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Marijuana Predictions For 2015


2015 marijuanaI have read a lot of articles pointing out the top marijuana news stories of 2014, with lots of reflections of the wins and losses from the last year. However, I haven’t read an article predicting what will happen in the marijuana world in 2015. Below are some of the predictions Jay Smoker and I came up with, some more bold than others. Obviously, no one knows what the next year holds, but these are things I’m expecting to occur:

There will be more signatures gathered for marijuana initiatives than ever before. There have always been various forms of initiative efforts for marijuana reform in states that allow for initiatives, but a lot of them never get off the ground. That will change this year. There are few states that allow initiatives that don’t have a good chance of getting on the ballot, or at least gathering enough signatures to make a significant statement. If you live in a state that allows initiatives, don’t wait until the last minute to organize an effort. Hopefully you are already gathering signatures, but if not, start today!

I think that 2015 will see a state legalize marijuana via the Legislative process. All of the states (and DC) that have legalized marijuana so far have done so via a citizen initiative. I think that Nevada or a state in the Northeast will legalize marijuana in 2015 via the Legislature. I used to be hopeful that Oregon would be the first, but fortunately, we are out of the running because marijuana is legal in my home state now.

Which leads me into my next prediction – Alaska, Washington DC, and Oregon will all implement marijuana legalization, and yet, somehow the sky will stay in tact. There will not be an epidemic of youth consumption, there will not be havoc on public roadways, and we will not see a spike in harder drug use because of the ‘gateway argument.’ Implementation will be smooth, law enforcement resources will be saved and jobs will be created.

One thing that is virtually a guarantee for 2015 is that Kevin Sabet will still continue to spread marijuana propaganda every chance he gets. I’m hopeful that eventually he will be put out of business because marijuana prohibition will end nationwide, but I don’t expect that to happen in 2015. So, in the meantime, Kevin will continue to get paid more for speaking about reefer madness for a two hour period than I do working an entire month in a cubicle. But that’s fine, because history won’t look back at me and laugh because I’m pursuing truth, logic, compassion, and justice – something that Kevin can’t say.

I think that Oklahoma and Nebraska will lose their lawsuit against Colorado. If that doesn’t occur in 2015, it’s because the Court wouldn’t even hear the case. As many activists have been saying, Colorado doesn’t have a marijuana problem, Oklahoma and Nebraska have a marijuana prohibition problem.

I think that 2015 will see more corporate cannabis. Dollars from the corporate world are going to continue to flood the industry. Some people will do it the right way and team up with long time activists and experienced marijuana experts. But many will think that their corporate teams can do it better, will dump out huge sums of money without getting a a significant return on their investment, and will be left scratching their heads wondering how their ‘genius team’ couldn’t profit from America’s next great industry. It’s something that I’ve seen more times than I could count, yet corporate types still try to argue with me. Dolts!

There will be more support in 2015 from mainstream media and politicians than ever before. For so many decades supporting marijuana was considered to be political suicide, and mainstream media outlets did everything they could to keep marijuana prohibition in place. We saw that start to erode in 2012, and even more in 2013 and 2014. Politicians and media outlets will continue to pile on in 2015, acting like they were supporters of reform for a long time, and reap the benefits of those decisions to switch teams. Oh well, whatever gets them there I guess.

I will wrap up with a somewhat bold prediction. It may prove to be too bold, but I’m going to throw it out there anyways because I think the time is ripe for it to occur. Florida will legalize medical marijuana via the Florida Legislature. 58% of Florida voters voted for medical marijuana during the last election, and that’s too significant of a majority to ignore. The Florida Legislature will be lobbied harder than ever before, probably from both sides, but I think that compassion will prevail. I just hope that it’s not too restrictive of a program, because all patients deserve safe access to a form of medicine that is safer than pharmaceuticals.


