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Marijuana Opponent Tries To Tie Marijuana To Terrorism


MarijuanReefer Madnessa opponents are getting desperate. Within the last week or so, Dr. Christian Thurstone of Project S.A.M. tried to insinuate that the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was the result of marijuana consumption. Also, a marijuana opponent at an Oregon debate stated that five babies have died as a result of marijuana in Colorado, which was blatantly false. And in one of the saddest articles I’ve ever read, marijuana opponent Cliff Kincaid is suggesting that marijuana is the cause of terrorist acts. Below is an excerpt from his article, which I encourage all readers to leave a comment on:

Zehaf-Bibeau was an Islamist, as well as a pothead. In another notorious case of jihad, one of the Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was not only a dope smoker but a dealer.

It appears that Dzhokhar’s brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev was implicated in a Jewish triple murder case in which thousands of dollars’ worth of marijuana and money were left covering the bodies. All three victims’ throats were slashed.

It may be too early to draw a direct connection between jihad, marijuana, and mass murder, but it is worth considering whether consumption of the drug can alter the mind to such an extent that jihad becomes appealing to some mentally unstable individuals.

We also have the case of Michael Brown, the black thug who was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri. An autopsy and toxicology report finds that he had marijuana in his system and had been a user for some time.

There is no hint of jihad here, only anti-police violence. But the role of marijuana in this violent confrontation deserves extensive coverage, not just a footnote. Trayvon Martin, the black juvenile delinquent shot and killed after he assaulted anti-crime activist George Zimmerman, also smoked marijuana regularly.

The article left me almost speechless. This shows just how dumb some members of the anti-marijuana community are. Michael Brown was not a ‘black thug.’ Trayvon Martin’s murder was not the result of his marijuana consumption, it was the result of a man shooting him. ‘It may be too early to draw a direct connection between jihad, marijuana, and mass murder…’ No sh#t Sherlock. It’s not just ‘too early,’ as there’s no correlation between marijuana and people getting murdered or murdering others. Mr. Kincaid’s article is inaccurate, offensive, and I hope that all TWB readers contact him and let them know what they think of his reefer madness. Shame on you Mr. Kincaid.


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  1. No one needs a prescription for Tylenol, a drug that does an awful lot of harm to be so freely available.

    And I know you have a problem with “toxins.” Makes me wonder, though, how you feel about oxidation? Have you stopped breathing oxygen?

  2. I say go for it if you have doctor prescription. It is a drug like many which has its benefits and collateral effects. Let doctors prescribe it? But I said since the beginning I totally understand one pumping toxins for treatment.

  3. I am foreigner and English is my third language. I write very well though, but I need to review it few times. Sorry typing fast and no time to review when I battle on these many forums.

  4. Source of my article regarding IQ scores are from Wikipedia. Right, so you think you are smart citing excessive sports as a cause of death. It is the same I tell you avoid driving a Tesla Model D (it means a pleasure in life) because you could crash it and die, so just ride a bus instead. How about if I quit drinking wine just because it could cause some diseases. Life is full of risks. Smart people know how to balance it out. Sports in moderation are a joy, a self-defense in my specific case and it obvious it does bring more benefits than harm. As I said if that is for medical usage, that is another story and obviously people can take advantage of it instead of taking other drugs. Again go ahead and eat it if you want. In the type of traditional food I cook – trust me I cook very well-my recipe is already established and no drugs go in there. Funny you saying that, because I was cooking a French dish when dating my ex girlfriend and some guys asked me to let them include cannabis and I got mad like hell. Well good luck in life with your views.

  5. I keep up, you know… I’m a regular at the Bloomberg website, so you are just repeating information I’ve already read. And I usually don’t have opinions without doing the research first.

    Let’s just take the price of oil, shall we? Funny, economists and market watchers have a list of the usual reasons why oil prices fluctuate like they do, and all of them make sense: international conflict, decreases in supply because of a hurricane or busted pipeline, the market playing with the price, etc.

    And yet here we are, being terrorized by ISIS, and the price of gas hasn’t been this low in, like, forever. Oh, sure, it’s because the U.S. is now cranking out more gas than it can use, or really, pick any of the fallback reasons. Who knows? Maybe the Arab countries feel sorry for all us poor folks in America, and have created a way for us to finally get a break — you know, because our government can’t seem to get its act together.

