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Marijuana Legalization Support Highest Ever


high grade weedPoll – Marijuana Legalization Support At 50%

In a poll released today, the Pew Research Center reports that more people support marijuana legalization than ever before. Supporters are not yet the majority, but the numbers have been trending our way slowly but surely every year:

The public is divided over whether the use of marijuana should be legal or not; half (50%) oppose legalization while nearly as many (45%) favor legalizing marijuana. Support for legalizing marijuana is up slightly since March, 2010; and over the past 40 years — drawing on trends from Gallup and the General Social Survey — support for legalizing marijuana has never been higher.

Young people under the age of 30 favor legalizing the use of marijuana by a 54%-42% margin. Opinion is divided among those in middle age groups. Those 65 and older are broadly opposed to legalization (66% illegal, 30% legal).

Given that the number of people who agree with legalization has been rising by about 1% per year, the message here is clear:

We need to keep talking about this issue with everyone we know. If we continue to educate our fellow citizens, many of whom still buy into the Reefer Madness propaganda of yesteryear, support for ending marijuana prohibition will be the majority opinion sooner than we think.


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  1. Teresabrackett on

    Everyday a teen or adult gets garbage or weed that’s laced which have ruined many for life, why should we have to go through this especially when it wouldn’t hurt a fly and never has. Decriminalization and Legalization is the smartest step forward for any state or country. Everything can be made from these seeds and smoking or ingesting cannabis are preventative measures to sickness 1000+ ailments and even death.

  2. Cronic pain patient. Only had 72 hrs. To live although im still here… The doctors has me so druged up that I was missing out on life period. Not being there for my kids and not able to watch them grow was the worst feeling ive ever had. I TOTALLY SUPPORT THE LEAGALIZATION OF MAARIJUANA. IT Helps with the cronic pain that I will havd to deal witb the rest of
    My life…

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