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  1. I live in Oklahoma and have epilepsy. Despite what people may say about the THC side affects when it comes to epilepsy, I can truly say I’ve never had an episode due to THC. I know CBD’S are “preferred” but a lot of things trigger my seizures… even my diet.. guess what, when I don’t eat and sodium is low, I have seizures. Being I battle anxiety disorders and depression orders, the anxiety alone can throw me into seizures. Medical Marijuana would do me wonders… just need the opportunity to get well, ya know?

  2. Hey what about Chicago? I love weed soooo much I wana smoke and dab it 24/7 and if it’s not legal here in two years im moving . When will it be legal in chi city?

  3. You should join the Mid-Mo Norml chapter. https://www.facebook.com/MidMoNORML
    as well as, the Show-Me Cannabis page…
    You should also go to meetings and talk to everyone you can about it. Just be smart about who you talk to, obviously ;)
    Educate yourself on everything cannabis. Protest when there are protests and when the time comes, VOTE. Tell everyone you know to vote!

  4. You asked for a citation for:

    Merit 1: 42 billion annual is spent on marijuana prohibition, redirected funds would help infrastructure and educational programs.
    Merit 2: taxation can fund regulation.
    Merit 3: more people in the workforce that can live up to their potential and not be restricted by prejudice.
    Merit 4: the same study that said gross excessive (And I stress the word excessive) abuse of marijuana leads to brain damage also said that in moderate users, synaptic connections were stronger and more numerous. (the media hyped up brain damage but fell silent when the second part of the study began to gain momentum).
    Merit 5: countries that legalized or otherwise tolerated marijuana have reduced crime and reduced persons habitually smoking recreational. This is in part due to legality taking the drug out of alleys and hands of dealers effectively eliminating the need to group together to find the herb. It is the social connection made through the act of finding the plant that drives up demand, especially in otherwise restless youth. This is in part why consumption by kids is down in Colorado.

    I could go on, but time is limited and this article is almost played out.

    Crew, Bec. “Heavy Marijuana Use Shrinks Your Brain but Increases Connectivity.”ScienceAlert. 11 Nov. 2014. Web. 16 Jan. 2015.

  5. Think the reference is on point
    NY “stop n frisk”
    Basically cannabis gives LEO a reason to search blacks and brown peoples
    Pot can ruin your life and some police guarantee that.
    Great posts Jon t!
    Always dig your comments

  6. Boo, if there is anything I can do to assist in the movement let me know. Would love to help.

  7. I think it will be one of the first midwestern states. We have a strong movement, as long as we can get a decent initiative.

  8. stellarvoyager on

    France has plenty of problems of its own with right wing extremism, such as a 20% vote for the FN.

  9. Mountain Kimley on

    I predict that Kansas will legalize medical cannabis via Kansas legislature this year as well.

  10. Hippie at heart on

    I live in Missouri and I hope in 2016 we will legalize recreational marijuana! If that happens I plan to get in on the ground floor and open a smoke shop.

  11. Democrat’s cast 20 million more votes than Republican voters for control of the US Senate Tuesday. So while Democrats had the worst voter turnout in 50 years, they still beat the Republican voters in a landslide, and still lost. The news media is trying to cover this fact up in America. Europeans are pissed. Why aren’t Americans? Pass it on……………………..

  12. The next time you don’t vote and become angry when Republicans succeed in, say their vowed roll-back of environmental protections especially those addressing climate change. Remeber that even though Democrat voter turnout was the lowest in 50 years. The Democrat’s still out voted Republican voters by over 20 MILLION votes. The Republicans assume power as the new Senate majority this Tuesday. After having lost the popular vote in a landslide, in an off year mid-term election. How could this be remotely considered a modern democracy ? ( I know America,s actually a Republic, I use the Greek interpretation of the word) I know that the American founder’s Constitutional Senate Article was a huge blunder. One allowed to happen because the Federalist’s at the time demanded America rush into war with France, our former allies against the English King. (Their beloved war thankfully never occurred). The Founder’s utterly mistaken attempts to read the tea leaves of a countries future based upon such a deeply flawed document is specious. My Cousins in France read this story in their local French newspaper yesterday morning.. Being French, they’re also very political minded. They were appalled. And I was appalled right along with them. It’s an American embarrassment, one not easily brushed away with a few words about the “Founders intent”. Maybe Americans buy this hooey. Not the French.

