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Marijuana Opponents In Oregon Aren’t Waiting Until 2016


oregon state cannabis marijuana 2014 2016Most national organizations gave Oregon orders to not pursue marijuana reform in 2014, because after all, it’s a non-Presidential Election year. Hardworking, longtime activists inside of Oregon, who know Oregon politics, tried as hard as we could to present information to change those organization’s minds. Unfortunately, all the articles, emails, calls, and meetings fell on ears that didn’t want to listen. As I stated before, I can go along with that thought process if no states were pursuing marijuana reform in 2014. I’m OK with an all or nothing approach as a show of unity.

However, many states are pursuing marijuana reform in 2014, and rightfully so, because the time is right. I don’t want to hear about election results prior to 2012 because post 2012 the political landscape has changed. Two states have legal marijuana now, and Oregon would have easily been the third state had we had any significant help from national organizations. It makes me sad that the same organizations that stood by and didn’t help us in 2012 are also the same organizations that are so confident that they know what is best for Oregon going forward.

I have some good news and bad news for these national organizations and donors. The good news is Oregon is going to fight along side other states in 2014, and we have a better chance than any other state of succeeding. More on that later. The bad news is marijuana opponents in Oregon didn’t seem to get the memo that no one was supposed to do anything until 2016…Or maybe they did get the memo, which is why they are attacking the nation’s second oldest medical marijuana program and trying to pass other anti-marijuana legislation. Below are bills that were introduced into the Oregon legislature this week:

House Bill 3055

Imposes restrictions on issuance of marijuana grow site registration cards under Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Modifies production limits at marijuana grow sites.

House Bill 3228

Makes medical use of marijuana in immediate proximity of person under 18 years of age subject to criminal laws of this state, and specifies that such use of medical marijuana is not affirmative defense to criminal charges of which possession, delivery or production of marijuana is element, unless Oregon Health Authority has issued registry identification card to person under 18 years of age.

House Bill 3140

Requires Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules requiring hospitals and freestanding birthing centers, depending on number of live births performed at hospital or freestanding birth center each year, to screen infants for controlled substances or notify parents or legal guardians of importance of screening infants for controlled substances.

There were also two bills that were introduced that seek to modify sentencing for marijuana crimes (among other things). These other two bills provide prime opportunities for anti-marijuana legislators to add whatever they want to try to derail the momentum that Oregon activists have fought so hard to maintain. At a time when anti-marijuana politicians should be on their heels, they are feeling emboldened to introduce crap like the house bills previously mentioned. Why is that? Is it because they know national organizations and donors are leaving Oregon high and dry until 2016, and that they have a window of opportunity to go for blood? Just something to think about. But then again what do I know, being that I’m a lifelong Oregonian with experience in local politics, clearly I should just stop talking and let the out of state ‘experts’ do their job…

What will Oregon look like in 2016? Will the political landscape be frozen in time like out-of-staters assume? Or will the OMMP be gutted by then, and the mood of voters have changed into one that seeks a referendum on liberal political causes because they have had enough after 8 years of Obama? Outside of marijuana politics, liberal causes are going forward in Oregon in 2014, such as a gay marriage initiative. Those initiatives have heavy hitters behind them. Why is that? Didn’t they hear that there is no chance for them until 2016??? For more on Oregon marijuana politics, contact Dwight Holton.


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  1. I think economics will drive this one. The sooner the state gets into the business, the sooner it will start making money. Now, this may not be all the best for marijuana producers, but it works for the state.

    A factor rarely discussed is the structure of Washington’s marijuana law which looks like it will force marijuana to be sold at an artificially high price, a consequence of which would be the maintenance of a healthy black market. If Oregon goes into the legal production of marijuana, it would behoove the state to let the price drift down to a more natural level, otherwise it will suffer the same fate. A continued black market will cut into the revenue projections of the bill’s sponsors.

  2. I hope that in a 2014 vote, substantial money would finance an enthusiastic mainstream ad campaign to keep reminding people to vote for the venerable weed. Fortunately Oregon votes by mail.

  3. As a Washington state resident may I invite all marijuana consumers of both the medical and the recreational kind from the good state of Oregon to come to Washington state and spend your MJ dollars here. And why not?? For years Washingtonians have flocked to Oregon border businesses all along the Oregon side of the Columbia River to get out of paying a state sales tax of nearly 10%. For those unfamiliar with taxes in these two states, Oregon has a state income tax and no state sales tax. Whereas Washington state has NO state income tax and only allows a state sales tax on most everything except food. Now with the Prohibitionists firmly back in control in Oregon……..Oh that isn’t correct??? That’s not what your northern neighbor is seeing. Of course all the pro cannabis people there can’t seem to get it together long enough to CLOSE THE SALE so to speak and put these in-humans back in their places where they belong. Between arguing amongst themselves to writing poorly worded legislation, they seem to have lost their…..edge. So until they can find it down there in Oregon and like I mentioned earlier we want to return the favor – you AND your $$ are welcome in Washington state. And you don’t have to just be from Oregon either to be readily welcomed in Washington state, one of only two states that have legislated cannabis freedom as ordered by the people in our last election. Pro marijuana and no state income tax – what are YOU waiting for???

