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Marijuana Legalization Victories Are Already Ripping The Drug War Apart


No more drug warBy Scott Morgan

Of all the fascinating reactions I’ve seen to Colorado and Washington’s successful marijuana legalization initiatives, this is by far the most extraordinary.

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Felipe Calderon says the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in two U.S. states limits that country’s “moral authority” to ask other nations to combat or restrict illegal drug trafficking.

Calderon says the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado represents a fundamental change that requires the rethinking of public policy in the entire Western Hemisphere. [Washington Post]

One gets the feeling that Mexican leaders have been desperate for any excuse to begin drawing back from the bloody drug war clusterf$%k we’ve sucked them into. After all, it’s pretty damn ridiculous for Mexicans to die in a failed effort to keep marijuana out of the hands of Americans who actually want marijuana.

Imagine that you’re Felipe Calderon, a long-serving and faithful puppet of the American drug war juggernaut, and you look up and see something like this unfolding even as your own people are dying in the streets. To say that we’ve lost our “moral authority” here is an understatement. We never had any to begin with.

Listen closely and you might make out the whispers of the drug war’s dumbfounded defenders as they continue struggling to form a response. The moral authority in American drug policy is being reclaimed bravely by the American people themselves, and the message they’ve sent is now echoing around the world.

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  1. There are many Federal non-violent, marijuana offenders who are serving sentences of Life Without Parole for selling marijuana. The Law Office of Michael Kennedy has submitted a Group Petition for Commutation for 5 of these inmates who are all over the age of 62 and have served an average of 19 years of their life sentence. This on line petition to support the one submitted to the White House can be found here.


  2. It will get worse before it get better. The para-military thugs who masquerade as law enforcement, will not give up the absolute power over anyone outside their mercenary guilds, they have amassed over the years. They can kill with impunity now, what on earth makes anyone think that Law Enforcment will give up the ghost, and get back in their box without a lot of pain and suffering being inflicted on the general public. They have spent trillions and desroyed countless families and lives with the drug enforcement circus, they have infiltrated the legislatures, courts and executive, and created a culture of might makes right that we will not ee dismanteled anytime soon.

  3. December 6th. Though a number of counties have already dropped charges on more than 330 minor possession victims if cannabis was the main reason for arrest. King, Pierce, Clark, and others. No guarantee when their stores will open, but at least now if someone has less than an ounce, they are perfectly legal. Drive careful out there! And check your vehicle for burned out lights. They’re cheap to fix.

  4. Grei R. S. Walker on

    Safe friendly Mary Jane’s Illegal, but lethal/crippling alcohol and tobacco are legal…nuff said.

  5. Prohibition has never worked; but it’s a great tool for political intimidation, economic control and legal oppression. It’s also very profitable for the DEA and the rest of the governmental agencies as seen with their sponsorship of Dick Cheney’s privitization of the prison industry, as witnessed in Texas, and growing in other cash-strapped states; mainly targetting activists and minorities. And old hippies, especially…..the Children of the Resurrection…….

    Time is at Hand? Come to unicorn144.wordpress.com and see for thyself…..
    Salvation Rose “Up from the Street”

  6. TotalLifeForever on

    GA Theater or 40 watt? Damn I gotta be careful next time I go to a show in Athens again…

  7. Your story sounds very similar to mine. I got Gestapo’d in Athens GA in February 2011 (dog put on my car while I was inside a show, swarmed, and forcibly searched, with no warrant or permission, when I came out) and am currently stuck in Georgia on Probation. I’m technically a Legal California Resident, with an up to date prescription for MMJ, but after being made to wait until September 2012 to get a court date, I’ve made many friends, and am not in such a hurry to leave GA anymore. I’m more interested in fighting the forces of Prohibition. I should be working right now, so I can finish the batch of dyes that are on my table and go to bed(insomnia is one of the things that I was prescribed MMJ for…) so I need to get up from the computer and get back to work, but I’m interested in networking with like-minded people, who want to see this Crime Against Humanity, known as Cannabis Prohibition, come to a conclusion, so I hope you’ll accept my friend request, check out my page, and stay in touch~

    Edit~ Facebook says you have too many Friend Requests, so I hope you’ll make a request on my page… Either way, I’m now subscribed to your page~

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