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Marijuana Opponents Are Clearly Losing, So Why Don’t They Give Up Already?


lemon diesel marijuana strainI just read a great article with quotes from one of my favorite activists, Tom Angell of the Marijuana Majority. The article essentially suggested that there is one area that marijuana opponents and marijuana supporters can agree on – marijuana opponents are losing. There have been numerous marijuana reform victories in the last twenty years, with the number of victories increasing every election and every legislative session it seems like. 2015 could prove to be the biggest year for legislation on record, and 2016 will no doubt be the biggest election in the history of marijuana reform.

Marijuana opponents’ attempts to fight the momentum of marijuana reform is futile. They cling to old arguments from the past, such as ‘we need more research.’ That is something that marijuana supporters would like to see too, although marijuana supporters are the only ones that truly want to see actual research performed. Per the Washington Post:

“We both see the same effect, we see what is coming down the line,” Angell said, referring to changing marijuana laws. “We like it, they don’t like it. We’re winning, they’re not.”

There is one more area in which Angell and drug reformers side with the senators. In the Grassley and Feinstein letter to Holder, they ask that Justice compile data on the “overall effect” of allowing states to legalize marijuana – such as whether it’s easier for minors to get pot.

“Yeah, we’d like to see that data all compiled in a nice neat package,” Angell said, predicting that it would show that legalizing pot generates tax revenue, reduces the size of the drug black market and would generally support the case for legalization.

Marijuana opponents like Grassley, Feinstein, and Kevin Sabet need to give it up. What do they have to show for their work, other than piles of cash from industries that profit from marijuana prohibition? When will they move on and start doing real, meaningful work? Marijuana reform works, and it’s here to stay. The sooner they realize that, the better off America will be because they just muddy up the conversation and are arguing on behalf of a public policy that has clearly failed in every measurable way.


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  1. Sheryl Cohen-Alexander on

    As long as pharmaceutical companies are in business there will be a strong lobby fighting against marijuana use. Of course until they develop their own products. Then it’s system go for cannabis medicine.

  2. I don’t see the connection between hemp and taxes on recreational or medicinal weed – what am I missing?
    And they seem to be able to grow hemp in some countries in Europe without profit destroying security. I think the only regulation needed is that police know about and can check your crop at any time

  3. Heroin? But aren’t those addicts peaceful enough as long as they have their drug? My impression is that cocaine and meth have more of a connection to violence, beyond the need to commit crime to pay black market prices.

  4. They ALL refused to look at it? There are plenty of politicians that are coming to their senses. The ball is rolling… it takes time.

  5. It’s about POWER! If you think Science and Education are going to WIN this war. I think you’re sadly mistaken. It’ll be over before then. It’s great to SAY the things she said but it’s a little naive knowing that Science and Education haven’t really made a DENT in the views of politicians. The SCIENCE is there, but if they WON’T LOOK at it (and so far they have ALL REFUSED to do so… BOTH sides) it’s as if the Science doesn’t even exist!

    As far as education goes, the populous has been educated for 76+ YEARS that marijuana is evil! That it causes crime, that we ALL abuse our children by giving a 2 yr old a joint and posting it on Facebook! They’ve been led to believe that ALL this science we speak of is nothing more than a fast track to legalization, that it’s not real science, etc…

    They’ve been educated for 76+ years now on the EVILS of marijuana even though they were MADE UP! The Press helped to perpetuate these myths as well, so they’re just as complicit! They speak of “Mayhem on the Highways”. Then they try to SCARE people with the “What about the kids?” argument. It’s ALL about POWER! They want the POWER to dictate whether YOU can use cannabis or not.

    Police warn the UNINFORMED public, of people not working anymore and HUNDREDS of them standing on EVERY street corner, just getting STONED all day! Again we go back to the POWER argument! Policeman and Police Unions as well as ALL of the affiliated industry’s like the Private Prison industry and their Guards Unions, County Prosecutors and Police Chiefs are ALL concerned they’ll LOSE the POWER to put someone in jail for POT, just b/c they don’t have PROOF of something ELSE they suspect a person of. It’s been nothing but a catch all for 43 years for the Police. I mean if Marijuana’s legalized, they probably don’t NEED all those cops they have on the street. Therefore costing them jobs and diminishing THEIR POWER as a “collective bargaining unit”.

