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Marijuana Legalization Opponent Being Banned From DC Businesses


andy harris blacklist marijuana dcI do not like Republican Representative Andy Harris. If you support marijuana legalization, especially in Washington D.C., chances are you don’t like Andy Harris either. Andy Harris is trying everything he can to prevent marijuana legalization from being implemented in D.C., despite the fact that the marijuana legalization initiative passed by an overwhelming margin on Election Day 2014. Andy Harris isn’t even from Washington D.C., he’s from Maryland. Why a politician thinks it’s OK to trample on the will of voters that aren’t even his constituents is beyond me.

Andy Harris’ actions have resulted in some Washington D.C. businesses banning the Maryland politician from doing business with them. Per the Washington Post:

The move so infuriated District residents that someone has started a “Blacklist Andy Harris” tumblr asking local businesses not to serve Harris:

“My fellow Washingtonians, Rep. Andy Harris doesn’t give a d— about District residents or our rights, so let’s blacklist him! We can generate and distribute signs/stickers/posters with his face, words like “Persona non Grata” (or something similar), and ask local businesses to display them. We could also put up signs with similar messages all around the District.”

As recently as today, activists have been approaching businesses asking them to take part in the blacklisting. While the primary motivation is to oppose Andy Harris’ anti-marijuana legalization actions, there is an even greater principle at hand, which I have seen many activists point out. DC voters voted for something, and approved it in an overwhelming fashion. No politician from outside of DC should be able to overturn the will of the voters. Not for marijuana, not for anything. If you own a DC business, or know someone that does, please urge them to take part in this blacklisting of Maryland Representative Andy Harris. It would be a dream come true to see Andy Harris denied all over DC.


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  1. Sounds to me your one of those ‘sue happy’ people. As for pregnant women… any woman who smokes (anything) or drinks alcohol during pregnancy is just plain STUPID. Cigarettes, and alcohol both have warnings, yet pregnant women still smoke and drink. You know the risks, it’s called free will. It’s not the product that is the danger, it is the IGNORANCE of the user. Wake up, please!!! You sound ridiculous.

  2. Pamela, you obviously don’t know your facts and are just ranting on basis of nothing. Cannabis didn’t become illegal in this country until 1950, (that’s only 65 years according to my math… and any other normal persons…) when it was made a schedule 1 ‘drug’. That right there shows your ignorance. Also, cannabis has been PROVEN to REDUCE THE SIZE OF CANCEROUS TUMORS in lab rats in studies done in the late ’80, and swept under the carpet until AIDS researchers discovered the reports in the ’90s. Maybe no one you know has suffered from cancer, but I watched my grandmother whither away to nothing, along with friends family members (one who passed at 48!!! years old), and it’s a disgrace to me that you would want to keep this natural plant prohibited. Also, humans have a natural chemical in their bodies called Anandamide, which THC molecules mimic 99%. Please check your statistics, do some research, and I pray that you never have cancer, but if you do, would be willing to give cannabis a chance to help you. I recently read an article about a woman in CA that produces Cannabis oil. She has 26, stage 4 cancer patients, which all but 1 have survived. That’s a 96% POSITIVE statistic!!!!!!! Alcohol is FAR more dangerous than any marijuana out there. STATISTICAL FACT. Please, I beg you, your ignorance on the topic only drives the profits of Pharmaceutical corporations that want you to take their synthetic drugs in return for profit, greed, and control. I wish you only the best in life, and hope that you open your mind.

  3. Just what the hell makes the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Bloomberg authorities on the subject? Just because you name drop doesn’t make your argument any more credible. Your Florida argument is also a big fail. The majority of Florida voters in 2014 did vote for medical cannabis, it just didn’t make the 60% supermajority requirement to make it a reality. You accuse cannabis users of being in denial. However, it is reefer madness prohibitionists like you that are really in denial about the true benefits of cannabis and the folly of cannabis prohibition. But to cannabis prohibitionists like yourself, denial is just a river in Egypt.

  4. “when the American population gets the real facts on the pot kids are using in America today and the damage it is creating they will reject the legalization of recreational pot – like they have for the past 100 years”.
    Under Federal law, it was legal 100 years ago. Your lame misstatements discredit you, Pam. You need some real information. Read some books and articles outside of your ignorant propagandists.

