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Marijuana Media Has A Duty To Give A Voice To The Voiceless

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Mainstream media has long played a very big role in keeping marijuana prohibition in place. Newspapers, magazines, television networks, movie studios, etc. have all had members of their respective media platforms ‘get in on the reefer madness.’ More mainstream media outlets are getting on the right side of history every year, but there are still a lot out there that are pumping out long since debunked garbage, and in a way that can range from subtle to outright blatant.

I always see people on social media complaining about the mainstream media bias, and rightfully so. Fortunately we live in a day and age where information is readily available and people can sound off on social media in order to mitigate the lameness of what they see on mainstream media, at least as much as possible. But that doesn’t begin to combat the problem of mainstream media completely ignoring stories, which also helps keep cannabis prohibition in place.

That’s why marijuana media is so important in my opinion. It wasn’t that long ago that there were hardly any marijuana media outlets out there, whether it be print or digital. Now there are marijuana media outlets popping up constantly it seems like, which is a potentially great thing for the reform movement. I use the word ‘potentially’ because it depends on how marijuana media goes about things. With great power comes great responsibility, and it’s the duty of all members of the marijuana media to stand up for those that can’t do it themselves. Marijuana media needs to give a voice to the voiceless.

In the over six years that I’ve been co-running this blog, I’ve come across so many people and causes that need their story to be told. Mainstream media sure as hell aren’t going to do it, but it needs to be done. Stories are powerful, but only if people have the opportunity to hear them. We live in a day and age when things have the ability to go viral, all because someone took the time to make things known. That’s powerful stuff, and I’ve seen it happen way more times than I could ever count, and marijuana media was at the heart of it.

There are patients out there that if people heard about their suffering, and how medical cannabis saved their lives, minds would be changed. There are causes out there that a lot of people would love to help, but they have to hear about them first. There are prisoners sitting in jail cells because of prohibition right now that shouldn’t be, but they especially have a hard time having their voice heard. Prohibition is still very much in place in a vast majority of America and beyond, and has been for a very long time. There are a lot of wrongs out there that need to be righted, but the victims of those wrongs often don’t have a voice that is loud enough that they can get above the white noise of the world.

Marijuana media has a duty to help people and causes out there that fit that description. So whether you are a journalist, blogger (different than a journalist in my opinion!), producer, run a podcast, etc. remember to give a voice to the voiceless. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t focus energy towards things that are more lighthearted, because there’s absolutely a need for that too. Prohibition is a very depressing thing if you really sit and think about it, and celebrating cannabis culture and rejoicing and reflecting on the progress that has been made is vital for moral, and in my opinion, is well deserved. But that has to be balanced with the responsibility to continue the fight, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable and most taken advantage of members of the cannabis community. As a member of the marijuana media myself, I challenge all other members to go the extra mile when it comes to helping give a voice the the voiceless!


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  1. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Voted IN a decrim-friendly city mayor during last local election,
    and for cannabis-friendly city-council members whenever possible.

    My own State House Rep is already for decrim,
    (has either introduced or co-sponsored / supported bills to do so),
    and has spoke at several local NORML meetings before,
    so THEY DO get my vote when running for re-election! :-)

  2. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    VOTED early for BERNIE!
    Hope that a majority of the remainder of
    Presidential Primary Election states do so as well!
    (especially Sat-26-Mar-2016 weekend).

  3. The main reason for cannabis legalization is allowing you to regain some of your constitutional protections that have been sacrificed to the gods of the drug wars going on in this country. As it is you have no rights under the fourth amendment,ie:freedom from warantless search and sezure, It is so bad that a police mans nose is seen to have supernatural powers of smell.That is enough to get your car searched with out let or leave.
    Stand up to recover your rights wihle you still have some.

  4. Unfortunately, this is the wrong message. Yes. Vote your conscience. ABSOLUTELY!! However, one must KEEP ON VOTING. Voting in the midterm elections is one of THE ONLY WAYS that a Sanders administration can be effective. If the same ol’ nonsense that the current POTUS has had to deal with continues, it wouldn’t matter if they resurrected Ghandi and put him in the WH. With the current Congress, even he wouldn’t get anything done. Also, it’s not enough to vote an administration in. THE PEOPLE must continue the fight. Protest unfair practices! Be community advocates. Don’t just sit there waiting for Sanders to make changes and if they don’t happen fast enough, blame him instead of helping him! One more thing… this whole separation between MMJ patients/dispensaries/businessmen and recreational users MUST STOP!! The point is to get the plant legalized, yes? So logic would dictate that the more “boots on the ground” to help fight the good fight, the better the chances of that happening! It has been MY experience that the marijuana “culture” has always been about inclusion. Now we have BIG BUSINESS jumping on our bandwagon, yet keeping an arms length from us “stoners”. Stop with the class distinction BS, already!! Let’s get it legalized, period. #LegalizeMarijuana

  5. We don’t stand a chance in Hell for this country to get ANY better until this Big Machine is disbanded. It is rife with greed, power-hunting, and corruption.

    You want to take our country back ?????

    VOTE BERNIE ! Every other one of those candidates are outright crooks.

    You can either vote for status quo and continue to pay for wars and the overtaking of governments, all while we are here at home trying to put food on the table and provide a quality life for our children — OR — Vote for Change.

    IF you want CHANGE, then it must be VOTED for —- otherwise, expect another four years of the Machine sucking your hard-earned pay out of your check even before you get to see it.


  6. It starts with #Compassion ? on

    ???? Thank you for inspiring me to be a brave voice ????. It starts with #Compassion?…???

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