    There’s also the fact that the Dow has reached heights previously never seen before — what’s up with that? Does the market really reflect what’s happening on Main Street? Has the market shrunk to the point that it only exists to make a profit for a handful of people?

    Could be a bubble, who knows. Could all come crashing down again. We won’t know what’s going on until AFTER it happens. Yeah, there are people who know what’s going on in the economy… sure, okay.

  6. Prohibitionism is the willful infliction of physical and psychic pain to achieve political ends.
    Terrorism is the willful infliction of physical and psychic pain to achieve political ends.
    Therefore, prohibitionism equals terrorism
    You’re welcome

  7. “doesn’t conform to any well-known economic theory”

    Oh, please. We have real world examples of what works and what doesn’t. You have to willingly ignore all the evidence to have a Freshwater (supply-side) theory that holds up.

    For example, since Reaganomics started, middle class wages have been stagnant. We know this is because of several factors. A high dollar policy (sends jobs oversseas), union busing (keeps wages low), a high supply of labor, a low supply of jobs, market rigging to redistribut upwardly mostly through cost-shifting of negative externalities, etc.

    We also can see, right now, that Europe’s austerity measures are hurting their economy while our “austerity light” policies aren’t hurting us as much.

    We have multiple real world examples of a higher minimum wage HELPING the economy. (See Washington State, etc…).

    We have right wingers screaming for the past six years that QE would cause higher inflation. They’ve been wrong. We’re stuck in the zero lower bound, just as Krugman, Baker, et al have been saying. Even Larry Summers has admitted that he war wrong and that demand is our problem.

    Hell, just read what Baker wrote today.


    The supply-sideres have been wrong about everything. The more progressive economists have been right. GW Bush told us that massive tax cuts to the rich would create millions of jobs. Even if we’re fair to him, and we only count his job growth average during NON RECESSION months, it was a horrible 68,000 a month. Well below population growth.

    Even during a recovery in which government spending has actually dropped (the opposite of the Reagan recovery), Obama’s non-recession job growth has been double that. If we’d have been spending like Reagan did, especially on our crumbling infrastructure, things would be MUCH BETTER.

    There is no doubt about that among economists who know what they’re talking about.

  8. ok the older brother killed the 3 people because they sold his brother weed….seems prohibition is more responsible

  9. Scott, I’m not sure you can be right or wrong about macroeconomics — the market seems to have a life of its own, and doesn’t conform to any well-known economic theory. (The thing about big data is the inability of just about anyone to decipher it…)

  10. Considering the much-talked-about outcome of this election, perhaps the GOP is working harder than the Democrats?

  11. Be Smart, Do Your Research! on

    I would ask that you refrain from bashing anyone who does use the natural herb. But that would probably be lost on you to consider how you’re making yourself appear to others. All it comes out as is slander and hearsay because you have no factual proof or references to support your claims.

    There is more than one way to use marijuana. This would also include the following:

    1.) consuming edibles (some of those who use it for medicinal purposes prefer to eat it). Cannabis can be infused into butter or oil that is then cooked in food. It usually take longer to take effect than smoking or vaporizing, often 20 minutes to an hour or more. Doses can be difficult to judge, so it is recommended to eat only small portions of edible medical cannabis at a time, and wait at least an hour to assess its effects so you do not over-medicate. Edible herbal medicine will kick in significantly faster if eaten on an empty stomach. In general, the therapeutic effects from eating cannabis last much longer than other consumption methods, often up to four hours or more, and then slowly begin to wear off. Many patients report that this method provides more of a relaxing body effect than the cerebral high that is often accompanied with vaporizing and smoking.

    2.) Using a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a device that is able to extract the therapeutic ingredients in the cannabis plant material, called cannabinoids, at a much lower temperature than required for burning. This allows patients to inhale the active ingredients as a vapor instead of smoke, and spares them the irritating and harmful effects of smoking. Those patients who are used to “smoking” marihuana may not feel like they are “getting anything” at first because it does not “burn” the throat. It
    is advised to use caution and wait a few minutes to feel the full
    effects. Many patients say that half as much herbal medicine will
    provide twice the effect when vaporized.