  5. Oh Pam. You should learn how and then when to engage in debate. “go look it up.” People here are asking for your sources. Since you fail to reference your completely ignorant statements, you give no direction to look up the propaganda that has misinformed you. Here is a reference: Read Martin Lee’s Smoke Signals. He documents 2500 years of human medicinal and recreational use with real information from real research.

  6. Florida just rejected the vote on marijuana for medical marijuana they pushed back, over 70% of counties in California has ordinances in place prohibiting marijuana in their area – they outright defeated recreational in 2010 – didn’t make the vote – the percentage of Americans who have voted in marijuana as a recreational drug is 5% – not a significant number and the whole medical marijuana trojan horse is a farce – ask the Pope, ask former mayor Bloomberg, ask the Dal Lamai – it is a small minority trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the majority and it will not work. There are medicines for pain, and there are medicines that don’t risk the user of lung cancer. Untested, unregulated, nonspecificied dosage drugs are not medicine and the public will at some point wake up and sue the pants off those that promoted this harmful drug – the pregnant women who didn’t know the risk to the fetus, youth, and those at risk of heart disease should be lining up in Colorado and Washington State along with the other states that have allowed marijuana for medicinal purposes and sue the heck out of the local authoriities for failure to warn.

  7. The only person in denial is you. 70% vote to legalize marijuana in DC, 58% in Florida. This is a majority rules representative democracy except that angry people like you use vitriol to attack the majority. I have severe acute pain for 16 years from a failed lumbosacral fusion surgery and sensory and autonomic polyneuropathy. Would you have the audacity to prohibit me from the medicinal use of marijuana like my state does. How dare you.
    No, you are in denial so by your own words you must be a marijuana addict, by the way, there is no such thing. Shame on you.

  8. Not wrong – you just can’t handle the truth – go look it up. Denial is the sign of addiction to marijuana that is why just like alcohol it is called the drug of denial.

  9. It is still illegal under federal law that is why someone from Maryland is interested in this and the reason two states are suing Colorado – for putting them in harms way. The pushers of pot in the District used the campaign slogan – end discrimination and other slogans and manipulative strategies to persuade voters – when the American population gets the real facts on the pot kids are using in America today and the damage it is creating they will reject the legalization of recreational pot – like they have for the past 100 years – remember the vast majority of the adult population of North America have already rejected pot in their lives – less than 10% of adults use pot – they are being sold a bill of goods about tax revenenues, and other deflections such as “safer” and “responsible” use – when in fact the whole point of pot is to be intoxicated temporarily and it is not safe by any stretch of the imagination.

