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Marijuana Legalization Bill Prefiled In New Mexico


new mexico marijuanaWhenever people ask me which states I think might legalize recreational marijuana in 2016, I always offer up the same eight states. Six of them have the potential to do so via citizen initiative – California, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts. The other two are considered likely candidates via a legislative action – Vermont and Rhode Island. If one New Mexico lawmaker has his way, another state would be added to the potential legislative action list. Representative Bill McCamley prefiled a marijuana legalization bill this week for the upcoming legislative session. Per KOB4:

Rep. Bill McCamley, D-Las Cruces, sponsors the bill, which would allow people aged 21 years and older to purchase and use marijuana legally; would allow the state to regulate growers and distributors; and would allow for the production and sale of industrial hemp in the state, among many other things.

“When you look at Colorado on our other border, they’ve brought in around $100 million in increased tax revenue, so this is a really good way of hurting drug cartels and helping our business community and our schools at the same time,” Rep. McCamley said Wednesday. “A lot of people say let’s wait and see what Colorado does. Well how long are we going to wait to see the kind of success that they’ve had? It’s already there!”

The bill, most of which addresses the “Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act,” is similar to a bill Rep. McCamley sponsored last session, which was killed in a House committee.

I don’t know that New Mexico has as good a chance as Vermont and Rhode Island, but I think this legislative session in New Mexico will be much more favorable compared to years past. If California, Nevada, and Arizona join Colorado, Oregon, and Washington in legalizing marijuana, almost all of the Western United States will have legalized marijuana. I have to assume that at least some lawmakers in New Mexico see that the winds of change are picking up, and that it’s a good idea to get out ahead of things. Legalization is good public policy, whether it’s in New Mexico or elsewhere.


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  1. Doesn’t matter. You are violating FEDERAL LAW ( For which I applaud you!). Your comments are hypocritical, uninformed and naïve.

  2. I follow the law in my state, and I don’t intentionally put others at risk by driving when using my medicine.
    There’s a drastic difference between between being a foul-mouthed intentional road danger and a responsible person.
    Maybe one day you’re figure that out before you injury someone, or yourself…good luck with that.

  3. HEY FUCKING IDIOT!!!! YOU ARE BREAKING FEDERAL LAW YOURSELF!! Better hope Christie doesn’t win.

  4. Yes, you’re an intentional lawbreaker, by your own admission.
    Maybe you’ll have a tolerable cellmate if you keep pushing your luck.

  5. And BTW, if I and millions of other REAL Americans chose to go with the status quo and NOT break the law and NOT move to relegalize cannabis, YOU would not be enjoying the benefits of MMJ today. You fucking idiot……your gratitude is overwhelming…..

  6. What do you care, you intentionally break the law and have been doing so for years by your own admission.
    I hang out with responsible people, not intentional law breakers who are a menace to others.
    Apparently, marijuana does impair your judgement as you’ve repeatedly demonstrated.

  7. You’re an example of why so many people still have a negative opinion about marijuana and a danger to other responsible drivers.
    Intentionally putting yourself and others at risk on the roads is not only foolish, but when done intentionally it’s a criminal act.
    Fortunately, most of us who use medical cannabis tend to function responsibly rather than test fate.
    Lots of luck to you, you’re gonna need it.

  8. The medical card in your wallet only shows that you are in a government database. Better hope Christie isn’t elected, because he WILL reverse all the progress we have made and put YOU and everyone else foolish enough to register into that government data base IN JAIL for violating federal law. Our FOR PROFIT prison system would love to have a million more non violent people to lock up so jerk off prison guards can remain employed. We need recreational cannabis relegalized. Those who do use it medically won’t have to be registered in a government database.

  9. A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it is open. I am living proof that cannabis does not impair driving. You can’t handle that truth because your mind has been programmed to conform to the norm. The only risk is getting stopped by our police state. Then, you are pretty much “fucked.” If you were a true supporter of cannabis and its relegalization, you would not have posted such an ignorant and frankly a paranoid reply. Pot is harmless. Deal with it.

