investors will be growing it themselves. But guess what, if it turns out to be dirt weed, there isn’t fuck all the consumer can do about it if they want to purchase it.

  115. “Dirtweed” – LOL!!! – Go in for scaremongering, much?

    Did you ever buy a fishing license? Did that make you feel like Big Brother was ruling your life?

    Just be honest. Here’s what you’re really thinking:

    [Waahhhh! I wanted to grow and sell marijuana! – Waaaahhh! – I don’t care about the freedom of consumers. Waaaahhh!]

  116. Nice example of the deception of R.O. naysayers.
    How can this bill be a “monstrosity” when it ends the government persecution of marijuana consumers – the key stake-holders?

    Marijuana consumers don’t care how the cultivation and sales are structured. – Just STOP the horrific war on marijuana consumers.

    And spare us the crocodile tears. Nothing is carved in stone – especially something as fluid as marijuana policy which is in the utmost state of flux.

  117. disqus_moNEBO0qsg on

    I have a feeling if this monstrosity of a bill passes, it can never be revised. I certainly want to see prohibition reversed but this is about as prohibitive. It’s very frustrating overall.

  118. You can’t strengthen the black market by offering up some level of legalization: there is a finite number of customers that need to be served.
    I totally understand your desire for better legislation and I fully endorse moving forward on that front, I just always error on the side of my initial statement, which is legalization in almost any form is better than prohibition.
    That said, the only dog I have in the fight is my desire to see prohibition end everywhere and thus I will not have to live under such a horrible law [Oregonian here].

  119. disqus_moNEBO0qsg on

    I disagree. This bill will create expensive dirtweed grown by a monopoly. Register to grow your own? BS. The black market will be stronger than ever if this passes. I will vote no and wait for a better, cleaner bill with language such as…….”This will legalize cannabis. period.”

  120. Reality is that it is better for kids to use cannabis than alcohol. It would be nice to live in a country that could deal with reality.

  121. This reads as a potentially serious issue for the oligopoly that RO is trying to create. That said, if it strikes down issue 3 completely that will be a huge step backwards. Despite the very unfavorable component of allowing only 10 growing facilities and personal growing being licensed/registered [which is equally as bad] the proposal does not seem all that bad.
    Imperfect legalization is better than prohibition.

  122. Hey….where can I get a recreational beer!

    Sounds better than just ‘alcohol for adult use only’

    How about a recreational coffee and cigarette?

    I do not approve of the wording recreational at all, it sounds like everyone who uses it is at a party or ‘out and about’ getting all messed up and driving boats, 4 wheeling and other possibly dangerous stuff meaning a problem for society

    ADULT USE. Period. (OK, ‘general adult use’ also)

    It defines to the public mind that this will be used by adults

    The word ‘recreational’ DOES NOT define adult use at all.

    Please stop saying ‘recreational’ folks, we need to pound into the haters brains that this is for adults only.

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