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Marijuana Measure In CO Survives Legal Challenges, Continues Gathering Signatures


colorado cannabisA proposed ballot measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Colorado has survived two legal challenges.

The Colorado Supreme Court this week rejected two challenges to the measure that would ask voters whether marijuana in small amounts should be legal for people over 21. Sponsors of the marijuana measure are gathering signatures to place the question on 2012 ballots.

Anti-tax advocate Douglas Bruce challenged the ballot language. He said the measure should be labeled a tax increase. Pot activists said that while the marijuana measure would allow lawmakers to tax pot, the measure itself is not a tax question.

Separately, a marijuana activist who argued the measure was improperly worded brought a challenge to the state’s highest court. Both challenges were dismissed without comment.

Meanwhile, the petition drive moves forward. At this point, Regulate proponent Mason Tvert estimates the number of signatures collected at 70,000-75,000. Only around 86,000 are needed to qualify the measure for the November 2012 ballot, but backers are shooting for 145,000 to supply a cushion.

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