  13. During the last midterm elections, where Democrat’s had the lowest voter turnout statistically, since the 1940’s. Democrats still out-voted Republicans by well over 20 MILLION VOTES! The New Republican Senate assumes power this Tuesday. Sound fair to you? Not to me unless you’re a big fan of North Korean style democracy .People go on and on about the Constitution and the Founders wanting to give the little states a chance with their idiotic 2 Senator per state representation, regardless of population inclusion. I don’t believe they anticipated a future California, becoming the worlds eighth largest world economy. California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona were still Spanish at the time, the aforementioned document is in serious need of new Amendments at the very least, and, abolished at the very most . The creation of far too many small underpopulated, backwater states with no chance of climbing out of their historical negative population growth, rushed the process. Much of this occurred on the lead up to the Civil War between 1850-1862. America’s Southwestern States land-grab which included wealthy California was due to trumped up. unsubstantiated rumor’s (sound familiar) over the alleged sinking by Spain of the American luxury liner the Lusitania. No proof has ever come to light substantiating Spain ever had anything remotely to do with the Lusitania incident. Why would they. It makes no sense. War’s and slavery are terrible starts to forming public political policy. With over 20 million more votes cast last November, over the Republican party, the Democrat’s are the ones that should be returning to the Senate on Tueday, NOT the Republicans.

  14. Once freedom blossoms, the tree will branch to all corners. — If marijuana is the only reason your friend is in prison, I believe he, and all those political prisoners, will be out within 10 years.

  15. I think Tennessee will be one of the last states. But you know if the Feds/Congress legalize then Tennessee does not need to worry

  16. Best place to start my friend would be to get ahold of your local NORML Chapter in SC and they will get you started in the right direction. They might already have something going in your state anyways. Google Search SC NORML and you’ll be off and running. Best of luck.

  17. The Republican House hasn’t budgeted or paid America’s UN dues in years. A Republican congress takes control of the Senate on the sixth I’m not as worried about the UN as I am this new Congress.

  18. He’s got a full plate with a lawsuit already over his previous O.E.’s and a 100% hostile Congress beginning on the sixth of the month. To all who didn’t vote last November: Blame those lazy idiot’s, not the President. I’m just glad I’m a dual citizen the other half being from a country that at least gets off their asses to vote.

  19. Unfortunately the President would only be allowed to pardon federal prisoner’s my friend at Angola Prison Farm, I’m afraid is up that river for a lot more time. Think Shawshank times 50.

  20. Does Tennessee allow citizen ballot initiatives ? If not. It might be a longer wait for your states legislature to act. Good luck.

  21. Completely natural things can be drugs. At least they were called that in times past.

    BTW if you READ I called it “cannabis” .

  22. I still take exception to two major things… first, it is “Cannabis,” not that other demon name.

    Second, the reference to it being a drug. It is not. It is a completely natural, and most benign plant. Drugs are the toxins that come out of laboratories.

    All the arguments coming out of TPTB against it are silly and groundless, other than for THEIR financial gain. It’s government, (the United States corporation), and it is always, always, always about money and power.

  23. What about tennessee? I have been all over this state, and everyone and their mother supports it because it will help our economy and crime especially in memphis! I would love to see it legal here

  24. They do not have the power to violate u.n. treaties, only congress has that power. Just as federal law does not trump a certified constitutional election of the people. What most people belive is b.s..

