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Study: Marijuana Lowers Mortality Rate Among Patients With Traumatic Brain Injuries


Marijuana brain stressI know people that have had traumatic brain injuries from sports, car crashes, and other accidents. My cousin recently had to have brain surgery as a result of a traumatic brain injury that he experienced while playing football. It was a very scary time, but I’m happy to say, he has made a full recovery. A new study was released which found that marijuana use lowers the mortality rate among patients with traumatic brain injuries. Per Science World Report:

The study, led by researchers at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, surveyed emergency patients for levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient present in marijuana. They found that those tested positive for THC had a lower mortality compared to people who tested negative for the illicit substance.

According to the researchers THC plays a key role in protecting the brain in case of a traumatic brain injury.

The researchers looked at 446 patients with a traumatic brain injury. Urine samples were collected to test the presence of THC in their body. It was observed that 82 of the total patients had THC in their system and out of these 2.4 percent patients had died compared to 11.5 percent deaths of patients who had tested negative for the illicit substance.

“Previous studies conducted by other researchers had found certain compounds in marijuana helped protect the brain in animals after a trauma,” said David Plurad, MD, an LA BioMed researcher and the study’s lead author. “This study was one of the first in a clinical setting to specifically associate THC use as an independent predictor of survival after traumatic brain injury.”

Do you know a patient with a traumatic brain injury? Have you recommended marijuana to them? It’s a sensitive subject, but it might save their life. If you suffer from a traumatic brain injury, I recommend you give marijuana a try, and if you already have, please post something about it in the comments section so that others can hear your story.


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  1. Frankie S. Capwell on

    Can you post a link to the above-mentioned study showing THC grows brain cells and does not damage the brain? I tried googling with no luck. Thanks!

  2. ” I have run brain imaging and done studies that show cannabis grows brain cells.”

    And you published these studies in which Peer Reviewed Scientific / Medical Journal ?

  3. Daniel Amen is a quack. I have run brain imaging and done studies that show cannabis grows brain cells. I have repeatedly asked him to stop showing fake info. He’s threatened by cannabis as it’s a drug he doesn’t sell.

  4. Just an update on a past article. (copy / past) regarding PTSD, but also applies here

    “Marijuana-smoking Mountie found dead”

    I hope that the Canadian governmental process is proud of their stance on MJ
    Stop this madness now, the war on drugs is a failure. All forms of Governmental agencies in all states and countries should wake up and smell the coffee.This poor man found a substance that worked to stop his torment and again our governments think that they know best, He most likely had done his job much better and thought things out before taking action. I have no doubt that he had great community dialog interactions also. He learned to laugh with the people, rather than at the people.
    It was OK for him to do his job while on the medical lobotomy pharma meds, but not (God Forbid) a herbal med that actually worked for him, all while being under a Doctors care. They would have been satisfied with him taking a mouthful of Zanax every morning before work, than him using cannabis. Back in my day, a couple of swallows of “Jack” before your tour was totally accepted, as if you had a cup of coffee.
    Fidelis ad mortem’ my brother

  5. Gary Nelson Harper on

    That is an encouraging study. Brain expert, Daniel Amen often uses SPECT scans to illustrate “Brain Damage” caused by the use of cannabis. It makes me wonder if turning off portions of the brain is responsible for the lower mortality rate. Whatever the case is, it certainly helps my symptoms caused by brain trauma. I have heard that the Thai government is allowing a guy from the US to dispense medical cannabis here in Thailand. A very progressive move for Thailand and a very courageous move by the man trying to change the perceptions about cannabis in the Land of Smiles.

  6. Leonard Hester on

    This helps with brain trauma and post traumatic stress equally well, In my opinion any way.

  7. More reason why our government need to stop Stalling and legalize marijuana. But no they still stick by old data designed by big money that state marijuana has no medical value. And yet marijuana is showing non stop medical value. How long will our Goverment keep up this charade?

  8. I have dealt with a TBI for over twenty years myself. I have known for many years the help that it has brought me. The calming effects have gotten me through seizures many times .Most evidence shows marijuana to be a safe and effective way treat many disorders. Hopefully, N.C. will see the light and legalize soon !!!

  9. Further evidence cannabis is brain friendly and not harmful to brains, fully developed or not. In truth, it is astonishingly neuroprotective like no other substance on Earth. Science is only verifying what has been know for millennia by humans who have benefited from the amazing herb of herbs.

    It should be be treated as “vitamin weed” as neuroscientist Michele Ross has said. It should be considered a nutritional supplement for the endocannabinoid system; thereby taking it off the controlled substances list entirely. This way everyone can benefit from the amazing healing power and preventive/protective effects of the healing herb. This is especially true for those who suffer from endocannabinoid deficiencies and need phytocannabinoids to help bring their endocannabinoid system to optimal performance. When the endocannabinoid system is running on all cylinders then all the body’s systems are performing optimally making for happier and healthier people–and other animals too.

    I know, never gonna happen with Big Pharma throwing millions in bribe money at Washington D.C. But then equally unlikely things have happened in history.

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