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Marijuana Legalization Winning In Portland, Maine By A Landslide


vote marijuana portland maine legalization question 1Some people were skeptical as to the chances of Question 1 winning in Portland, Maine today. I tried to tell people that it had a great chance of passing, and with 80% of precincts reporting, marijuana legalization is winning 70% to 30%! Question 1 would remove all penalties for possessing up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana by adults 21 and older within Portland, Maine.

This is a very significant victory (should trends continue, which I feel they will) for Portland, Maine, and beyond. How many other cities will follow? Remember when people said these types of victories could only happen during presidential election years? So much for that!

Let me be the first to congratulate the Portland Green Independent Committee, who was responsible for collecting more than 2,500 signatures to put the proposal before the Maine City Council for a vote. The Maine City Council then voted 6-1 to put it on the ballot so voters could decide the issue. Which from what it looks like, is a resounding YES!

To track the official results, click here.


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  1. Where’s a picture for your (heterosexual) female audience to appreciate and lust over? No 420 Cali Guys?

  2. The Old Dutch Lady on

    I was on Aricept and Namenda for Alzheimer after my strokes…I was skinny and grew into a huge 300 lbs not doing much but was told to do…I was so clouded with pain pills too and a bad heart…so I started on the program in Michigan and got off all those drugs including Morphine,,,yes I hurt but I can write and talk and I lost half my weight and grew my hair out and feel so much better,,,I can write spell and talk like a normal person because my cousin called and said try it…I did..I woke up…now it is therapy to grow and help myself and my other old folks friends who are my patients…my whole life has changed for the better…I live in Michigan and my License plate is INDICA.. I don’t hide what God Created for us…not man made pills..I am so much better…

  3. Marijuana helps with my anxiey an depression but. why
    did only portland get approved why not just make the whole state legal i would like to have the freedom to smoke an not hide it but hopefully more people will relize its not bad it helps.

  4. Legalization in California has already begun. Come join us and sign the petition at your local site available throughout the Great State of California. -Spokesperson, CCHI 2014

  5. Joe, seniors need cannabis more than the kids do! THC prevents Alzheimer’s better than Aricept! (see WebMD’s “Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer’s) Cannabis often works better than opiates on stubborn neuropathic pain. One of my “special muffins” brings down my 71 year old hubby’s blood pressure just as good as the doctor’s pills! And a few puffs work faster than any sleeping pill! And cannabis is no harder to grow than tomatoes!

  6. Congrats to Portland, Maine residents for standing up for your rights and voting accordingly! Celebrate and smoke it up!

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