    3.) Topical: Topical herbal medicines are applied directly to the skin
    or muscles. They include lotions, salves, balms, sprays, oils, and
    creams. Harborside patients report they are tremendously effective for
    skin conditions like psoriasis, joint diseases like rheumatoid
    arthritis, migraines, restless leg syndrome, some spasms, and everyday
    muscle stress and soreness. However, unlike smoking, vaporizing or
    eating the medical cannabis, topicals are completely
    non-psychoactive—you could take a bath in them, and never get high.

    4.) Tinctures (Cannabis Concentrate) A tincture is a concentrated form of medical cannabis in an alcohol solution. Tinctures are highly concentrated and require careful dosage levels, starting out small and waiting to feel the effects before adding more. They can be taken under the tongue or mixed into water or other beverages.

    Just to let you know, exercising can be just as bad as anything else when it is done in excess and has been known to actually kill people. *GASP* How is that possible? Yet, marijuana has no known or recorded directly related deaths to date.. interesting.

    Let us see how many articles we can dig up on Exercise vs. Marijuana and compare! :D

    1.) Exercising to excess increases risk of death for heart attack survivors: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/280913.php

    2.) “…Yet it is clear that, on occasion, trained and apparently healthy athletes die suddenly during exercise. A graphic example of this tragedy is that of a 57 year-old American who collapsed and died within one minute after setting a regional master’s record for the 3000-m run indoors. The athlete had not previously reported cardiac symptoms and a maximal exercise test performed 22 months before his death did not
    reveal any cardiac abnormalities (http://www.sportsci.org/encyc/suddendeath/suddendeath.html).”

    3.) Athletes’ deaths in workouts prompt new guidelines: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/athletes-deaths-in-workouts-prompt-new-guidelines/2012/07/02/gJQAT5bPKW_story.html

    4.) Deaths during running: Is exercise safe? Part 1 // Sudden death during exercise: The media, risk and running: http://sportsscientists.com/2009/10/3-runners-die-in-detroit-safety-of/

    Well, isn’t that funny?
    Can’t seem to find any deaths directly linked to Marijuana consumption..yet I did find these:

    1.) “An exhaustive search of the literature finds no deaths induced by
    marijuana. The US Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) records instances of drug mentions in medical examiners’ reports, and though marijuana is mentioned, it is usually in combination with alcohol or other drugs. Marijuana alone has not been shown to cause an overdose death (http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Overdose#Cannabis).”

    2.) “Tetrahydrocannabinol is a very safe drug. Laboratory animals (rats, mice, dogs, monkeys) can tolerate doses of up to 1,000 mg/kg (milligrams per kilogram). This would be equivalent to a 70 kg person swallowing 70 grams of the drug—about 5,000 times more than is required to produce a high. Despite the widespread illicit use of cannabis there are very few if any instances of people dying from an overdose. In Britain, official government statistics listed five deaths from cannabis in the period 1993-1995 but on closer examination these proved to have been deaths due to inhalation of vomit that could not be directly attributed to cannabis (House of Lords Report, 1998). By comparison with other commonly used recreational drugs these statistics are impressive (http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Overdose#Cannabis).”

    3.) In States With Medical Marijuana, Painkiller Deaths Drop by 25%: http://www.newsweek.com/states-medical-marijuana-painkiller-deaths-drop-25-266577

    4.) Oregon marijuana legalization opponent admits he was wrong about children deaths: http://www.oregonlive.com/mapes/index.ssf/2014/10/oregon_marijuana_legalization_6.html

    5.) Marijuana vs. Alcohol: http://archive.saferchoice.org/content/view/24/53/

  12. It does not have to be smoked, extracting the active ingredients with alcohol is easy, albeit stinky. And for the matter of the smell, some people perfume themselves to the point that I will give up my place in a line to avoid standing near an over perfumed individual. If smelling like marijuana is an actionable offense, does it not then open the door to charging an overperfumed erson with assault?

