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Marijuana Legalization Under Attack In Alaska And Oregon


Reefer MadnessLast time I checked, we live in a democracy. America is a country where some states have initiatives, and if those initiatives pass on Election Day, they become law. That applies to just about every public policy area, except marijuana policy. During the 2014 Election, voters in Alaska and Oregon passed marijuana legalization initiatives. If the initiatives were for anything else, they would become law with little to no changes, and no one would think twice about it.

However, elected officials in both states are trying to trample on the will of voters by proposing major changes to the initiatives. In Oregon there are several bills in the legislature right now, and with more on the way I’m sure, that will make marijuana legalization virtually unrecognizable compared to the version that voters approved. One bill wants to ban marijuana businesses from existing within 1 mile of a school, which if you looked at home many schools there are in cities and towns in Oregon you would see that it almost creates a ban on marijuana businesses. Another proposal in Oregon’s Legislature would eliminate the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, which is something that Oregon Measure 91 specifically stated shouldn’t happen. It also sounds like Oregon’s Governor wants to lower the possession limits that were approved by voters:

Gov. John Kitzhaber expressed concern Tuesday about how much marijuana Oregonians would be allowed to possess at home under the new legalization measure — and he indicated that he might ask legislators to seek lower limits.

The governor, saying he has “many concerns” about the initiative approved by voters, questioned the logic of allowing voters to possess up to a half-pound of marijuana at home but just 1 ounce in public.

“The amount you can actually grow in a home-grow operation seems to me to exceed the amount that you’re supposed to have legally,” Kitzhaber told reporters. “I don’t know how you enforce that.”

Kitzhaber’s thought process doesn’t even make sense. So he feels that the amount you can grow will result in there being more marijuana than the household can possess, so he wants to lower the amount the household can possess? Wouldn’t it be the other way around if his reefer madness logic was working right? How does he know how much marijuana will be produced by every recreational marijuana plant in the state? I, along with 56% of other Oregon voters, voted ‘yes’ on Oregon Measure 91 specifically because of how it was worded. I didn’t just passively see marijuana legalization was on the ballot so I voted ‘yes’ blindly, and am willing to live with whatever model Oregon politicians see fit. If that was the case Oregon Measure 80 would have passed in 2012 by a hefty margin, which it didn’t.

There are attack bills in Alaska’s Legislature too, which led to the Measure 2 campaign releasing the message below:

Dear Supporter:

The legislative session kicked off last week, and already a number of marijuana policy bills have been introduced. There will surely be more to come as lawmakers work to implement Measure 2. Please help us hold legislators accountable in fulfilling the will of the voters — to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

As an advocate for sensible marijuana policies in Alaska, we need you to reach out to your elected officials. You can follow these bills through the legislative process, and we’ll be notifying you of additional opportunities to call and email your legislators, to testify at committee hearings, and to submit comments as needed.

Here are the bills that have been introduced already:

SB 8: Regulation and production of industrial hemp (a positive development)
SB 30: Removal of full legal protections for possession, production, and sale of marijuana as mandated in Ballot Measure 2 and replacement with mere defenses (a very bad development, against which we are pushing back)
HB 59: Prohibition on the production, sale, and possession of marijuana concentrates until November 2016 (also a negative development, as we have let legislators know)
HB 75: Technical edits to the initiative language as it relates to municipalities

SB 30, in its current form, is particularly concerning. It strips the initiative of fundamental protections and replaces them with mere defenses that would still require time in court and costly law enforcement resources. Please call your legislator immediately and politely let them know that the current draft of SB 30 fundamentally undermines the will of the voters.

If you haven’t already, please ‘like’ the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol on Facebook. Thank you for your support!


Tim Hinterberger
Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

If Oregon’s and Alaska’s politicians wanted to impose their own versions of marijuana legalization on voters, they had more than enough time to do so prior to the 2014 Election. In the case of Oregon, we specifically brought a proposal to the Oregon Legislature and they scoffed and chose to do nothing with our proposal. We specifically told them that if they failed to act, we would take our proposal to the ballot via an initiative. That’s what we ended up doing, and we were successful, so why only now are they scrambling to make changes and basically are trying to throw the successful initiative in the garbage and re-write it as they see fit? Please contact your elected officials in both states and let them know that this is unacceptable, and to respect the will of the voters.