    They’re ALSO concerned about losing the money they receive from CATCHING people with cannabis. Asset Forfeiture laws in this country are CRIMINAL and on the verge of being revised! Reducing the amount of money they need, causing their budgets a warranted CUT. Cutting out the ability for them to buy ALL these fancy toys they get at Surplus Auctions that they deploy against us. In THEIR eyes diminishing their POWER!

    Let’s get real honest here… It’s only been over the past 5 years that the public opinion on marijuana has DRASTICALLY shifted across the country. That’s due to the advent of the internet. It has allowed the legalization movement to reach the masses. It’s allowed them to get people to question the gov’ts authority on cannabis. People were FINALLY able to look the answers about Cannabis up on GOOGLE for themselves, but that’s taken a lot of time. This war will be OVER before we could ever educate enough people on the truths of cannabis. It’ll take the same 76 years we’ve WASTED w/prohibition to educate the people differently from what they’ve been taught.

    This also had very much to do with the almighty $$. After fighting this fight as long as I have, the hypocritical Politicians opposing legalization would ASTOUND you! Their reasoning on their stance of opposing marijuana would make you shake your head.

    It’s easy to say, “vote them out”. But the reality is that EVERY opponent of legalized marijuana will be on their “donor lists”. Unseating an incumbent is ALMOST impossible!

    My point being… If it WERE about ANY of the things I stated in my response. We wouldn’t be fighting FOR legalization b/c Science, Education and Personal Freedoms would’ve stood IN THE WAY of this “Unconstitutional Prohibition” in the first place.

    Follow the money and you’ll find politicians views rooted DEEPLY in their campaign contributors! They’ll even be TOTAL 100% HYPOCRITES to support the views of their donors over their own!

    Over 56% of Americans and upwards of 70% in some polls, believe Marijuana should be legal. So if it were about “constituent wants”, this wouldn’t be an issue either.

    It wasn’t so much of a slam on her at ALL! It’s an statement of how people mischaracterize what Marijuana Prohibition really is about! There’s only ONE thing that gets politicians ears to perk up (and its the same one that’ll win THIS war). It’s called TAX REVENUE! Politicians are now seeing what Colorado brought in and they’d like a piece of it. I’m not saying that it’s RIGHT or WRONG but tax revenue is what’s going to push legalization.

    Even State Legislatures (Arizona, Florida, etc…) are moving to write recreational legalization bills in order to get out FRONT of Citizen Initiatives. Why? Again, POWER! They want the power to write the rules instead of Citizen Initiatives where the language of legalization is written in stone! In many States the legislature can’t alter the language of the Bill AFTER it passes on initiative status. That way they’re STUCK with the law! Good bad or indifferent.

  6. Kathy Hastings on

    So, what is it about then “Jetdoc?” Difficult to intelligently discuss a topic with such a sarcastic response.

  7. Cannabis? Yes. But heroin is the most demon drug out there. That is a pretty extreme position for a former drug warrior. But maybe he has been listening to LEAP.

  8. Anyone who’s been to California recently doesn’t need a degree from Stamford to see which way the wind blows. Even a windbag like eye of Newt.

  9. Best to put your effort in where there is likely to be profit. And some people will never change.

    However, if you want to change one or none while I change 20 I have no objection.

    And I’m over 70. My mother is over 95.

  10. You might want to take a close look at who is for it and who is against it and why. Do those who say they are against it have anything to lose if it is legalized? What about those who are for it? Let’s take an example like The American Nurses Association (just one of MANY health related organizations that are for it) who are for it’s use as a medicine…what do they have to gain or lose by legalization? On the other hand, lets take a look at The National Sheriffs Association who is against legalization for any reason…what do THEY have to gain or lose? How about NIDA….do they stand to lose funding if it is legalized? How about the Rehabs and the drug testers…gain or loss? Drug companies, alcohol companies, nicotine companies and many others stand to LOSE…a lot. This is not about science, truth or public welfare my friend, but that is what they want you to believe. It is about MONEY…plain and simple. Those who have nothing to gain don’t really want to fight this war anymore.

