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Marijuana Legalization In Colorado: Six-Month Status Report


colorado marijuana legalization denver daPress Teleconference to Address Impact of New Law on: Crime Rates, Marijuana Arrests, the Economy, Safety Regulations, Other State Laws and More

Read Amendment 64’s Six-Month Status Report HERE

All eyes are on Colorado to gauge the impact of the country’s first-ever law allowing personal use of marijuana for recreational purposes, which went into effect last January.  (Washington passed a similar law, but has not yet started implementation.)  July 1st will mark six months since Amendment 64 went into effect.  In the meantime, what has been happening with crime rates, marijuana arrests, the economy and traffic safety?  What’s working and what is not?

What we know so far: According to the state’s department of revenue, the first four months of legal marijuana sales have resulted in $10.8 million in taxes.  Approximately $1.9 million of the $40 million that will go to improve Colorado’s schools has been raised so far.  There has also been a 5.2% decrease in violent crime since last year at this time in Denver.   And, according to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, by removing criminal penalties for marijuana possession, the state could save anywhere from $12 to $40 million in one year.

Will Colorado’s legalization law have a ripple effect on the rest of the nation?  Learn more this Thursday.


WHAT:       Press Teleconference: Status report from Colorado after 6-months of legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.


WHEN:       Thursday, June 26, 11am MT / 1pm ET


HOW:         Call 800-311-9402      PASSCODE:  Colorado


WHO:         State Representative Jonathan Singer, who recently sponsored two bills in the state general assembly addressing regulation of edibles and marijuana concentrates

Art Way, Senior Drug Policy Manager, Colorado, Drug Policy Alliance

Tony Ryan, Former Denver Police Officer and member of Law Enforcement against Prohibition

Jordan Wellington, Director of Compliance at Vicente Sederberg LLC

Brooke Gilbert, National Cannabis Industry Association

Mike Elliott, Marijuana Industry Group

Stephen Gutwillig, Deputy Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

Sharda Sekaran (moderator), Managing Director, Communications, Drug Policy Alliance


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  1. Colorado is cesspool of deranged potheads. The devil has infected their souls. They will all rot in hell for their crimes.

  2. Amendment 64 did NOT go into effect six months ago. It was effective after the Nov 2012 election and after the Governor’s proclamation. That was Dec 10, 2012. Retail stores opened Jan 2014.

  3. I just got back from a vacation in Colorado and it is the first time I have felt that I lived in a free country. Most people I talked to did not smoke marijuana and the fact that it was legal didnt bother them a bit. If I could move to Colorado I would. Way to go Colorado!

  4. still only the 4 months report on the crime stats. bunch of boring tax estimates. only 54% support legalization in colo? crazy.

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