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  1. Sebastian Chase Pappas on

    You’re not the sharpest knife in the kitchen are you ? If Marijuana was completely legallized no one would have to get it from the cartel. No one would have to buy it off the streets. Why don’t you go look up some real statistics and see that legallization lowers crime rates. Anything that says otherwise is propoganda. Its just logic. If you had the choice to buy bud from walmart or a drug dealer would you ever go back to the street ( not that I want walmart selling bud – but hopefully smarty pants here can understand the example)? Im glad you arent an “attic” anymore, now go get a clue before you troll.

  2. Steve Brown on

    I wish tobacco was made illegal. Second and third hand smoke from tobacco is a horrible public health hazard that is making millions of people sick every year.

  3. 494 Alaska 537 PACIFIC REPORTER, 2d SERIES

    Irwin RAVIN, Petitioner, v. STATE of Alaska, Respondent.
    No. 2135. Supreme Court of Alaska.
    May 27, 1975. As Amended May 28, 1975.

    Proceeding was instituted on defendant’s motion to dismiss charge of violation of statute proscribing possession of marijuana. The District Court, Third Judicial District, Anchorage, Dorothy P. Tyner, J., denied motion to dismiss and the superior court affirmed and petition for review from the superior courts affirmance was granted. The Supreme Court, Rabinowitz, C. J., held that need for control of drivers under influence of marijuana and existing doubts as to safety of marijuana demonstrate a sufficient justification for statutory proscription of possession of marijuana, and thus an individual’s right to possess or ingest marijuana while driving is subject to statute proscribing possession of marijuana; and that no adequate justification exists for State’s intrusion into citizen’s right of privacy by its prohibition of possession of marijuana by an adult for personal consumption in home, and thus possession of marijuana by adults at home for personal use is constitutionally protected.

    Alaska 537 P.2d 494

    Irwin RAVIN, Petitioner,
    STATE of Alaska, Respondent.
    No. 2135.
    May 27, 1975.
    As Amended May 28, 1975.

    5. Constitutional Law 82. Federal right to privacy arises only in connection with other fundamental rights, such as the grouping of rights which involve the home, and even in connection with penumbra of home-related rights, right of privacy in sense of immunity from prosecution is absolute only when private activity will not endanger or harm the general public. Const. art. 1, § 22; U.S.C.A. Const. Amends. 1, 3-5, 14.
    6. Constitutional Law 82. Right to privacy amendment to Alaska Constitution cannot be read so as to make the possession or ingestion of marijuana itself a fundamental right. Const. art. 1, § 22.
    8. Constitutional Law 82. Privacy in the home is a fundamental right. Const. art. 1, § 22; U.S.C.A.Const. Amend. 4.
    9. Constitutional Law 8 Right of privacy in the home must yield when it interferes in a serious manner with the health, safety, rights and privileges of others or with the public welfare. Const. art. 1, § 22; U.S.C.A.Const. Amend. 4.

    10. Constitutional Law 82 No one has an absolute right to do things in the privacy of his own home which will affect himself or others adversely. Const. art. 1, § 22; U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. 4.

    11. Constitutional Law 82. Right of privacy in home is limited in that possession of substances is guaranteed only for purely private, noncommercial use in home. Const. art. 1, § 22; U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. 4.

    13. Constitutional Law 82. State cannot impose its own notions of morality, propriety, or fashion on individuals when the public has no legitimate interest in the affairs of those individuals.

    14. Constitutional Law 82. The right of an individual to do as he pleases is not absolute and it can be made to yield when it begins to infringe on the rights and welfare of others.

    21. Drugs and Narcotics 43 No adequate justification exists for State’s intrusion into citizen’s right of privacy by its prohibition of possession of marijuana by an adult for personal consumption in home, and thus possession of marijuana by adults at home for personal use is constitutionally protected. AS 17.12.010, 17.12.l50; Const art. 1, § 22; U.S.C.A. Const. Amends. 1, 4, 14.

    22. Constitutional Law 82 Privacy of individual’s home cannot be breached absent a persuasive showing of a close and substantial relationship of the intrusion to a legitimate governmental interest.