  11. “What do they have to show for their work, other than piles of cash from industries that profit from marijuana prohibition?”
    BINGO! This whole damn mess is about piles of cash. Always has been right from the beginning in 1937. Them that’s got theirs want to keep it, them that don’t want to get it. And in the middle we have the lowly common man who just wants to consume it while not trying to make a single penny off of it. That common man could grow it himself just like tomatoes and share it for free with his friends and neighbors just as he does now when his vegetable garden yields too much abundance. Instead, the common man is jailed and his assets seized while the prohibitionists and the cartels continue to profit from their misery. This era may be coming to an end now but it will die a slow and ugly death. This war is far from over.

  12. You do realize that the recent Gallup Poll showed marijuana supporters dropped from 58% to 51%, right? Why do you think this is? I wouldn’t say the opponents are “clearly losing.” You’re probably one of those social media addicts who just assumes most Americans support marijuana based on reading YouTube comments and Yahoo Answers. Am I wrong? All credible science institutions are against marijuana. Try talking to real people rather than oblivious teenage bandwagoners and doing your own research, and you’ll see your claims are simply wrong.

  13. Isn’t that cute… she still thinks this is about Science, Education and Personal Freedoms! ;-)

  14. It’s interesting that so many environmental activists can be seen standing around or carrying a sign in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
    If they’re truly interested in cleaning up the air, crushing that cigarette would be an ideal action.

  15. Once again you’ve presented a foolish statement regarding the over 65 crowd, and I’m in this group.

    Rather than beating them up why not take the more challenging path and actually make the effort to educate them about cannabis?
    Presenting legitimate research study findings that support the use of cannabis in treating various medical conditions can help introduce potential medication options for people that are either unaware of them or have not read credible study reports.

    This is on the order of having a teacher take the easy path and writing off little Johnny as having no potential, or choose the tougher road and keeping him after school to working with him one-on-one.
    And BTW, don’t ever write people off again because of their age, it only serves to piss them off!

  16. Yes. They do swing a big pocket book. But if we educate it will not be big enough.

    Cannabinoid medicine full exploited has the possibility of saving $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. Look up – cannabis NIH cancer – for one. Or – cannabis NIH diabetes – for another. There are many more.

    Pass it on.

  17. Hemp would blow a very big hole in pot taxes and regulation. Hemp will not be profitable if it has to be guarded like medical/recreational.

  18. Sadly – or happily – yes.

    The deal is patents are only good for 20 years. And there will still be homegrown or black market to keep a lid (heh) on prices.

  19. Gerhard Balthasar on

    Well as more and more countries/counties on the American continent see the light, the EU goes back into the dark ages. Newest ‘success’: No-tolerance zones in Berlin for cannabis… Directly go to jail with any amount of weed.

  20. Don’t worry, as soon as they figure out how to control the trillions (which they are doing right now) they will let go of the billions so fast your eyes will wiggle.

  21. You’re talking about indoor grow ops for recreational/medicinal cannabis. Governments seem to prefer indoor grows, which is very unfortunate. But what about hemp? Why aren’t environmentalists pushing harder for hemp?

    Manufacturing and use of big pharma concoctions causes water pollution, so that’s one reason for environmentalists to support cannabis. Another is that people are part of the environment and cannabis is much safer for them than the alternatives of alcohol, tobacco and prescription opiates.

    I certainly agree with you that the known + still being explored medicinal potential of cannabis is a key argument in its favor. The medical professionals standing in the way of cannabis are making a very big mistake.

  22. Age demographics vary widely by geographic region (state/city). The seventy plus
    demographic are generally much more anti-cannabis. That said, if people can manage to stay alive another 20 years , there is a very strong chance they may live much, much longer. Coming medical advances are going to be astounding. I’m not counting anyone out.

  23. Counter that with more money.

    Cannabinoid medicine full exploited has the possibility of saving $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. Look up – cannabis NIH cancer – for one. Or – cannabis NIH diabetes – for another. There are many more.