  13. Xan! You win the dumb-ass award du jour and good luck with your schooling in written English!

  14. X: I’m just wondering… What do you say to parents who treat their child’s epilepsy with cannabis? Do you look down on and preach to them too?

  15. As a matter of fact I was and I am happy It ended. Ironically I am dating a good looking personal trainer. Ah ah. No I am not angry at all. Actually I could not be happier. If I can vote for legalization, I will.

    Studies are all over the place as one gentleman is now listing a study showing that pumping the toxin at young ages would not cause harm. Good luck with that. I am not sure how smart it could be take a risk, but hey as you said you guys can decide what to do. Do not disseminate biased or questionable studies to our children though. Good luck.

  16. Wow you win the longest rant. Unfortunately if you subtract 10 IQ points from mine you still come up way short.

  17. Sure they do. Read Dean Baker, for example. Jared Bernstein. Krugman. All right about the things the GOP has been so wrong about for so long… It’s like being wrong isn’t any kind of setback.. they still get paid to go on Fox and Bullshit.

  18. Scott, I wasn’t trying to be funny — it’s the image that comes to my mind when I read your posts. You try so hard to make Democrats look good… you deserve a medal. :)

  19. I don’t understand why a health nut would date a stoner, but each to his own, I guess. Sounds like you’re really angry at this young lady that you allegedly dumped — or perhaps you are actually missing her? Perhaps her and her friends started calling you Debbie Downer?

    It’s great to be fit, but it does sound rather lonely… It also sounds like you might be addicted to exercise (and adrenaline). You know, there’s a strain for that.

  20. stellarvoyager on

    The libertarians are pretty spot on when it comes to issues like marriage equality, ending the war on drugs/war on cannabis, keeping the massive national security state in check, and rampant militarism in the Middle East. On economic policy, however, they get a big fat fail.

    What the GOP offers is a radical libertarian economic policy, with authoritarian social policies, the worst of both worlds.

  21. Thanks for the permission. It means a lot to me.

    2001 – Study: Intelligence, cognition unaffected by heavy marijuana use

    2012 – Smoking marijuana regularly as a teen may lower IQ scores as an adult

    Above see the Harvard studies, very contradictory. Harvard tries, don’t they? God bless them. You choose your study, I’ll choose mine:

    2014 – No, marijuana use doesn’t lower your IQ

  22. “This wouldn’t have been such a big fucking deal if it wasn’t made
    illegal in the first place then double downed by Nixon “to control the
    blacks and those fucking physiologist Jews.”

    Don’t forget Nixon’s loathing and fear of the hippies!

    And there wouldn’t have been all that propaganda created by the government that still fuels the opinions of too many who are too lazy to find the truth, or have been so brainwashed that they can’t admit they’re wrong.

  23. “”better understanding of economics.””

    What?! Bush ran the economy into the fucking dirt. He started two wars then when it came time to pay for them the fucking Repuckers wouldn’t fund shit. Walk on…

  24. You have a right to hate pot. At least you don’t support throwing people in jail for it and I appreciate that. This wouldn’t have been such a big fucking deal if it wasn’t made illegal in the first place then double downed by Nixon “to control the blacks and those fucking physiologist Jews.”

  25. They don’t think they’re selfish. They think the market will answer all problems without regulation if we just let everyone cost-shift their negative externalities onto everyone else.

  26. “But Republicans have a better understanding of economics.”

    Is this a joke? Ever since Reagan and the Trickle Downonauts had their big hit “We’ll be stealing your productivity now” middle class wages have been stagnant. GW Bush put Reaganomics on steroids, promised his tax cuts to the rich would create millions of jobs, instead they fed a bubble Bush and Greenspan ignored, which, when it burst, revealed trillions in crap derivatives that had been stamped AAA since Bush era oversight was non-existant, and the whole world economy went into a recession that here in the US meant NEGATIVE 9% GDP and millions of jobs lost. The Wall Street Journal said Bush had the worst economic record in modern history.

    So, yeah, you’re just as full of it as all the other embarrassed Republicans here.

    “The GOP is not monolithic. There is the libertarian wing”

    Oh, please. The CPC is the largest caucus on the hill. The libertarian wing of the GOP is what? Rand Paul? How many? What’s their caucus? How much power do they have?