  4. Every time I see another program about street gangs, they are selling weed. Yes, marijuana brings in that kind of money. Maybe not where you’re at. But everywhere else. The DEA claims that fully one-half of the revenues of the Mexican Cartels are from marijuana. They’re sending huge amounts of pot across the border. So somebody in the U.S. has to be selling it. The DEA has no reason to lie about that, because it helps to make the case for legalization. If people were allowed to grow their own excellent weed, they’d stop buying all that seedy Mexican. And enriching these cartels that are murder machines. They even attack drug rehabs and shoot everybody in sight because one of their members gets a drug problem and they’re afraid he’ll talk in re-hab.. Evil with a capital E. People around here call that Mexican pot “middies.” Slang for lower potency. I prefer my own gardening expertise.

  5. I would love to have legitimate measurables available on packaging or in informative brochures . I imagine OLCC is working on those issues as we speak.

  6. You have to provide some wiggle room for those who are not comfortable with additional freedoms when making a push to get something passed. The initiative did win by a reasonable margin, but not by enough to warrant adding things that would have make it a difficult sell to the majority.
    For instance, measure 80 which was a superior offering, lost by a similar margin to what 91 won by. There has to be some compromise when rewriting a legalization initiative that did not pass the first time. 91 covered a fair few items that needed to be covered while making it palatable enough for the gen public to say yes to it.
    There has to be give and take when it comes to measures that have already failed.

  7. Kitz has already served 4 terms, I believe, and is now in his 5th. I doubt he’ll seek another term, and even if he did, 5 are enough.

  8. I know how you feel people got more pisses of over Brian Williams lies (the network list 30% of it viewers Friday night.) Than any lie politicians spin.it’s because everyone is numb to political lies they know they can get away with most things. Unless the lie has something to do with sex than people get mad. Does this even make any sense? After all having sex is more natural than all of their other lies.

  9. Not to mention that they all think that they have medical degrees. This is all about control you have to wonder between now and Christmas 2014 how many of those self righteous picks and bitches have used illegal substancesince then I bet a good portion of everyone in our government has gotten high at least once sin Christmas.

  10. The AG’s opinions are irrelevant. They enforce the established law and have no authority over new law or what “should” be done. If the legislator or presidents office orders stand down on MJ, then the AG is legally required to do that or go to jail/be fined/fired.

  11. Really, voters don’t like lies? Shiza, I thought you couldn’t do anything political without lying because people are so unreasonable in general.

  12. I won’t unless Kitzhaber has an actual criminal charge that isn’t frivolous. So far, all I heard was that his pussy was cheating a little which is common with people in general.

  13. You don’t need to drive cars or have access to food in grocery stores. Oh, wait……America isn’t the top dog due to world wide military domination and your access to a decent life has nothing to do with it. Ya

    We should just legalize drugs and implement drug using education. This problem is trying to force people to be sober. It would be easier to force them to be competent if they want access to drugs.

  14. Holding “shares” in a Methadone Clinic? Does that mean you were an investor who profited off of their addiction?

    So its cool for drug providers to profit from addictions as long as they give some counseling with “advice” to get better?

  15. Gangs wouldn’t be a problem if we just let them have rich people status like rich people….but rich people can’t be rich people if anyone who wants rich people status is allowed in.

  16. I did. I wrote them saying they need to have doctors control dosing in OMMP and the need to make sure every person production, processing, and distributing actually knows what they are doing in measurable terms.

  17. I call BS on the author. Constitutional Amendments are for rules the legislators can’t change. There is a reason they won’t pass a vote as a Constitutional Amendment- the public doesn’t want it. Stop trying to promote your position as the majority position. Our M91 in Oregon had a Constitutional Amendment as a companion bill. Guess what, half the signatures required to get on the ballot. GAH!

