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Marijuana Product Review – Haze V3.0 Vaporizer


haze v3.0 vaporizerI recently got my hands on a Haze V3.0 Vaporizer, and it is amazing. The first thing that I noticed about the vaporizer was the way it looked. The design doesn’t look like any other handheld vaporizer that I’ve ever seen. The one I got is black, and it reminds me a lot of a smoking device that Batman would use. The design definitely doesn’t look like others on the market which makes it stand out, but it still looks discrete because people don’t know what it is. I have shown mine to several veteran consumers and not one of them knew what it was until I took a puff off of it.

Something that is super cool about the Haze V3.0 Vaporizer is that it has dual chambers. The Haze is the first handheld vaporizer that allows vaporization of flower, solid dabs, and liquids at the same time. I put dabs in one chamber, and flower in the other, and the result was nothing short of awesomeness. I have used a lot of vaporizers that can do one form or the other, but it’s always a pain to ‘switch gears’ in the middle of a session. With the Haze, a ‘vape pen salad’ of sorts is possible, to which all I can say is the classic expression ‘it is a great time to be alive.’

My Haze is black, but it also comes in blue, green, grey, or purple. Below are the features of the Haze:

  • More Efficicient Power Usage
  • Improved Heater Design
  • New Mouthpiece Design Allows for Any Height
  • Additional Canister Design Allows Pre-loading
  • More Durable Finish

Something else that I think is great about the Haze is that the batter can be charged separate from the device, and is replaceable. There are other vaporizers out there with that feature, but many don’t have a detachable battery. Batteries of course don’t last forever, so once the battery is done on those types of models, the entire device is done. The Haze is very durable, but in the event that it stops working, the Haze comes with a ten year warranty. That’s solid! You can get your hands on a Haze at this link here.


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  1. Have used my Haze vape for over a year and it is PERFECT. Original batteries are still working well. Recharge is fast. It’s easy to clean and the vape is sweet and clean. Stopped me coughing all the time to switch to vaporizing. It’s very sparing on flower use, fits in my palm and even warms my hands in the winter. Little cans with ventilated, metal lids are perfect for packing and taking with you. I’ll never puff a pipe again for my medicine; no more tar taste, carcinogens and coughing.

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