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Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed In Illinois

illinois marijuana

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Last year the State of Illinois passed a medical marijuana bill. However, Illinois’ medical marijuana program has yet to get off the ground due to many delays. Illinois’ new Governor, Bruce Rauner, announced winners of medical marijuana cultivation and distribution licenses so hopefully things finally get moving. In the meantime, there are two bills in Illinois’ Legislature that deal with marijuana reform. One bill would decriminalize marijuana possession, and another would fully legalize marijuana for all adults over 21 years old. Per The Joint Blog:

House Bill 218, filed by Representative Kelly Cassidy, would make the possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis a $100 ticket with no possibility of arrest or imprisonment. The proposal would also change the penalty for possession of over 30 grams, but under 500, making it a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

Senate Bill 753, filed by Senator Michael Noland, would legalize the possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis, as well as the personal cultivation of up to five cannabis for plants. Senator Noland’s proposal doesn’t authorize cannabis retail outlets.

It’s tough to say what the chances are of either of these bills passing. It was a very hard fought battle to get medical marijuana legalized in Illinois, and even then, Illinois’ version of medical marijuana is one of the most strict in the state. There is no provision for patients to grow marijuana themselves, so legalizing cultivation of up to five plants may be a long shot. However, I’m hopeful that people who are fed up with the delays with the medical marijuana program will push their legislators to do what’s right, and pass full legalization for all adults over 21 in Illinois.


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  1. Well they would not like it if everyone in the usa got a petition to have all Government to only run for 2 term’s like the President of the USA am I Right?

  2. what she is doing is wrong we’re not trying to make it legal so someone like her can sell it that’s why people like her make it so hard for these things to be passed but maybe you should be a dad and stand up and stop your daughter from doing something that might one day takes her life people like you are the ones that make me so angry someone that can stand by and make it seem ok for what she’s doing

  3. I thank it should be fully legal..why because what’s the deference between somebody smoking a ciggeretsS or drinking a cup of coffee, or worst of alcohol something that has claimed many life’s unlike cannabis. I just think it should be are choice not theirs but they seam to like control us and make us do as they only want. why should one group of people be able to make a decision for all of us haveing a population that is so large why can’t they just give us the chance to vote on it and see if we pass it not leaving it to them to make the decision for all of us that’s the problem in today’s society we forgot who was in charge that we stand around and let these people run us when really they work for us so until that time comes when we stand up and fight for our souls we will always be pushed around in this society by the government until we are so afraid that we are pushed into a corner and unable to make any decisions for are selfs this society needs to remember that we have to fight for what we want and we will succeed to get what we want the government needs to be reminded that they do work for us not the other way around they can take our tax money every year after year but then again tell us what we can do I believe that we should have the right to vote on it…

  4. That’s not the full truth IL DR have to attend classes and also have to pay a fee to be able to prescribe medical marijuana because it a class 1 substance.

  5. lets all write a letter to our legislators and see if we can get something done here!

  6. “I can find a gram about once every two months since my daughter got hit
    by the same lack, (she now is forced to sell meth to truckers just to
    get by and fight her hereditary pain) who on here wants their daughter
    doing such things??”


    dafuq did i just read

  7. John , First the Doctors in Illinois are full of it! The patiant submits an application for a Medical cannabis use permit all the Doctor is asked to do is fill out and sign a certification letter that certifies they have a certain length of dr. patiant relationship AND the pationt does indeed have a qualifying condition They are not being asked to perscrib anything the patiant goes to the dispensary with the medical cannabis card from the state and purchases what ever strain they want to use to help them with there condition. Simple as that! IT”s A CERTIFICATION . It certifyes the person has a qualifying condition. Veterans in Illinois who have a qualifying condition do not need this certification. Hmmm because they know VA docs won’t sign them so I ask Why does any one who can show with medical records they have a qualifying condition Need one. Why are these patiants at the mercy of doctors who have none?

  8. Whyiowa4medical on

    Cannabis is even self-protective to the lungs and helps lung conditions!!! Discovered in Madrid Spain while recreating the 1974 cancer cure that Nixon destroyed, cannabis is also a preventative!!! Thank God Nixon did not have them killed as an American cohort re-established these studies in Spain.

  9. Whyiowa4medical on

    Make all the noise you can, but have your research ready. One clue for you; NIDA and other anti organizations are using Spice and K-2 as well as some very dangerous substances to gain negative results today. These other substances are CT-3 (45 times more potent than 100% THC) and a close cousin designated CP-55,940 as these substances are cousins of THC but their synthesized effects are damaging. Find their dirty little secrets as to why nothing is moving and exploit them to the media. Iowa’s governor has a son named Eric who killed a family when he was too drunk to walk, let alone drive. The governor blamed the cannabis he had just purchased and had him released with a traffic citation in 1991. He purchased from a member of my collective, so I know from whence I speak. Dig, dig, and then dig some more. I have a network of professionals who can help you, so this one time I will give my email: mark_lee481@AOL.com. I have reams of info on Iowa and Illinois is right next door, besides research cheating that my medical profession has given me access to at the NIH site.

  10. Marijuana is wayyyy better than alcohol!!!! Alcohol damages EVERY SINGLE ORGAN IN THE BODY marijuana? Hmmmm what about marijuana?

  11. Hi Mark, I need to get in touch with you. I am a JD MSW and want to use my education and work experience to help with the legalization efforts in Illinois. How can I do this?