  18. Whyiowa4medical on

    I have tried to warn people about the rise of the CBD only crowd for some time now. There are three such corporations in Washington State alone, where all the trouble is creeping in. Entire counties drying up faster and faster with such legislation along with a “supposed” glut of cannabis. These enemies of cannabis must be dealt with and we need the research I have 98% complete good enough for college, but I need more subjective research which I can complete in any state I can grow for this purpose. The research is vital to keep what we have fought so very hard to win and once-and-for-all shut the opposition up!!!
    The gist of the research (4.0 at my university) is that man has evolved side by side with cannabis. While change has occurred in cannabis, it has followed the evolution of mankind. It is archeologically known that mankind began an agricultural lifestyle to keep hallucinogenic plants close at hand. Cannabis exudes certain terpenes that can be considered pheromones that attract human beings in need of its many healing properties. I have had my disease process retarded and at times completely stopped because, as many others report cannabis prevented their disease condition (some long past their expiration date). I have enough evidence, just comparing my own condition (medical records from age two) against my drug and cannabis use. I need to discover how many others believe they are recreational users who have an undeniable family condition, or undiagnosed condition that the “pheromones” have drawn the user to it.
    With all of the people who would never touch cannabis, and I have known my share, but they are a case of beer a night drinker, or have become an addict to meth or heroin. I was once one of those, the smell was distasteful, the taste was worse, and the effect interested me like being trampled by a bull. This changed at 15 when the specialist in the field of medicine that treats my condition testifies I was struck by this disease. Did my body know? Are we so closely tied to cannabis that it can draw a person that needs it. I must grow a strain high in the suspected pheromone, I must get the honest statements of the other users who may not have always liked it. I must verify, and do this soon, that we are conjoined with cannabis at a very ancient level! Most growers of any size feel a vibe from their plants. My plants would face the area where I would enter my facility, with light playing an insignificant role as it was provided from above. I touched my plants and spoke to them, all of them, sometimes a daunting task. They responded by a wide array of behaviors, even parting leaves to show injury or a diseased leaf. This is the parts I can share for now, but I believe that care begets care and finishing this research with growing a few strains will make a case no one can break.

  19. Whyiowa4medical on

    It is no different in Iowa, but I don’t see any gangsters making any money off pot. Some heroin, crack, and Midwest meth, but if they had pot, so would we where I live. When I lived and worked just off Chicago’s equivalent of Division Street I had the respect of the major gangs in the area, I could get their whores taken in and cleaned up without 2 weeks of getting them looking good again in some cockroach motel. Tied up and going through withdrawal. I also was able to get the High 5 of the 5 pot at half what others charged him. Pot was chump money for little G’s, it had no ability to bring in the hundreds of thousands I often saw. They provided my musician clients better protection from cheats of club owners than my .32 ever could and their whores (looking like they were fresh from Hollywood, not a shooting gallery) cozied up to the bouncers to make sure there was an accurate count (very important if the band got pay plus 1/2 the door) and could make after hours out of town dates. I guess it depends on why you are there and how much respect that carries. I only recorded one gang’s music (to prevent those drive by’s), but I was caught in one that pissed me off so bad I set my friend up in an apartment above mine!!! The Vietnamese were trying to set up the Mexicans, but the Latin Kings were tied to the VL so police were soon involved. All this over weed, I wouldn’t believe it if you had pictures!!!

  20. Whyiowa4medical on

    Yes, treatment programs and prohibitionists keep the urban myth about the dead babies alive with drugs smuggled in the bodies. This was proven false a long time ago. Probably the CIA answer to their smuggling operations at times when our borders were closed. This story was chased down every hole in a junkie’s arm, and has been proven as truthful as saying “Bloody Mary” three times. I worked for and held shares in a Methadone Treatment Center in Des Moines for three years. I volunteered to facilitate one of the weekly group sessions and I know enough about 12 step programs to know you should be concerned for your own sobriety and not try to tackle issues that deal with the use of substances by others. The proof of people dying without marijuana are the statistics in the states where it is not yet legal. I am forced to use substances for my very painful disease that makes heroin look like Tylenol #3. No, even cannabis would not take me off all narcotics, but it would reduce the level I take to a very normal zone. If you knew what you were talking about you would not be on this site jeopardizing your sobriety.
    That is your job now, not criticizing the opinions of a large portion of this country. If I were an alcoholic, my job is my sobriety, not the sobriety of the rest of the world. Not trying to take alcohol from the rest of the world, even if I were the only sober person. You worry me, I am wondering just how “sober” you are and how other people using all around you is affecting you. I know that many on Methadone programs, who if they smoke pot lose their position and must start their wait all over again; so I would be pissed at legal pot smokers too especially if the penalty is withdrawals that can last weeks!!! I fought to make certain this did not happen in Des Moines as it kept methadone use at a far lower level.

