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Marijuana Opponent Admits He Was Wrong About Marijuana Killing Children


marijuana rehab center calling prohibitionMarijuana opponents will say just about anything to try to scare people away from voting for marijuana reform, even if it is a blatantly false statement. It’s a tactic that marijuana opponents have been using since the beginning of marijuana prohibition so many decades ago. In generations past, they were able to get away with it at speaking engagements, in print media, and on television. Those days are gone. We live in an era where information is readily available, and facts are checked constantly. Long gone are the days when marijuana prohibitionists can work with mainstream media to perpetuate false facts and claims to spread reefer madness.

At a recent public debate at Portland State University, a marijuana opponent tried to make the claim that there has been a spike in child deaths as a result of marijuana legalization in Colorado. The crowd at the debate immediately pointed out that the claim was blatantly false, and demanded that the marijuana opponent cite his source for such an outlandish claim. The next day, the marijuana opponent had to issue a public apology because he was obviously wrong. Per Oregon Live:

Dr. Ron Schwerzler, who caused an uproar at a Tuesday night debate on marijuana legalization when he claimed that five Colorado children died after consuming the drug, on Wednesday retracted his statement and acknowledged he was wrong.

“I really need to retract that statement because I can’t back it up,” said Schwerzler, the medical director at an addictions treatment center in Eugene.  He said he might have been misunderstanding accounts of children who have been hospitalized in Colorado after accidentally eating marijuana-laced candies or other edibles.

Dr. Schwerzler knew what he was doing. People don’t just go into debates unprepared and talk off the cuff. Dr. Schwerzler likely met with other marijuana opponents to go over talking points, and thought his statement on child deaths would surely scare undecided voters. Unfortunately, the opposite happened and I’m sure his admission has resulted in many voters being swayed to support Oregon Measure 91 since the ‘no’ campaign has clearly been discredited. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Below if video footage of the entire debate for those that weren’t able to make it.


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  1. It’s an educated corrupt government that works for Big Corp and not the people! Until that changes nothing will change!

  2. All the research would be well over a 100 years old now if Nixon would not have forced Universities to purge their records of all cannabis research.

  3. It amazes me that the best arguments prohibitionists have is easy access to teens, I guess right now Drug dealers ID. Every alcohol ad or commercial makes alcohol seem like its so fun to drink and its always a party, and yet because they say drink responsibly at the end that makes the marketing of it okay. Pharmaceuticals kill 55,000 people a year, but that’s okay right, because its legal. Look at the rehabilitation and treatment numbers when it comes to abuse, their are more people in treatment for opiate addictions now from prescription drugs then there are any other drug. It’s even surpassing the number of individuals seeking treatment for alcohol abuse.

  4. JHP a little friendly advice on posting here. It’s good to organize your thoughts and put them in one or two posts so you won’t be perceived as an idiot.

  5. You are right except the part about the effects of marijuana being similar to alcohol. Not correct. Not even close. Alcohol is a poison. Any use of alcohol has a detrimental effect on the organs of the human body. Alcohol’s addictive qualities are at least 3 to 4 Times the additive potential of marijuana. Alcohol’s withdrawal symptoms can be lethal and if not, are still way more severe than are marijuana’s. I could go on, but you get the idea.

  6. ok… so a heroin addict was the guy in the pink shirt…nice. closing arguments in the last one minute was too much to not comment on. damn dope head messing with our pot laws.

  7. soda pop can kill you… pot can’t… ok im done posting my minute to minute watching of this video. but wow. I get the fact that the police here in Florida are talking out their guns, but these people are seemingly normal smart people and they can’t formulate a negative for pot and argue completely for legalization in their each and EVERY response. “Oregon proud”

  8. “when do they bust people for marijuana?” yea, never blown smoke in a cops face and been to jail maybe 6-10 times (lol its been enough i don’t care to remember the exact amount of times… but yea, it was always hidden as best as possible. No one blows smoke in a cops face you weak minded freak. be a man and speak the truth.

  9. The debate about the legalization of marijuana is ongoing, and although I heavily
    support the legalization of the substance, when you are deciding which side to
    fight for, it is important to remember the reasons why marijuana was made
    illegal in the first place. In this country, the legalization of marijuana had
    more to do with control and racism than anything else. In 1914, El Paso, Texas
    became the first county to make possession of marijuana illegal. This was done
    in an attempt to stop the incoming Mexicans, who grew and harvested the plant,
    from entering the country (Mann, 2000). Nationally, the plant became illegal in an almost single-handed decision
    by the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry J Anslinger.
    Anslinger managed to convince the national public that the substance would make
    people “hopelessly and incurably insane” and that it would drive them to commit
    murder (Mann, 2000). He achieved this with a little help from some friends of
    the press; distributing propaganda videos that showed wildly imagined images of
    these events happening (Mann, 2000). At the time, people got their news by
    visiting theaters that played newsreels throughout the day. Once Anslinger got
    into the heads of American people, he had an easy time pushing a bill through
    to make the substance illegal (Weed, 2013). Even still, the effects of
    marijuana use have been shown to be similar to alcohol use, only less
    addictive. All of this considered, it’s up to the American people to take back
    their power to choose, and to stop allowing themselves to be controlled by an
    uneducated government.


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