    “And if we are going to fight wars we should win them.”

    Even if we’re lied into them? Even if winning them is impossible? And you call yourself Libertarian?

  27. You want to live your Straight Edge lifestyle, have at it, but please don’t try to use your Straight Edge mores to pass judgment or impose your lifestyle on those choose to partake in cannabis. BTW, Nancy Reagan called and wants her shopworn anti-drug cliché’s like “winners don’t use drugs” back. Just leave me the hell alone and mind your own damn business and stop worrying about what other people do.

  28. Young people using it can decrease IQ by 10 points. Challenge that study and tell me how promoting a f* drug can help your children. Remember you educate children by setting an example. Pump smoke into your lungs and I cannot see how that could benefit any *serious* athletic individual. I believe keeping my body in good shape is the core of a true happiness and a healthy life and using drugs is against that. It really seems is you who need to be educated sir. Honestly I have seen very close how typical users look like. Simply cannot stand talking with someone who has the brain so affected by drugs that the person cannot stand a conversation. Just terminated a relationship with a girlfriend who is a proud user. I could not stand the bad smell, the fact that she would collapse in bed instead of going out there and do sports with me in the name of living a stupid illusion with the brain cells affected by the toxin. She is a freaking addicted, a slave of a garbage and I know the meaning very well. As usual, it was the entry point for her to try all sorts of drugs. She thought she belonged to a very selective group of “free” individuals for that reason, she said. Very smart pumping toxins into your blood stream and affecting your neurons. Then getting addicted in the process. Honestly just admit how a bad choice that is. Trust me, girlfriend did not appear happy I ended relationship, so it really seems the drug habit was not in her favor that day right? Most of her friends look way older than what they are and typically in bad shape. Regardless any debatable effect the drug has in the body, my point is that wasting valuable time smoking and living an illusion instead of going out there and doing something productive is that part clearly her group was missing. If you tell me you have to use for medical purposes, good luck and I am sorry you are a sick individual. That is a different story. You are in pain and that is a pain killer, that is a medicine that smells bad to my taste, but hey that is your choice if it works for you. Coming from a martial arts background, the phrase “winners don’t use drugs” go really well. For those who are healthy and just fooled by parents who did not educate you or if you ignored good advice, I am sorry you don’t know better. Survival of the fittest. Let the most healthy, educated families raise smart kids who don’t need to be a slave of any freaking toxin. Yes please legalize it on every state. Tax it. As long as I don’t smell it around my property or in public places, go for it.

  29. Methinks you don’t know the definition of “garbage.” But then, what can you expect from someone who chooses Xanadu Karanu as an avatar name?

  30. You would be surprised at the percentage of people who abuse drugs that are actually just self-medicating.

  31. I agree with you on addiction as well as compassion for addicts, but are you saying OxyContin, or painkillers are used for PTSD? I’m confused.

  32. We do have diseases, food poisoning, pollution, stressful jobs, car accidents and violent crimes, not to mention poverty, climate change, over-population and those pesky Chinese and Russkies. But above all, ignorance is the most serious threat to our survival. I challenge you to do some thoughtful, unbiased research about cannabis, then come back and see us.

  33. You ever hear about the babysitter who got stoned in a house that had no good muchies? The babysitter actually made a hero sandwich out of the baby and devoured the entire thing!!! STOP MARIJUANA!!!

  34. stellarvoyager on

    Too bad the Libertarian wing has essentially no influence when it comes to social policy.

  35. I originally down voted and ignored your comment. However, I thought about it for a second and realized that ultimately, despite your douchebaggery, your stance is the correct one.

    You don’t like cannabis. You don’t want to use it. If you honestly have this stance (which many do), it’s because you’re improperly educated about the subject. But you realize that it’s not hurting you for others to use it, and could in fact benefit you. So leave them alone and legalize it.

    This is the rational stance for those who don’t want to try it. It’ll eventually lead to them seeing that the sky isn’t falling.

  36. Yeah. All true. But Republicans have a better understanding of economics. So basically I get screwed no matter which way I vote. Laugh or cry? I’m going for RS485. And I2C.