  21. Jason A Sprouse on

    Heroin kills people and is addictive (obviously). People will steal, lie and prostitute to get their next, daily fix. Marijuana kills…… nobody. You can’t overdose on it. Nobody except a dumb kid would steal to get it. If you’re out…. you’re out till you get some more. I’m a heavy marijuana smoker, but I’ll go days without smoking. And I have it, right here. I’m guessing I’m not an addict.

  22. I’m sorry the smack messed you up. And glad you have decided to stop. Keep up the good work. That’s a big monster to beat and you must be a strong individual.

  23. “hat money. So the marijuana prohibition is killing people in Chicago”
    where is your proof? prohibtion helps to keep kids safe and the numbers don’t lie. mexico gangs cut up people and use there bodys for drug smuggling. can you imagin if we let that happen heer??

  24. there murder problem is because they legalized mariuana. i know what i am talking about because live in wa and struggling to live because of potheads and gangs. what about my rights??

  25. I wuld rather do herione than smok a joint. i was a herione attic for 25 years and i no drugs. mariuana is not a good thing. if my post gets deleeted it is becuase of mariuana attics who would rather lie than tell the truth!! are children are dieing because of mariuana attics. if you want to shoot up mariuana then moove to mexico or the middle east

  26. Enacting marijuana policy in the states as a constitutional amendment makes sense, as does reserving the treasury in full by silver and copper, use of fiat notes worth market trade value in cannabis, state banks etc…

    We really need to focus as communities to raise awareness to other citizens and our representatives that the people shall speak and the representatives of our republic must listen and so act to the people’s accord in manner of the law upheld as ordained by our constitution.


  27. vernonVernacular on

    Unfortunately, the truth is only what one person believes to be the truth. Ever been to court? Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…..according to you.
    People change their minds all the time, and there’s no law against that.

  28. That or they don’t care what happens to the citizenry so long as those in power are getting their tax-free-cut of the bootlegging.

  29. Good points all. I don’t expect her to actually reverse course but just not throw up full frontal opposition to legalization. I hope I’m right. Politics is a dirty business.

  30. I was just reading yesterday about the incredible gang problem in Illinois. We don’t have a fraction of that problem here. And I was already aware of Chicago’s murder plague. The statistic I have is that 50% of that gang money comes from marijuana. They buy guns with that money. So the marijuana prohibition is killing people in Chicago. Innocent people, too. Just like alcohol prohibition there in 1930. Our country makes the same mistakes over and over again because nobody seems to learn from history.

  31. where is my post?
    is it now that the people that use cannabis is not allowed to view their opinions? publicly?

  32. I live in a left state – Illinois. And it is no better. We have a law. A poor list of qualifying conditions and no grow ops or stores. And none in sight with our new R governor.

  33. Assuming you are correct and she does favor legalization, then she is lying under oath in order to get one of the highest jobs in our country. I don’t know about you but I expect her to answer ALL questions fully and honestly especially if the position she is trying to obtain is supposed to be one of impartiality and fairness when it comes to the law. If she can lie under oath, can we lie to her department if she is confirmed?

    And you cannot blame this on the Republicans. They didn’t pick her nor did they force her to say she opposes legalization. What good does it do to lie about a position only to get confirmed and then reverse course after she gets confirmed? The DOJ should be a department that each American has faith in regardless of political party affiliation and after suffering through the lying gun runner Holder, we need a reason to restore our faith in the rule of law and fairness to all.

    And I suppose by your theory about it mattering what she does after, all we need to do is refer to candidate Obama and his support of MMJ and then President Obama that has had more raids conducted under him than the previous President if we are looking for any sort of indication about what she does after.

  34. She would not be confirmed without taking this position. What she does after that is what matters. Welcome to Republicans in control of congress.

  35. There hasn’t been a democracy in America since the late18th century planter class put Article 1 Section 111 in the US Constitution.

  36. I wish I had your confidence. I don’t. When Session’s asked her about the DEA. She seemed all on board with the idiot.

  37. Yup, they’re trying to kill the Alaska law. Enough over-weaning protective Mom’s involved and poof!

  38. They are going to change the Washington it appears from 1000 ft. to 500′ from schools. Finally an end to moddy-coddling kids at the expense of adult’s. Keeping kid’s away from booze seems more of an urgency.