  24. Environmentalists? CO2 is used in grow ops. That is counter to their anti-CO2 plan.

    I’m using this:

    Cannabinoid medicine full exploited has the possibility of saving $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. Look up – cannabis NIH cancer – for one. Or – cannabis NIH diabetes – for another. There are many more.

  25. Counter billions with trillions:

    Cannabinoid medicine full exploited has the possibility of saving $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. Look up – cannabis NIH cancer – for one. Or – cannabis NIH diabetes – for another. There are many more.

  26. How is this for real money?

    Cannabinoid medicine full exploited has the possibility of saving $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. Look up – cannabis NIH cancer – for one. Or – cannabis NIH diabetes – for another. There are many more.

  27. This is what I’m working these days:

    Cannabinoid medicine full exploited has the possibility of saving $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. Look up – cannabis NIH cancer – for one. Or – cannabis NIH diabetes – for another. There are many more.

  28. What do they have to show for their work, other than piles of cash from industries that profit from marijuana prohibition?

    Well isn’t that enough?

    Besides there is a prohibitionists faction of the population that is die hard. And they still represent 47% +/- of the population at election time. That is a fair number of votes. Until the crushing really starts (60+ % wins) they will not give up. And maybe not even then.

    BTW the Prohibition fraction is most heavily represented in the over 65s. An aging/dying fraction.

    Here is my latest tactic:

    Cannabinoid medicine fully exploited has the possibility of saving $1 trillion a year in medical expenses. Look up – cannabis NIH cancer – for one. Or – cannabis NIH diabetes – for another. There are many more.

  29. I think the answer is the same one it always has been: money.

    These few lone prohibitionists persist simply because there’s still someone willing to make a “contribution” to their cause, who have a vested interest in maintaining the Drug War status-quo. Big Pharma, private prisons, police unions, and about a thousand foundations funded entirely by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. As long as there are paying saps (both public and private) willing to fund prohibition, the usual suspects (Grassley, Sabet, etc.) will continue doing their best to obstruct cannabis law reform efforts.

    Thankfully, their “best” is laughably terrible. Grassley is a fossil who was more interested in something lodged up his nose during his testimony on the evils of cannabis at a Senate sub-committee hearing a couple years ago, when we were finagling promises of safe banking for the cannabis industry out of the federal government. Kevin Sabet isn’t a very good political shill, so pretending to be a *scientist* is WAY out of his depth. David Frum and Pat Kennedy are political washouts from ten years ago who desperately need a paycheck after squandering their previous careers — they’re not true Drug War “believers” (because they’re paid for their loyalty). They’re all soulless mercenaries!

    Honestly, the ridiculous “Bad News Bears” lineup for cannabis prohibition is what keeps my outlook positive that 2015 and 2016 will be the biggest years for cannabis law reform, yet. With enemies like these, it’s no wonder we keep winning.

  30. It’s always about the money… It’s time AMERICANS WAKE UP. Educate yourself on marijuana AND the medicinal benefits. Then get rid of our politicians who are against legalization so WE THE PATIENTS can have LEGAL access to MEDICINE, a plant that was put on earth by our HIGHER POWER for MANY MANY reasons, NOT just medicinal benefits but MANY MANY other uses.

  31. This may be a factor: Cannabis haters are even more fervent in their opposition to other illegal substances. The longer they can hold the line against weed, and force energy to focus on getting weed use normalized, the longer they can postpone the necessary discussions on how we should be dealing with other illegal drugs. And they’re not interested in discussing any of this, or reaching a consensus, they are into suppressing discussion, that’s their shameful style.

  32. As long as they focus on getting this idiot law changed, on all varieties of this incredibly useful plant, I don’t know how much someone’s specific motivation matters.
    It is sad and puzzling that environmentalists have not pushed harder for hemp, at the least

  33. So sad,,so many actually think this is about marijuana ,,this is about bureaucratic empires controlling billions of dollar budgets employing thousands of federal employees and the numerous industries that still need hemp banned to protect their monopolies.

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