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Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed In Puerto Rico


marijuana puerto rico legalization cannabisPuerto Rico Senator Miguel Pereira has filed legislation which would explicitly legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older. Senator Pereira is a former police chief, as well as a former federal prosecutor. Currently in Puerto Rico, those possessing even small amounts of marijuana can face up to 3 years in prison, in addition to a $5,000 fine.

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, during a press conference last week, stated that he was entirely open to a debate on the issue, stating, “I don’t have a problem with an open debate about the possibilities, benefits or drawbacks of such a measure”. This is important, because if the measure passes the Senate, and then House, it would go to the governor for final approval.

To show support for the bill, dozens marched through Puerto Rico’s capital on 4/20, ending at the seaside Capitol building, where Senator Pereira filed his legislation.

The bill faces a tough battle in a legislature that’s known for being conservative, but its passage is far from an impossibility, and the conversation surrounding it will open up a debate that is desperately needed in Puerto Rico.

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  1. stoner boy on

    ligalize this shit the goverment will mack about 170 billon$ a year thats gtood for them and good for the stoners

  2. Or the car insurance or the tax to park your car at the hospital. yep tax to park your car. one dollar equals 1.07. I did not buy anything did I? We are taxed to death now. 15 year ago you would be right but my how things change. love from pueto rico!
    you really should have stayed in school.

  3. We pay taxes idiot. get your facts straight. And lets not forget about the 7 percent sales tax niether.

  4. Yes legalize it this is dumb to punish users like me i got cought in puerto rico w less than a gram ended up un a hell of a jail full of rapist and murderers, it affected my life for the worst making me who i am today a ANTI GOVERNMENT LIBERTY ACTIVIST!

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