  39. Get this gestapo TRASH out of our lives. We see the same shyt day in and day out here in our county at the local level. A slow chiseling and chipping away at our rights. I am really getting tired of this crap. The drug warrior trash LOST the election. Go away a-holes and pass the law the people voted for.

  40. If you’re going to censor a post, at least I’d like to know why. Pro-legalization, no profanity, no personal name calling. What did I do wrong? Enlighten me.

  41. Man, you got that right. They just passed a phony medical marijuana bill last year with ridiculous stipulations here in Pennsylvania. And they did that very grudgingly, with a very short list of ailments in the bill. Legislators with zero medical back ground were making knee-jerk decisions on the ailments that would be eligible. The marinol bill only got through for one reason. It was a face-saving operation because members were being heavily lobbied by some effective advocates on children’s diseases. They didn’t want to look bad, so they passéd something that was garbage just for PR and to make it look like they actually cared about the children. GOP members were also spooked by polls that showed that a large majority of Pennsylvanians approve of medical marijuana. The bulk of Republicans and the Governor didn’t even want cancer patients eligible!! It only allowed marinol. It was the weakest medical marijuana bill proposed any where in the country. And yet former Republican Governor Corbett said he wouldn’t sign it. We were able to get a couple Republican State Senators on board for that weak bill. But for the most part, the Republican-controlled Senate and House are controlled by some of the most ignorant political Neanderthals you could imagine. People so right -wing they’re still trying to outlaw abortion and gay marriage. I don’t understand how we are such a right-wing reactionary state that always votes for Liberal Democrats for President. They just elected a liberal Governor, Tom Wolf. And he says he’ll sign medical marijuana. But the only bill that has a chance, again, is marinol. It’s sure to be a very weak bill they put on his desk. At the same time, we have some of the harshest marijuana laws (with stiff mandatory minimum felony sentences) in the U.S.. It’s remarkable that reactionary Arizona may have marijuana reform before Pennsylvania. I really don’t think we’ll ever have reform. Some say just wait for the Republican Nazis to die and then we’ll have reform. But they replace them with more Republican Nazis! I use pot for a chronic spinal condition. It controls spasms and helps me to ignore pain. It really helped me through my last operation. I hate taking opiate narcotics. I can’t function on them and they interfere with my digestion. So I don’t take them. I am always so glad to get off morphine after a stay in the hospital. But they want to put me in prison for taking the drug that helps me. I got a five-year sentence for possessing 16 pot plants, none of which were more than 4 inches tall. If I get a second strike for pot, I’ll have to move out of the state and I’m mired in poverty. I can’t move away. And to use this drug, I have to worry about being past middle age and serving a prison sentence……Send help to Pennsylvania. A state Adolf Hitler would be proud of.

  42. Lynch is not in favor of legalization but neither is Eric Holder, and she clearly stated the DOJ will continue the Obama administration’s policy with regards to marijuana.

  43. Jordan Shorette on

    there honestly needs to be mass protests this is getting to the point of ridiculous. they voted it passed so pass it lol no pun intended. im from ny state and we have been sharpening our pitch forks. by the time its said and done the history books will refer to this as the marijuana wars haha

  44. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Powerful statements, Cleanslate. But I would disagree with your words, “…no other plant in the history of the world has been the focus of such a concerted effort to forbid it and eradicate it.” What we know today as the War on Drugs started just over 100 years ago, when the U.S. Congress passed the 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act specifically banning the production, sales and possession of derivatives of coca plants and opium poppies–which also yield some of the most effective medicines mankind has ever known. There IS no better painkiller than morphine (that’s why it’s still legal in hospitals under the strictest supervision), nor a better reliever of muscle aches and fatigue than chewing on raw (dried) coca leaves. In 1914, cannabis plants were mainly targeted by criminal laws only at the local level, but were not mentioned by name in that federal law. By 1937, however, it was abundantly clear to the “reigning powers of this world,” as you say, that all three plant species were a major threat to the profits of synthetic pharmaceutical companies. No one wanted to hear the wise words of August Vollmer of California, one renowned chairman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, who wrote in 1936: “Drug addiction, like prostitution, and like liquor, is not a police problem; it never has been, and never can be solved by policemen. It is first and last a medical problem.” Vollmer also wrote about drug abuse: “The first step in any plan to alleviate this dreadful affliction should be the establishment of federal control and dispensation–at cost–of habit forming drugs.”

