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Marijuana Legalization On Michigan State Canvassers Agenda June 11


hash bash michigan marijuanaMILegalize, Michigan’s top group advocating the legalization of marijuana, has submitted their language to the Michigan Board of State Canvassers for approval as to form. The Board will meet at 10am on June 11in room 428 of the state Capitol to consider petitions for statewide ballot proposals.

The MILegalize group (Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee) has initiated Town Hall meetings across the state, engaged in an active social media campaign and developed associations with top petitioning experts to facilitate their petition drive to place legalization of marijuana on the November 2016 ballot.

Approval by the Board is the final step before a summertime petition drive to collect signatures from Michigan voters can begin. “The Board will approve the form of the petition, not the language, and once we get that approval we’ll print petitions and launch our signature drive across the state,” said MILegalize’s Jamie Lowell.

“We are busy recruiting campaign staff and organizing our voter data,” said MILegalize Board member Matthew Abel. “MILegalize has legal counsel, campaign finance reporting personnel, two campaign managers, and a legion of thousands of committed supporters ready to help us achieve victory.”

“We have built a professional organization comprised of the top marijuana law experts in Michigan, including most of the attorneys who have argued every important medical marijuana case through Michigan’s appellate courts,” said MILegalize Chair Jeffrey Hank, an attorney from Lansing. “Our Board features Michigan’s most successful grassroots activists, including those responsible for almost every local marijuana law reform campaign in Michigan during the last decade.

“We are the most formidable cannabis reform campaign ever formed in US history and no other group can match our expertise.”

The MILegalize Board of Directors reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ list of Michigan top marijuana law reform advocates, including Chuck Ream and Nick Zettell from Ann Arbor; Josey Scoggin from Kalamazoo; Rick Thompson from Flint; activist Debra Young and attorneys David Rudoi, Matthew Abel and Thomas Lavigne from metro Detroit; Steven Sharpe from Jackson; and others.

For more information, visit milegalize.com


Jeffrey Hank                                       1-844-534-2516                      info@milegalize.com

Jamie Lowell                                     1-734 276-6318                        jdlele@hotmail.com

Paid for with regulated funds by the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee, P. O. Box 1358, East Lansing, MI 48826

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. Mary Bailey Chapman on

    Where do we go to vote yes to help get what you need for it to pass? I know lots of people from MI, including my husband and I, that want to vote yes!!!!

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