  4. Givemeliberty4 on

    The Governor of Oregon will soon be on his way to Amsterdam, I think it would be wise of him to investigate the legal processes for marijuana public management within that nation.

  5. Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.

    Pass it on. It is the only polite thing to do.

  6. To the opponents of legalization, I have only one question for you, please do not give a canned answer, or something you read on the Internet. I would like you to really search YOUR feelings before you answer.

    Why do you personally feel cannabis should be illegal, and that you have the right to tell your neighbor what they can or cannot do in their own home as long as it is not harming anyone else? Is it because you still believe the Nazi like propaganda that our Government used on us? There are several documentaries that present the facts, and documented truth on how it became illegal in the first place (bonus points if you already know) why wealthy investors will do anything to keep it illegal, and the difference between cannabis and hemp. We have, and continue to through billions of dollars at the ATF, DEA, use military resources, the list goes on. If you are going to watch a documentary, I recommend “the union” but their are several good one’s out their. My point is before you rally for or against anything, KNOW THE FACTS. Do your own research, don’t just read or listen to the propaganda of a politician that has an agenda.

    Thank you.

  7. There are plenty of valid reasons to wait until 2016. There are plenty of valid reasons to move forward in 2014.

    We’ve got the usual THCF clique + some new money and DPA looking at a legalization initiative in 2014.

    We’ve got the national MPP crew looking at an educational campaign through 2014 culminating in a legalization initiative in 2016.

    What bugs me most is the thinking that this is an either/or proposition. MPP posts veiled threats that if the THCF group moves forward with 2014, the MPP group won’t run the educational campaign through 2014 and will abandon the state in 2016.

    MPP says “The only thing that can prevent Oregon legalization in 2016 is a loss in 2014.”

    So… given that the THCF crew is not going to go away nor wait for 2016, why shouldn’t MPP continue with the 2014 educational campaign and boost the 2014 chances? If 2014 passes, then great, we got legalization! If 2014 fails, perhaps the educational campaign plus better language gets 2014 to equal the 47% from 2012 or beats it with a 48% or 49% finish.

    So long as 2014 (an mid-term-election year) equals 2012 (a presidential election year) or beats it, how does that bode for Oregon legalization losing in 2016? Legalization gaining ground in successive elections sounds promising to me. Especially if, for four years, MPP has been running an educational campaign to “soften the beachhead”?

    One way the “2014 loss = 2016 loss” makes sense is if 2014 is an epic fail, like below 45%. I think we’ve found with Measure 74 in 2010 and Measure 80 in 2012 that 45% of Oregon will vote for anything with the word “marijuana” in it.

    The other way “2014 loss = 2016 loss” makes sense is if it is a replay of California 2010, where no big money donors stepped up (until the last possible minute) and the activist base was fractured for 2012, and no big national organizations felt like leading them. But isn’t it a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy to predict this when they’re planning on not running education for 2014 or a ballot measure in 2016 if others move on 2014?

    Let both groups do their thing. Hopefully, the 2014 group gets their shit together and passes legalization, since 193 Oregonians per month suffer felony marijuana arrests. If not, the 2016 group will have been educating the public and preparing to legalize in 2016. The only way this makes no sense is if you wouldn’t want your educational campaign inadvertently helping to pass “someone else’s” legalization two years too early.

  8. Hey, would ya look at that. More reasons to move out of Oregon and take my small business with me.

  9. I will never say that anyone should smoke anything, including pot, but to legally hurt people who do, is totally in-sane to me. What is wrong these people who want to hurt people who choose to smoke pot. Are they mentally ill?

  10. Prohibitionists will not let go of their Prohibition easily. It must be ripped out of their control by relentless activists. NEVER expect Prohibitionists to be fair or honest.

  11. You must sound off in your state, don’t give up !!!
    Then get these idiots out of office !!!
    Watch how fast they come around when they realize it will be their LAST term in office.

  12. Since when do fans of cannabis follow orders? Thumbing our noses at authority of any kind is almost certainly the character trait that approaching, if not 100% of us have in common.

    Good luck to the prohibitionists. Oregon is the State where the legislature in 1997 voted in favor of and the Governor signed into law a bill that re-criminalized cannabis making it a C misdemeanor. On Election Day 1998 a citizen generated veto referendum struck down that law by a margin of 66.5-33.5.

    The enemies of freedom are a very confused cohort of people.


  13. these organizations and people looking for anti-marijuana laws are invested in Prisons for profit, or some other industry like pharmaceudicals which stand to lose a lot of their market share, cotton, timber, big oil all have a lot to fear from the legalization of hemp and marijuana. But we the people stand to gain from the taxes collected and finally Oregon could operate in the black instead of constant concern about the economy and the budget. We can imitate what other lands are doing with their hemp and marijuana markets and our economy stands to profits greatly from the tax off a very widely used medicine. HOW CAN WE NOT LEGALIZE THE CURE FOR CANCER!!!

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