  45. This is what I wrote. It is basically a form letter to all important parties. Feel free to steal any portion, or all, of it. Let’s go get them folks!!!
    Dear reader [appropriate proper name will be added here],

    The public has spoken: we, the fine citizens of Oregon, opted to say yes to all of measure 91’s proposals. 91 contains the necessary components any functional bill would possess, potentially yielding enormously positive results for those who stand to benefit from said measure[ie school children, teachers, patients, peace officers, entrepreneurs].

    We have a tangible opportunity to prove that completely removing marijuana from the black market, via regulation and taxation, will provide every Oregonian an improved quality of life.

    The influx of funds directed toward public education are much needed, but just as important are the funds peace officers will acquire if said measure stands as written. At every level of law enforcement, from city, to county, to state, peace officers will be afforded the spectacular opportunity to spend time fighting real criminals. Less time and money spent booking and incarcerating nonviolent marijuana users equals more time spent investigating cases of domestic violence, methamphetamine production, and rape, making this state a safer, more attractive place to live.

    Additional job creation is imminent with the passage of 91. Less folks unemployed equals more dollars in the state’s general coffers. How can that be a bad thing?

    Patients that currently enjoy the right to inexpensive, highly effective, homegrown, medicine may lose said right if certain amendments to 91 are adopted. It would force those most in need to grow illegally, thus criminalizing their self-care.

    Allowing supplementary taxation, as proposed by the League of Oregon Cities, will raise retail prices to the point where the black market will be a viable competitor to the legal purveyors of state sanctioned products.

    Lastly, lowering the number of plants or usable marijuana product per household, removes the potential for the “homebrewer” effect to occur. Given the chance to hone their craft, amateur growers will provide innovations that can only be procured through experimentation. The whole of the industry will benefit by having amateur growers become entrepreneurs. As they say “Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

    With the aforementioned concerns and benefits in mind, I kindly ask that all actions toward altering measure 91 cease and desist immediately. Please allow this, grass-roots-envisioned, business-and-law-enforcement-endorsed, ballot initiative, to be tested for a reasonable period of time [3-5years] before considering wholesale changes. Any changes effectively result in trampling all this measure is attempting to achieve. If you value democracy, and the will of the voters of this great state, you will do your utmost to bar any legislation that seeks to devalue, detract, or otherwise undermine any portion of measure 91.

    Thank you for your time.
    Nathaniel Grant

  46. They never talk about keeping military recruiters away from schools but many young people are harmed by war. I am in favor of not having pot shops next to schools just because school kids should not be using pot or alcohol or Ritalin… any kind of drug that messes with their mind. I’m in favor of total legalization of pot for adults. If the nit wit representatives are worried about medicinal drugs reaching the black market for recreational purposes they should look at big pharma and stop the sale of Oxycontin by pharmacies. It’s time to list the names of these representatives who are deciding not to govern according to the wishes of the people and then see that they are voted out of office quickly and held up to public censure for their willingness to avoid doing their job in enforcing the will of the people.

  47. Email that lier and remind him of his promise and remind him that voters don’t like lies. The public can change things if the public start pushing these politicians

  48. In a lot of states alcohol sales have to be couple thousand feet from schools. There is no reason for a mile. Out of curiosity I looked this fact in Oregon a sexual predator has to live at least 500 ft from schools. in Alaska I could not even find anything on sex offenders and schools. Yet these politicians who are elected to do our bidding by our votes.can’t seemail to get their head out of their ass. So if you live in these states email or call them and politely tell them how you feel and then tell them if they want your vote they will listen. If everyone person reading this blog in every state did this to every politician in every state. We wouldn’t be having these problems.

  49. stellarvoyager on

    I would support Ellen Rosenblum if she chooses to run for governor in 2018. Any plans to draft her for a bid?

  50. I for one am getting FED UP with these bloated self-righteous prick politicians who think they f-ing know better than us about how to manage our lives. I’m tired of being treated like an incompetent CHILD who needs to be saved from themselves. Who the F–k died and made these c–ksuckers kings!

  51. It is simply unconscionable that the legislature is now butting in where it was never asked to be. We the people have spoken, period. As I had mentioned in an earlier article, the League of Oregon Cities, and some less than desirable members of our state government, were lobbying to make some of these significant changes we now see being offered for debate.
    This is our most critical hour and we need all hands on deck. Write your local reps and all the aforementioned Mr. McAfee suggested and do it soon.
    We may need to literally march on Salem sooner rather than later.