  25. LOL nice twist, and you’re right! Cannabis prohibition is the cops’ gateway to asset forfeitures, no-knock warrants, flash-bombing babies, shooting doggies dead, SWAT-style raids on families, and the incarceration of a vast swath of our nation’s youth.

  26. David Spencer on

    The same logic applies to vaping, and you’re exactly right: The key to success is to seize the moral high ground and the prohibitionists arguments against the prohibitionists. “What about the children” that will have their lives marred by prosecution?

  27. I haven’t mentioned this before but I have to say I love the way you write and your logic. Happy New Year and may this one be even better than the last one.

  28. You won’t get such studies until cannabis comes off schedule one. The government is impeding the evidence you seek.

    In the mean time I’m going with cannabis cures cancer based on anecdotes such as can be found by looking up “Dr. William Courtney brain tumor”.

    And if cannabis does cure cancer? They ARE mass murderers. I intend to make them pariahs. I intend to make the agents of the DEA unwilling to show themselves in public. I intend to make “prohibitionist” toxic. I am no longer interested in educating Drug War Nazis. From the President on down.

    I got advised by a very prohibitionist “friend” that Americans wouldn’t stand for mass murder. I believe he is correct.

  29. BIG question here. Will Missouri be the last state to legalize cannabis or at the very least allow patients like myself to have medicinal access ???????

  30. If Florida does legalize marijuana via the legislative process will they stick with just five growers? What also concerns me is their inability to get the CBD program off the ground.

  31. Is there such a thing as a totally credible medical study? Anyway, there are certainly dozens if not hundreds of studies regarding any number of aspects of cannabis use. And nothing points out that long term cannabis use increases the risk of cancer, copd, organic brain damage, nothing. Unlike with alcohol and tobacco and asbestos abuse (a joke)., So prohibitionists are always falling back on “common sense” conjectures like “smoking causes cancer” or “intoxicants make you stupid” or gateway drug theories with absolutely no clinical indication. And it’s not like there isn’t the evidence of tens of millions of users over decades. Epidemiologists would have found something, anything at this point, but they haven’t. No physician stands up and says “I frequently see organic damage in cannabis users.”

  32. What is even more interesting is if the DOJ / DEA / FDA will appeal the ruling. If it is not appealed, it means that the Feds have thrown in the towel on the great marijuana war. The litigants are U.S. v. Schweder but I do not understand if only the DOJ could appeal, or could the DEA or FDA. It seems like it should be easy enough to find, but after 10 minutes, I still can’t figure it out. Also, it is not really clear whether this will force the DEA to reschedule or whether this is a more limited ruling. However, this is the easiest way for the Feds to reclassify without any of our bold politicians to stand up and vote yea or nay. Just let a Federal judge do the “dirty work.”

  33. BongRipsForJesus on

    It’s a bold move one doesn’t make suddenly or at the beginning of office. Since this is the beginning of his last year, I think we should see a few bold moves being made by his administration – good and bad… Still, that’s not the end-all, be-all. Federal action will not extend past granting individual states the right to decide, and states like mine, Texas, do not even have the option for a ballot initiative – BS, I know, but what can you do, start a petition? Maybe by 2019 my state legislators will catch wind of this whole movement… Also, there is an entirely unknown president and administration to follow. The fight is far from over, so it would be wise for us all to be prepared to protect the progress that has already been made, whether it is our state or not, while we pursue positive change in others. My thanks goes to two of the most insignificant states in the Union for the valuable lesson. And a cheap laugh.

    To make a difference, join MPP.org today! (Member since 2009)

  34. Yes. His lack of boldness on the issue is so troubling, I did not vote for him the second time, but rather for Gary Johnson.

    But in these hugely corrupt times, the presidency does not have the power it used to. This is apparent in observing the operations of the DEA which has essentially become a rogue agency – unmoved by presidential or congressional directives.

    However, Obama’s recent actions and statements seem to indicate he is following his own, mysterious route toward re-legalization, threading his way through huge, dark forces that are unseen by the public.

