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Marijuana Party Buses Not Allowed In Washington State

marijuana bus washington

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Party buses are becoming more and more popular. Almost every weekend I see one or more of my friends take a party bus to or from an event, or just ride around in the party bus getting drunk and partying. The buses have dance lights and often have stripper poles. You can consume all the alcohol you want in the back portion of the bus. People in Washington tried to modify that idea and do it with a marijuana twist. Essentially, the bus takes you to the best marijuana stores around, and customers can then consume it on the party bus in a similar fashion as people do with alcohol on party buses. I think it’s a great idea, however, the idea was short lived, as the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission said that business model is illegal. Per the Seattle Times:

“You may not permit consumption or use of marijuana products on state-permitted charter and excursion vehicles, nor permit a driver to be exposed to marijuana smoke or vapor.”

What’s the logic?

“The commission believes activity in your vehicles is ‘in view of the general public,’ ” said the notice to operators. ”Your vehicles are ‘a public place’ or a ‘place of employment.’ “

This is yet another example of the hypocrisy that surrounds the rules of alcohol compared to marijuana. People can get completely inebriated in the back of a bus, but if people want to vaporize marijuana in the back of a bus, with a divider between the bus driver and the marijuana consumers, that’s not OK. Washington voters voted to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Either both substances should be allowed on party buses, or neither, but certainly not one over the other.


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  1. Who is they? You can grow your own here in Colorado. You can give away more than an ounce to friends. “they” are not getting any of that in the form of money. It’s just a fine progressive law that the people voted for.

  2. Look I am an OMMP card holder and grower. I’m not some anti-pot person. I am just commenting on the specifics of this particular issue. I don’t think your exaggerated issues with the sun are relevant. I am speaking about consuming cannabis in public. And yes the kids in the U District would love it when pot smoke is wafting through the air. In fact if a party bus billowing pot smoke passed me I would laugh and probably make some light-hearted joke.

    Why are you so upset?

  3. So I don’t want to be exposed to the sun so we should blow it up? “but on the busy streets of Seattle at night it would drift around other cars and people during your frequent stops and slow traffic”. Of course the kids in the U District would love it.” You posted something stupid and now you are trying to amend your initial post with more information. I guess you can’t get it right the first time. Say something stupid then expect to be called out on it. And I’m not sure if you have any intelligence or not because you have failed to provide any evidence that you do by your posts.

  4. It’s not so much about getting people high, it’s about exposing people to it who don’t want to be exposed to it. It’s also about smoking in public, if they can smell it while out in public, you’re probably smoking in public. Wether the inside of a moving motor vehicle is consider a public or private space is up to lawmakers. (I think it should be considered private but if it’s on a public road I doubt lawmakers would feel the same.)

    P.S. Thanks for the insult to my intelligence. Belittling people really helps to drive your point home.

  5. Has no one here ever been in a limo? As was mentioned at the end of the article, a dividing glass window will seal the driver off from any smoke/vapor. It could even be permanently sealed with an intercom system if they’re really concerned about the possibility. If windows are solid tinted, you aren’t in public, just like you aren’t drinking in public.

  6. “I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” Ron White

    “Polls? Nah… they’re for strippers and cross country skiers.” Sarah Palin

  7. So you ever sit in ANY vehicle with people smoking marijuana before and try to remain straight? Well until then you got nothing to say. Comparing this to a driver willingly drinking is truly dumb man. Rolling down the windows? LMAO thanks for the laugh, I am seeing Cheech at the wheel now.

  8. Freedom freedom freedom, yeah the good old hippy cry… well that is one reason why the shit got set to schedule one back then and one reason so many states do not even have a medical marijuana legal system now… wise up America. People are suffering while you scream your battle cries of freedom. I live in a state that may very well be the one of the last to wake up and I am getting damn tired of not being able to get any and pay extreme street prices when we do and you want buses and public parties LMAO… well thanks a bunch for showing even heads can be narcissistic with their personal values. I will spare you the “what about all my friends with cancer speech” wouldn’t want bum out your party.