  52. The initiative would need to be an amendment to the state constitution to shield it against changes by the legislature. This is what Colorado’s cannabis legalization law is. Harder to get on the ballot than a proposed statute, but certainly worth the effort if it passes.

  53. Well said. You gave a very concise, but excellent summary of the state of things here in OR. It is time to write letters to the governor’s office. Tell him to back off and explain things as much as is possible. I don’t bother e-mailing the governor from his OR state –.gov page because it limits the length of your e-mail.

    The message is essentially this:

    – Leave the OMMP alone. Period.
    – The OLCC has been tasked by the voters to regulate and they are going about their job now. They have defined time frames within which to do it.
    – Let them do their job without complications from another branch of government that was not tasked by the voters to engage in any follow-up on this matter.
    – Instead wait for the OLCC to finish hearings and rule making over the next year or so, then see if there are any substantive issues (not speculative fears) that remain to be resolved.

    The legislature has proposed bills in a reactionary state of mind. Time to write to the gatekeeper, Kotek and politely, but firmly explain that it is better to simply let the OLCC carry out its work over the next year or so and do nothing. Wait to see how things play out before passing any bills that would affect M.91. We need to start early and keep up the pressure. The OLCC is the only agency of goverment now that has been tasked by the people with specific work to carry out and polish off M.91. We need to remind elected officials of that.

    Our homework:
    1) Write Gov Kitzhaber and explain the law to him; tell him to back off and first let the OLCC do its job.
    2) write to Tina Kotek and Tobias Read (leaders of the house of reps); Peter Courtney and Ginny Burdick (senate leadership). Copy that to your own reps and senators and any others (sponsors of bad bills).

    BTW Johnny – which bill are you saying is aimed at ending the OMMP?

  54. No surprises here. I don’t like all the details of M91 either, but the legislature needs to butt out here. If they make significant changes we need to pass a new initiative in 2016 that is much LESS restrictive, much lower taxes, and make it effective immediately upon passage.

  55. “Monsanto GMO cannabis being the only approved strains for hemp derived food…”
    I think that ship is out to sea, for now, but we should keep an eye on it. The first real hemp crops for 2014 were harvested in several states. The Government spending bill with the Farm bill attached virtually allowing hemp to be grown in states that want to do it, and the newest bi-partisan hemp bills in the US house and senate may help even more. The hemp seed for the crops came from Canada and Europe, thank God!

  56. They have been trying to scrap OMMP for years, and they would have tried to do so anyway whether or not measure 91 had passed.

  57. “Last time I checked, we live in a democracy.”

    Once upon a time there may have been something resembling a democracy in America. What we have now would more accurately be described as a corporatocracy overlaid by a plutocracy; with federal, state and local governments acting like oligarchs who fulfill and protect the agenda of the corporations and plutocrats.

    If there is ever a chance of cannabis being legalized federally it will not look anything like what most cannabis activists are hoping for. it will be a state sanctioned monopoly dividing up the cannabis pie; with Big Pharma having exclusive rights to any cannabis derived/inspired medicines; Monsanto GMO cannabis being the only approved strains for hemp derived food and fiber and Big Tobacco providing the “recreational marijuana” products.

    Cannabis is not just another plant among plants. It is a liberating, consciousness raising and healing plant that is utterly subversive to the reigning powers of this world. It is for this reason that a concerted effort was made, in the early 20th century, by the plutocrats and powerful corporate interests to demonized and ban this plant. A plant! — no other plant in the history of the world has been the focus of such a concerted effort to forbid it and eradicate it. Since the powers cannot eradicate it, they will attempt to co-opt it and control it. Long after those powers have fallen and disappeared from the face of the Earth; cannabis and the rest of the living Earth will continue to abide.

  58. I’d said way back they’d try to scrap the OMMP. It is true you’ll likely end up with more than 8 ounces after a harvest though. That 8 ounce limit needs to be raised, not lowered!

  59. Express how you feel! Let them know this will be remembered. We pay them…or they rob us??? Who hires who??? Bout time we act like what we are…their bosses. Not gonna do your job…you’re fired!

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