  10. Imagine we are sitting across the table from each other and we have not ever discussed this topic. I tell you that there is a country in the “civilized” world where a friend knows that if he gets hold of an oil or the dry herbal “flower” from a naturally growing plant it will stop the horrific suffering that this friend’s child, or himself, or his wife or his parents or friends are experiencing, and he has a way to get it, and he is going to get it and use it. You tell me to tell my friend not to do it because both the central government and the state government have made that impossible to obtain or use by law. I respond by saying in one case his child and many others will die without it, and in many circumstances of illness it will cure disease or calm the suffering of many with a huge variety of symptoms. Then I ask what kind of deviant government do you think would keep this miraculous plant illegal to obtain or even grow. You reply, maybe China or Russia or North Korea. I tell you no, sadly it is the USA. In fact, I say, many have died and many more are suffering for want of this curative and free growing plant because the federally run government and the state run government have refused in a most autocratic and dictatorial way to allow it’s use. Not the benevolent and self-righteous USA you say. Yes, they have let children die rather than give up that awful prohibition of this miraculous plant. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE USA HAS LET CHILDREN DIE RATHER THAN PERMIT ITS USE.
    Why? Because the federal and state governments not only refuse to allow it to be used but have incredibly harsh laws if one even implies they will defy the law to save or ease the suffering of a relative or friend or ones self. The government of this supposedly compassionate and loving representative democracy at the federal level is protecting the interests of the huge profit machine know as Big Pharma (and the conversation continues…).
    When a government that is supposed to represent the will of the majority refuses to do so for any reason it is no longer a free and representative democracy. It is an AUTOCRACY. Since it has abandoned the very ideals that it presumes to represent and allows it’s citizens to die rather than render Compassionate Care then either the citizens have to “change the world” or continue to be subject to the will of the few.
    As to my stance that in this particular case this is absolutely an individual’s right issue only, and that the government that is saying it is a states right or federal rights issue is corrupt and actually criminal in its lawmaking. No power on Earth can or would or should have the right to tell an individual in the privacy of their own property or private living area what plants he or she can grow, consume for whatever reason, or possess, as long as it does not harm or endanger anyone else. Especially if that government is the USA.
    The founding fathers created a set of laws via a Declaration if Independence that is called the Constitution. It is a contract between each individual and the government. I declare that THE ENTIRE CONGRESS, THE ENTIRE SUPREME COURT, AND THE PRESIDENCY ARE ACTING IN BREACH OF CONTRACT.
    When laws are enacted not for the benefit of the many but for the profit and power of the few then the covenant between the State and Federal government and the Individual is voided.
    It is time to bend history back in the direction of honest representation of the will of the people, not the will of the criminal behavior of the power and greedy few. If this is not done very very soon we will join China, and Russia and North Korea as just another non-benevolent dictatorial autocracy. There is an agenda playing out in our time which will co-opt the intention and will of the Founding Fathers who dreamed of a great nation where the will and the individual rights of private citizens are fully protected and enhanced over time.
    The most devious reasons for the prohibition of the free and legal use of Marijuana are vast. The agenda of the greedy and money hoarding few is progressing in a variety of areas and must be stopped now!

  11. Guardian Angel on

    People are SICK of Andy Harris across all the USA!!! Things are about to change! And that includes Andy out of office! That includes any others who back or follow him! Watch & see, cuz he’s got a BIG surprise comming up!!!
    DC has spoken & soon will be heard loud & clear!!!

  12. Pretty sure private businesses are allowed to deny business to anyone they choose for whatever reason as long as it’s not obviously a protected discrimination category.

  13. DC Legalization is HUGE as it gains Press in coming weeks the $64,000 Question will be:

    If OK for DC, our Nation’s White House and Capitol, what about the rest of the Nation, why not “US” too?

  14. Fascism- A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    A political philosophy, movement or regime that exults nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
    Any Questions?…

  15. The most powerful weapon that all consumers, shoppers, citizens have is the power of the boycott. This move to boycott this renegade representative is brilliant, completely non-violent, and powerful, but only if we push back together. This article is a good start in motivating the proven majority to push back. If this fails then the clowns in our respectable ideology of representative democracy (where the majority rules) will continue to trample on the will, rights and income of the “people”.
    Boycotts work. While we struggle to keep money in our pockets those who live off of our hard earned incomes mock us with devisive tactical laws and punishment of the innocent (such as healthy and especially sick people who need relief and are denied access to the medicine they CHOOSE to use, aka marijuana).
    America is not entirely dead yet. Determined and wilfull boycotts are a powerful tool in our favor. We must push back before the greedy few enact legislation which will poison the purity and accessibility of legal marijuana and take control of its growth and distribution. They see that the end of prohibition is coming and are at this very moment deciding how they will corrupt and obfuscate our access and absolute right to freely consume the pure and various strains of marijuana.
    End the centralized autocratic behavior of our government representatives before the vision of our founding fathers is completely lost. Boycotts and non-violent civil disobedience works when planned and executed properly.
    By any standard of our civil rights the prohibition of marijuana is purely unconstitutional. It’s not even a States rights issue. It’s a citizens rights issue.There are certain areas where our government has no right to decide for us what we choose to consume, especially when that consumption may save our and our childrens lives.

  16. I’m not from D.C. but as an American I would like to think my vote counts . Why do we have the right to vote if our votes do not have a direct impact on the outcome of the election or topic being voted on. The American citizens of D.C. have spoken loud and clear . I hope their rights aren’t trampled on , I hope D.C. will stand up for itself and fight the anti- American’s trying to take away the freedom they should have.

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