  10. This may be the dumbest thing I’ve heard anyone admit on this site.
    If you truly believe that marijuana doesn’t impair your ability to think and function, then you really have a problem and need to seek some professional help.
    There’s no way I, or any of my friends who use marijuana for medicinal reasons, would consider operating a motor vehicle while medicated.
    Doing so would be putting ourselves and others at risk and we won’t do it.

  11. I took my road test stoned in 1977. I have never caused an accident, never received a citation other than your typical “quota time let’s rob another unaccompanied motorist” and now take public transit because of the police state we now live in and the ridiculous cost of owning an automobile. Cannabis is harmless and it does NOT impair driving. Go to you Tube and there are dozens of videos that prove this point.

  12. saynotohypocrisy on

    Fine, and I’m merely reemphasizing the fact that alcohol is so much more dangerous than cannabis that there is utterly no comparison, on or off the roads. Btw, It was someone else who tagged you as a rightwinger, not me.

    And don’t bother telling us about alleged near catastrophes caused by cannabis if you won’t supply any details about them.

  13. When I was a kid we debated lotto in MO for years. Just everyday plain lotto. Now, giant casinos everywhere.

    When money is up for grabs, look how liberal our politicians find themselves.

  14. Don’t twist my words into something that fits your needs, I was merely re-emphasizing the fact that any form of impairment when behind the wheel is potentially lethal. And don’t tag me as a right winger since you have no clue about my interests. The medical card in my wallet would seem to nullify your invalid assumptions.

  15. saynotohypocrisy on

    Drunks kill more than 30 a day in the US, day after day. You want to compare cannabis with killer alcohol, Denny? Please do.

  16. saynotohypocrisy on

    You have any details on that? I’m not saying it can’t happen, but you might as well supply some details.

  17. That’s rightwing bullshit, & you carry that banner mighty high! I walk 100’s of miles a year just along the highways, picking up garbage as a volunteer, something I did while I lived in other places & the amount of beer & booze containers in New Mexico is astounding! This state would do better to outlaw alcohol & accept cannabis, its a whole lot safer, either behind the wheel or just at home. They would rather have the money from alcohol then cannabis, cause like many Politicians, they’re only protecting they’re own interests. If your a drinker, get a life, alcohol is for losers, cannabis is WAY better in all aspects then alcohol. Alcohol IS NOT a medicine, cannabis is.

  18. Give the politicizing a rest for a change, the dems sure haven’t done anything to make it happen and they control the executive order pen.
    And it doesn’t help when somebody gets stoned, drives erratic and gets arrested which happened this week and made the news because he nearly killed some people.

  19. This election remember that corporation view people as slave labor. Your well being and having fun is not in their agenda. They want control of people on and off the clock. To them you are a number and a miniscule statistic. Think of this next time the chamber of commerce and corporations provide negative propaganda on cannabis legalization. LEGALIZE NOW! YOU ARE A NOBODY TO CORPORATIONS. THEY COULD GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT YOU. BECAUSE, IF THEY DID YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WOULD HAVE BETTER HEALTH CARE, MORE MONEY, EXTENDED CHILD CARE FOR NEW BORNS, MORE VATCATION and A DARN GOOD PENSION SYSTEM LIKE WE HAD A FEW YEARS AGO BEFORE GREEDY CEOs TOOK OVER INDUSTRY. True facts are that Americans have the least amount of vacation than anyone one on earth and we have the highest prisoner population on earth.

  20. Thank’s to the repubs in this state, in particular the Governor, right wing prohibitionist that she is, who also thinks alcohol is safer & better, (see her drunken power play on utube) Susan Martineze governor behaving badly December 13, 2015 (She’s got to go away) this may end up the last state in the west to get sensible, the insanity of it all!

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