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Recreational Marijuana In Oregon: What To Expect For Your Marijuana Business (Event)


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationOregon voters legalized recreational marijuana during the 2014 Election. The law is set to take effect in July. Marijuana licenses should be rolling out in early 2016. Now is the time to start researching, learning, and preparing if you are planning on entering the Oregon marijuana industry. Below is a great event that is coming up in February. It’s very affordable and the people putting it on are very knowledgeable:

Oregon’s recreational marijuana initiative, Measure 91, passed on November 4, 2014. As a result, existing marijuana business owners, future license applicants, and investors should start formulating how to take advantage of the newest adult use marijuana market.

Harris Moure’s Canna Law Group team, including Hilary Bricken, Robert McVay, and Alison Malsbury, will be putting on a two-hour seminar to educate attendees about Measure 91 and the significant twists and turns future licensees can expect as they make their way towards securing and owning a recreational marijuana license. Having “been there, done that,” in Washington and in multiple other states, the Canna Law team will discuss what attendees can expect for their cannabis businesses including: corporate formation, regulatory compliance, changes in regulations, municipal authority, trademark registration and protection, mergers and acquisitions of cannabis businesses, and investment issues.

After the seminar, there will be a cocktail hour at which attendees can talk shop — or not.

We will be posting updates about this event on our Canna Law Blog.

We hope to see you there!

Click here to buy tickets to the event


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  1. Nothing in this life is stable. Stability is an illusion. So your point is what? That you’re paranoid that you’re now going to lose freedoms that you don’t quite have yet? So far as Federal law; Don’t make me laugh. The constitution is very clear in that it does not provide the Federal Government the power to regulate drugs WITHIN states. The Tenth Amendment makes it very clear that the duty to regulate drugs falls with the states. Federal Cannabis Prohibition is unconstitutional, and even the dumbest Repuke in Congress knows this. Otherwise, there would have been a stand off between the Fed’s and CO/WA already. They know they have no ground to stand on, hence they are treading carefully.

  2. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    oh I see you want to believe well so do I but until the federal law changes and cannabis stops being viewed as an addictive narcotic nothing is stable

  3. So…The authorities know who I am and have records of me. I don’t use my name as a handle because average people don’t need to know it.

    I will make sure to include my handle on my entry so you can see it then.

    Don’t try to act like they can’t get me if they want to.

  4. Richard Jarvis on

    U bunch of idiots make no sense. What in the hell are u talking about?. How does anyone make any sense out of these stupid comments?

  5. LOL.

    I got a few grand to wager on that. You are unlikely to put your money where your mouth is.

  6. The need to fix the OMMP. Thats the problem>

    475.304 Marijuana grow site registration system; rules; fee.

    (5) All usable marijuana, plants, seedlings and seeds associated with the production of marijuana for a registry identification cardholder by a person responsible for a marijuana grow site are the property of the registry identification cardholder and must be provided to the registry identification cardholder, or, if the marijuana is usable marijuana or an immature marijuana plant, transferred to a medical marijuana facility registered under ORS

    (7) A registry identification cardholder or the designated primary caregiver of
    the cardholder may reimburse the person responsible for a marijuana grow site
    for the costs of supplies and utilities associated with the production of marijuana for the registry identification cardholder. No other costs associated with the production of marijuana for the registry identification cardholder, including the cost of labor, may be reimbursed.

  7. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    tel you what ; You folks that want to attend but would rather just smoke. come by my front porch I’ll turn on some music and we can wait out the bullshit together. it will go back illegal and we can all get back to Norml…….

  8. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    yep unless this is an official sub committee with legislative ties talk is cheep
    60.00 dollar that is 3 cigars and there are no words worth 3 cigars

  9. Meanwhile, the legislature will have a year to tweak 91 to the shifting sands of legislative action. It’s changing by the minute. These overpriced events are fine if you like to talk. Find a nice spot in the bar and buy attendees drinks as they unwind.
    It worked for me in Eugene at the Hilton. Most people admit they already knew the subject matter and would rather wait for firm data.

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