    The GOP is not monolithic. There is the libertarian wing – of which I’m a fan. Government out of the bedroom and out of the wallet. And if we are going to fight wars we should win them. And stick around long enough to make sure they stay won.

  37. The only thing I know is that we have diseases of all sorts, food poisoning, pollution, stressful jobs, car accidents and violent crimes to deal with. That said, someone who gets involved smoking and addicted to a garbage like cannabis or whatever drug is at minimum an idiot in my vocabulary. Go ahead and legalize this garbage. Collect taxes and let those who are idiot enough waste their resources using this. For those smart people who know I am talking about educate your children and prosper.

  38. Good! The whole idea of “drug addition” is still far too prevalent and drives politics. I’m very happy to see that a different opinion is getting traction. I first came to a proper understanding in 2002 after reading Lonny Shavelson on female heroin addicts (70% victims of sexual abuse).

  39. Exception that proves the rule. You get the pro weed Republicans and list them. Then I’ll get the pro weed Democrats and list them. Want to bet on who’s list is longer?

  40. 70% of Democrats voted against renewing the Patriot Act, only 14% of Republicans did.

    91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    One side is considerably better on a wide range of issues than the other.

    Further, the Democrats are not monolithic like the GOP. We have our centrists, who I don’t care for, because they’re Republican lite, and we have our progressives, who I do like, and who want to get big money out of politics.

    The Congressional Progressive Caucus is the largest caucus on the hill now. They could use your help getting more, and better, Democrats.

  41. It’s the DEA, NIDA, and addiction rehabilitation industry that believe addiction is caused by drugs, not scientists or most of the medical industry.

    There is no known cure for a lot of medical conditions, including PTSD and chronic pain. The purpose of most drugs is not to cure, but to manage.

    We should have more than compassion for people who suffer from addiction — we should have a whole mental health industry that adequately manages these kinds of conditions. And of course, cannabis should be a treatment option.

  42. The trouble is – it won’t do any good. Because our understanding of “addiction” is faulty. Currently the general thinking is that “addiction” is caused by drugs. It is not.

    People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers. If you don’t deal with the pain (PTSD mostly) the “addiction” does not go away. Of course cannabis can substitute. Or reduce the amount of opiates required. And BTW there is no known cure for PTSD except removal from the trauma and time. So we should have some compassion for the “addicts” instead of a war on them.

  43. As for hippie punching. Look at Democrat Mary Landrieu from Lousiana. The Republican in that race, Rep. Bill Cassidy, is more favorable to med pot.

  44. You are in luck. I don’t like Democrats either. They are all corrupt. They give us hope and leave us scraping for spare change. All of them.

  45. The last-ditch efforts of the desperate (and moronic)…

    From the Urban Dictionary:

    Last ditch effort — A final, pathetic attempt to do something when all other possibilities have been exhausted.

    As a last ditch effort to become the cool kid and bring down all the jocks that shoved him in his locker and and threw him into piles of horse manure, Gerry turned to UrbanDictionary.com, where he could freely post definitions like “Gerry is da man” and “Joe Sparks is a poop-eating twatfaced loser”.

  46. Propaganda like this BS has done far more damage to the U.S. and world than any terrorist group has ever done!
    Intentionally feeding lies to the masses to instill fear in a last ditch effort to keep this miraculous plant in prohibition!

  47. You could search the world over and you’d be hard pressed to find a more right wing hippie puncher than Cliff Kincaid. His dossier at the SPLC is a horrifying pile of human detritus that should be prominently displayed in the town square for all to see, as an example of the dark underbelly of the Republican Party and the kind of people one empowers by voting for them.


    > Masquerading as a media watchdog, Cliff Kincaid is actually an unrepentant propagandist for extremist right-wing causes who knows few boundaries in his attempts to smear liberal foes. Among his wild pronouncements as director of Accuracy in Media (AIM) are the claims that global warming is a scam perpetrated by the “religious left,” that President Obama is a socialist Muslim, and that Marxist elements have hijacked the Roman Catholic Church in order to facilitate a “foreign invasion of the U.S.” by Latinos. But Kincaid reserves a special loathing for gays and lesbians, who he believes are destroying the media, the military, the government, and the American way of life.

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