    A glimpse of these machinations of power shrouded from the public was the massive and swift cover-up of all the events surrounding 9-11.

    The tip of the ice burg is a dressed up façade, while the bulk underneath is totally hidden from view.

  35. Actually, this “argument” was settled by the Drug Czar’s own office in 1999. They commissioned a study on marijuana by the prestigious Institute of Medicine that concluded the “gateway” theory is just a myth that does not operate in reality. This has been confirmed by every legitimate study since then.

    In fact, SAMHSA research shows that for every 100 people who try marijuana, only ONE later becomes a regular consumer of illegal addictive, hard drugs.

    Clearly, instead of being a gateway, marijuana is actually a TERMINUS drug – being the LAST one most people ever consume.
    Don’t let anyone pull this bogus charge on you again.

  36. I think people misunderstand the whole gateway argument.
    I truly believe marijuana is a gateway drug for the police – which is why they want it illegal.
    Without it, they would have a much lesser chance of continuing their racist incarceration policies.

    But also assuming that harder drug dealers also smoke marijuana, being able to bust someone over weed means they will need to work harder at their jobs to arrest people, because they won’t be able to fall back on Marijuana.
    Marijuana is their gateway drug to finding other ways to arrest people.
    Think of it like Coca Cola or McDonald’s – heroin dealers might drink Coke and eat Big Macs, but should we make both illegal in order to arrest those Big Mac fans who happen to be dealing in heroin or meth?
    That’s why the police look so ridiculous in this.
    People need to really understand the gateway argument better. The traditional rebuttal of saying some weed smokers don’t move to harder drugs is misinterpreting the point of the gateway argument.

  37. I support the legalization initiative, but I have yet to read a totally credible medical study that supports/confirms this statement.
    The studies rarely track/report significant participant data. The thing that marijuana does well and consistently is relieve pain and anxiety.
    I have talked with numerous physicians about marijuana use for medical purposes, and to date none of them oppose it for patients with specific medical conditions. However, they add that medical studies, even the credible ones, can and often are designed to achieve pre-determined outcomes.
    And continuing to slam those who currently oppose legalization rather than working to educate them is an ongoing mistake.

  38. Obama and Eric Holder have the legal authority to remove mj from schedule one without congress. This would not be a abuse of executive privilege at this power DOES reside in the administration. For Obama, a admitted pot head in his past, to not have already done so is an outrage.

  39. I am also a non user of marijuana who wants to see it legalized. Prohibition has failed. Bring it out into the open, remove the cartels, the drug dealers, regulate and tax just like alcohol. Freedom of choice and states rights.

  40. He’s had his entire term to date to act on re-scheduling statements he made during each of his campaigns and periodically while making speeches during big money fund raisers, but has done nothing. He talks a good game, but…

  41. I don’t think FL will legalize. My guess is that Maine, then Rhode Island will both legalize in 2015.

    We need someone to advocate in South Carolina. Theres already talk about medical in SC from representives that should be this year. If I had the tools to learn how to advocate for my state. I would like to take that challenge. But, I need help to learn everything I need to know. So, if anyone has any useful tools please let me know asap so I can get this thing started. I am a non smoker who thinks it should be legal in every shape & form. I think the world would be a better place. Also, I just watched my Mother pass away 2 months ago from lung cancer. I am so furious that she didn’t have to suffer the the way she did if she had marijuana. Now I want to make it my DESTINY to see it LEGALIZED!!!!
    My email address is bradramsey@yahoo.com
    Please be professional!!!

  43. …the biggest turning point toward ending cannabis prohibition will be when federal judge Kimberly Mueller rules (this month?) in California on whether marijuana meets the requirements of a Schedule I drug. The DEA has steadfastly maintained for 40 years now that it does indeed belong there, while ignoring legitimate studies & avoiding any serious debate to prove that it does not. Her ruling will open the floodgates of lawsuits filed demanding marijuana be reclassified as Schedule II, (or lower), where it belongs.
    Watch for it…!