  9. Yeah but that makes sense. If second hand smoke is considered dangerous, which it is, then I would not want the driver exposed to it and driving. That is just common sense to me. Alcohol doesn’t have a second hand component. We have to be sensible about legalization if we’re going to win over the prohibitionists and gain acceptance over the long term.

  10. You don’t use your brain much do you? The smoke released out of the windows would rise in the surrounding air and would “Mix” (Dilute) as it rises in the air all at a rate that would not get a bird high much less a kid or the the other cars either.

  11. Still the fact remains if you use it for medical purposes in Washington you can keep up to 1 1/2 pounds of bud and 15 plants.

  12. But then they’re venting smoke out into public. I suppose the freeway would be no real issue, but on the busy streets of Seattle at night it would drift around other cars and people during your frequent stops and slow traffic. Of course the kids in the U District would love it.

  13. Wow I did not know it was legal to consume alcohol in a moving vehicle at all. I’m an OMMP card holder and I don’t consume in a car because I don’t want the driver to get any sort of contact high. I don’t think the driver of a party bus should be exposed either. I can sort of see the logic since it’s much easier for a driver to accidentally inhale smoke unless they’re sealed off from the passenger compartment and have a fresh air source. I wonder if recycled A/C air would still carry the smoke? Of course you also wouldn’t want a marijuana party bus venting its smoke into public, I suppose it would need to be filtered (I guess that would fix the recycled A/C air). It would be much easier to avoid accidentally drinking alcohol.

  14. Ah Hash now I’m having dreamy memories when I was a kid in arkansas it was plentiful now it’s as rare as a truthful republican:D

  15. THANK YOU!! That’s what the German driver(s) did back in the 1970’s when I was stationed there in the USAF. The Rec Centers would usually put together a luxury Mercedes tour bus and your rock concert ticket along with the nightly accommodations should that be needed, all for a great deal. I’ll never forget that driver looking in his interior mirror and seeing all the hash smoking crazed Americans he was hauling to the rock show in Ludwigshafen (at a BIG bicycle racing stadium as I recollect…) to see Alice Cooper who (this show was in 1975) was the headliner. What did the driver do?? He opened up his side window for fresh air and kept driving. Anyway, a great time was had by all!!

  16. Hell with the “party bus” and the state prohibitionist yayhoos who’ve…taken this dreadful action….I’m waiting for the “party restaurant” or the “party bar” or the “party dinner club”. You know, the place where you can take your friends who come in from out of state PRECISELY to enjoy the local cannabis and an adult beverage of their choice while enjoying some good food ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND SAME PLACE. Isn’t that a novel idea?? If they roll into this state for wine tasting and/or the sampling of the many craft breweries located throughout the northwest along with that food AND THEY DO by the thousands, why can’t there be some places that do the same thing only with cannabis?? Somebody is going to have to PUSH THE LIMITS of what seems possible right now and to do that I see the person who will do this as having PASSION for the cannabis industry, deep pockets, the right group of attorneys and the patience to PUSH this through till we get what EVERYONE wants – EQUAL TREATMENT for canna-businesses right along side the wine, beer and spirit industries. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Anything less LIKE THIS is unacceptable.
    We voted and the majority legalized it almost 2 years ago. And THIS is what we’ve gotten so far??? FIRE the whole crowd up there and start over. One couldn’t do any worse than what they’ve got now. And these are “experts”…

  17. It’s only legal like alcohol because they want all the money that the drug dealers have gotten the past 75 years. They don’t give a shit about you if you are a stoner. They want your money but they don’t want you aloud to use something from nature anywhere.

  18. What stops a driver from drinking alcohol if others on the buss are doing it same thing really and the smokers could roll down the windows and there would not be a problem.

  19. Let’s focus on getting marijuana legal and not get carried away on extremes… been burning since 72 and I would not want a bus full of smoke rolling down the road I am driving on either for obvious reasons… the driver would most certainly be under the influence from second hand smoke for one… and in general expecting anything better than what alcohol gets for control is just dreaming, this country is not going to allow people on the streets or in vehicles to partake and this kind of wishing only delays all of our states from legalizing period… wise up heads.

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