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Marijuana Legalization Campaign Advertising Begins In Alaska


alaska marijuana advertisingThe sky is beginning to fall in Alaska according to marijuana opponents. The campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Alaska has purchased campaign advertising that will appear on city buses. Usually campaign advertising is seen as free speech. But in Alaska, opponents are acting like it’s the beginning of the end.

Opponents to the Alaska initiative are making claims that campaign ads are tantamount to telling kids that marijuana use is safe and that they should do it. But, in fact, the campaign is doing the exact opposite by trying to pass the initiative so that marijuana sales are regulated and that sellers ask for I.D. to prevent marijuana from getting in the hands of youth. Right now the people that are selling marijuana in Alaska don’t ask for any I.D.. If opponents really wanted to ‘save the children’ they would be pushing a regulation model, and not trying to maintain the blackmarket status quo. Fortunately the campaign is unswayed by opponent’s claims. Per KTVA:

The campaign behind the public transportation signage says the message their ads send is clear.

“We feel like it’s time to stop arresting Alaskans for simply choosing a substance that’s objectively safer than alcohol,” said Chris Rempert, director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Alaska.

Until all Alaskans know they can end marijuana prohibition on Nov. 4, Rempert said, they can expect to see and hear even more advertising across all platforms around the Last Frontier before casting their vote on Ballot Measure 2.

Marijuana opponents are getting more and more desperate by the day. That’s why they are making the claims against the campaign ads. Fortunately for initiative supporters, the truth is on their side. All they need to do is educate Alaska voters that the initiative is on the ballot, and that marijuana is safer than alcohol, and I’m confident that will lead to victory on Election Day. Compare that to the other side that has to pull every claim and bit of propaganda out of their butts that they can think of, even if it defies logic.


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  1. pot is safer that liquor. Parents just have to do their job why should the people that use it for Medical suffer more just because parents can’t do their job…

  2. how is it telling kids its ok to smoke .. its the parents job to educate there kids the way they think is right.. just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean they will,, like a lot of people who choose not to drink because they simply don’t want to or its something they believe in ..if they do try it one day when they are old enough at least it will be safer then buying from random people.. its a new century and we need to learn to accept new things and open your mind a little bit

  3. Hey once marijuana is legalized in Alaska, can you make a living growing and selling it legally to pot shops taxed and everything? Can you legally sell the the pot shops at all? and how much money can you make?

  4. I think it’s a persuasive ad. For adult and child. I know it’s not aimed at kids, but kids do see buses and they do look at the ads, probably more closely than adults do. The message is basically “weed is a safer choice than beer/liquor”. I’m not disagreeing with that, or saying it’s distasteful.

    On another note. Once legalization happens, I hope the MJ industry can drop this whole “normal people smoke pot” message and break out the psychedelic color swirly cartoons that glow under black lights. The ad in the NY Times was pretty dry too.

  5. Yes!! Freedom isn’t a dirty word!

    Public safety doesn’t define us nor is it a promise of the constitution. Freedom, equality and justice define us. These are the promises of the constitution.

    Harms are not crimes. We regulate harms. We prosecute crimes. When we conflate the two we dismantle the constitution and destroy who we are. Regulation is the moderate compromise between freedom on one hand and public safety on the other. Regulation preserves freedom and public safety. Prohibition does the opposite.

  6. im sorry- hard as i stare at it- i cant find the words “hey kids” anywhere – just 3 pictures of things they shouldnt be fukken with till they’re older. So how is a truthful message comparing these 3 things ‘persuasive’?

  7. I don’t see this as bad. It’s high time we should be honest with kids and they SHOULD know which is the safer alternative. (no pun intended). Pot IS safer, and less harmful to ANY brain, young or old, than alcohol. We have no problem at all promoting the use of alcohol in leisure time to relax, unwind or to party, but offer pot as a safer alternative isnt ok? The only problem I see with weed is that it is ILLEGAL! As a parent, I was a lot less worried about my kids smoking it up at a friends house when their parents were out than if they hit up the liquor cabinet. Many, many more parents find themselves in an emergency room situation with their teens who overindulged in liquor than those who use cannabis products. Lets be real here.

  8. Dear guest I am glad you support legalization. My question is this do you really think that a bus ad will entice a kid to use marijuana that has not already tried the substance. The fact is even if it’s slightly distasteful opponents of legal marijuana will put there untrue propaganda everywhere so why can’t legalization groups but there ads anywhere but schools, parks places that kids hang out.

  9. Alaska read up, listen to what is said make a decision make sure your are registered to vote go vote in November. Just please keep and open mind and vote. This is so important.
    Legalize Alaska and America

  10. There is something more important than you winning your argument. It’s having the argument in the first place. Prohibition is a war on ideas. You should object to that despite your views on drugs.

    I don’t support your right to free speech because I endorse what you say, I support your right to free speech despite the fact that I don’t endorse what you say.

    I don’t support your right to vote because I endorse your candidate, I support your right to vote despite the fact that I don’t endorse your candidate.

    I don’t support freedom of religion because I endorse your beliefs, I support freedom of religion despite the fact that I don’t endorse your religion.

    I support your right to be autonomous over your own mind and body absent harm to others, not because I endorse what you put in your body, but despite the fact that I do not endorse your behavior.

    Supporting unalienable rights in no way advocates for the behaviors of people who exercise these rights. People who claim that ending drug prohibition is advocating drug use and/or abuse do not understand the meaning of freedom.

  11. “Opponents to the Alaska initiative are making claims that campaign ads are tantamount to telling kids that marijuana use is safe and that they should do it.”

    Although I support legalization everywhere, I do think this is true. That bus ad is persuasive to anyone who can read.

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