  44. Good predictions. – It seems Obama is moving towards marijuana reform. In January of 2014, he acknowledged marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, and has nodded to the racial disparity in punishment. He will likely not fall behind the issue, so another major move or statement is probable for 2015.

    Perhaps he will pardon marijuana prisoners in the legal states.

    Hopefully, it will be the big one that he endorses ending the federal prohibition altogether!

  45. Here is what you can do to help:

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.

  46. Jeff,

    There seem to be a number of us posting about cannabis and cancer on the ‘net these days. My intent, and I’m sure it is yours, is to turn every prohibitionist into a pariah.

    I’m leaving this on any article I find:

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.


    BTW I’m up enough on the science to back it up.

  47. Here’s hoping for great things in drug policy reform in 2015. One more wish from me and my fellow non-Americans – immigration law reform! A convicted drunk driver who willfully endangers the lives of others can legally enter the USA, while a convicted stoner who willfully eats too many cheetos and thinks those Christmas lights are pretty far out, man, is deemed a threat to national security who is permanently banned from setting foot on American soil without an expensive and hard to obtain waiver. It’s a minor injustice compared to the struggles faced by cancer patients in states without medicinal cannabis access, or kids whose parents are doing absurdly hard time for simple possession, but it’s one I hope we’ll see mended soon.

  48. My Top Five 2015 Wishes:

    #1 Release Jeff M. in Missiouri State Prison for Life for Weed, Let Jeff Go
    #2 Federal Judge Delcares Schedule One Status Unconstitutional
    #3 Local Cities and Counties Make Legal Thru Local Elections or Legislative Actions
    #4 Federal Laws Relaxed on Possession and Personal Grows
    #5 Indian Tribes Bring Smoking Rooms to Their Casinos, Trend Setter

    Of course the list goes beyond but I hope at least these happen …..

    Wishing everyone and their loved ones the best 2015!

  49. GREAT POST! I’ve said for years that marijuana isn’t a Law & Order issue. It’s a Health and Human RIGHTS issue. I watched my sister die the MOST AGONIZING death from Pancreatic Cancer, that ANYONE should ever have to endure. My parents had to watch their first born child go through that. The looks on their faces when she passed away will NEVER leave my mind. It was right then and there that I became an ACTIVIST. As Medical Marijuana’s NOT available in TX she had to ENDURE a death unlike ANY I’ve ever witnessed. She wouldn’t take their opiates b/c she didn’t wanna be whacked out all the time, so the pain she was in was unbelievable! It was 6 months to the DAY from diagnosis to death! She’s the TOUGHEST woman I’ve ever seen, but NO family should have to endure that. Especially when there’s something that can help CURE or at least lessen the pain that someone has to deal with.

    I applaud you sir and if there’s ever anything I can do to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  50. Its important that the Florida Legislature pass a law with the same characteristics as amendment 2. Specifically, that it allow florida health care professionals to prescribe Medical Marijuana that includes THC, not just CBD, for any and all conditions for which it can help people. Its important that the law be as broad as possible, so that any errors are on the side of compassion. As a medicine, Marijuana has an unmatched safety profile and should be considered a “first choice” rather than a “last resort” for treating the conditions that it helps patients with. As a Scientist, with a strong interest in Cancer research, I’m blown away by the results Cancer patients are seeing with high dose medical marijuana oil, and everyone has known for years about its value for helping Cancer patients with the side effects of Chemotherapy, as well as its benefits in helping lift their spirits. Dying of Cancer sucks — Ask anyone doing it. Cancer patients can’t wait. We lose another American every minute to Cancer. This isn’t a legal issue, its a MORAL one. It is IMMORAL to leave Marijuana illegal for even a minute longer, and its is DEEPLY IMMORAL to use Cancer patients as political footballs.

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