  12. Most doctors (at least the ones that I have talked to) don’t want to be the first to write a Rx for pot. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in both knees/legs and lower back for 8 years now. I’ve been told that medical use of pot could help me out (by several doctors) but again, no one wants to be the first to write the Rx.

  13. Actually the government isn’t stalling, this is a brand new law, but there is a lot to be done! They had to set up a whole new system in the state of Illinois for growing and distribution. That takes time. I have also talked to doctors and they don’t know about what the requirements are going to be for doctors to even prescribe it. They said they were told they might have to go to a special class (which takes time away from their practices, and doctors have the option if they want to attend the classes or not. This is a big hassle! So the big problem in Illinois as far as I see it will be finding a doctor that CAN even prescribe it, once they get the grow centers up and running. Then it’s just keeping up with the demand.

  14. Whyiowa4medical on

    With states and our National government ignoring (and in my case refusing to publish) current research in regard to the health of the American people, we have no choice but to make a BIG NOISE NOW, today, not tomorrow, and not next week we must make noise today!!! My identity is known on most sites, and was on here until I had a crash my security fixed. I am Mark Lee, I am a Bachelor of Sciences with my education directed toward cannabis management and I grew in an illegal (for profit) collective for six years near Ames, IA. I have chosen to be a public figure, and the doctors I speak to (that are not members of the Fundamentalist minority) all want to know more!!! They really do want to know more!!! As I was able to direct my education, they were not and they really want learn. For some time our system for naming strains was troubling to them, but we are getting better in this and it seems that every conversation I strike up is the subject of great curiosity. If you must remain anonymous for your safety, I do understand, but we must make our cause known today. I live in an illegal state, and I care for my health by the crumbs that can be scraped together because grow operations are easily busted now that large operations have moved to greener pastures. I can find a gram about once every two months since my daughter got hit by the same lack, (she now is forced to sell meth to truckers just to get by and fight her hereditary pain) who on here wants their daughter doing such things??? She was a pharmacist at one time, but was fired for attending three family funerals in a row. She knew how valuable cannabis was, she would often take people aside and recommend cannabis if they could find some. Think on this, how many other daughters and sons are forced into a horrible business when they could be a dispensary manager, unmatched in Colorado and their “upscale” dispensaries??? It is time to fight, it is time to have all experiential research heard, and it is time to realize any state who’s average start-up costs are 3.2 million will continue to steal at a rate unmatched by any cartel!!! I will believe Illinois sales when I see them, there are only two years left in the “Pilot” (test) program.

  15. Abraham Froman on

    no ballot initiative process in IL that could legalize cannabis. MMJ in Illinois is likely not going to be cheap for patients – see cultivation center license fees. Picketing the Capitol would hurt our cause, getting supporters to actively lobby their elected officials is the only way to get this through and our supporters need to be professional and polite. Any asshat that does “smoke out” at the Capitol would likely set Illinois cannabis law reform back 5 years as that is what the opposition expects and is waiting to happen. Illinois NORML holds monthly lobby days at the Capitol with an info table setup with hemp products and educational materials and they stress for their supporters to show up and be as business/professional as possible. Illinois has a two year legislative cycle so essentially you’ll need to get a bill through both chambers and signed by the Governor in two years, oh yeah and the lawmakers only meet Jan-June and for two weeks in Nov.

  16. “Marijuana is not any worse than alcohol. As for those who think it is a stepping stone to harder drugs please, I’d like to see the scientific data (from reputable sources and well designed studies).”
    It is strange to me how this is the general sentiment amongst all users but we still don’t have marijuana rescheduled by this time. We have so many supporters, but the powers that be keep standing their ground.
    I hope that Illinois gets legalization passed with emphasis on keeping their med. MJ program, if it is cheaper for patients to obtain their much needed meds.
    What do you think the current pulse of the people is in your home state? Are they ready to start picketing the capitol? Are they ready to demand change? Is there a ballot initiative system so the people can do it on their own and forgo the legislature?

  17. Sick and tired of pain on

    It has been a long and expensive process to get a physician’s certification to qualify as a patient for the Illinois Medical Marijuana Pilot Program. Its hard finding a doctor that will do this. I have one more visit before I will be certified and I will then be able to complete my application with the state. It is unfortunate the system makes it hard for those who could benefit from the use of medical marijuana to qualify for the program.
    I am curious as to how many people that are opposed to the legal use of marijuana have actually tried it. Marijuana is not any worse than alcohol. As for those who think it is a stepping stone to harder drugs please, I’d like to see the scientific data (from reputable sources and well designed studies). There are many physicians that prescribe narcotics to help alleviate pain, many of these drugs are addictive and unfortunately are sometimes abused and what is even more unfortunate is that some doctors are aware of this and continue to prescribe them to their addicted patients. I speak from what I know, I do not tolerate prescription narcotics but I know people that do.
    Laws for the use of marijuana should be similar to those of alcohol. People are able to make their own beer and wine at home, why not grow marijuana? If we are worried about underage kids using marijuana then we should also be concerned about underage drinking. Even though kids illegally drink alcohol, it is still sold. Should we make the consumption of alcohol illegal for all? This would never happen, the alcohol producing companies have deep pockets and would do whatever they needed to fight illegalization of alcohol. The masses that drink alcohol would be an uproar.

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