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Marijuana Product Review – Magical Butter Machine


magical butter marijuana butter machineIn an attempt to sound as overconfident as possible, I make the best marijuana butter on the planet. If you Google various marijuana butter search terms, you will find the butter recipe I have developed over the last decade. It has been read over 1.2 million times as of the date of this post. It’s similar to other butter recipes I have seen, with a few tips and tricks that I have learned over the years. I have made more marijuana butter than any other person I have met.

I have made various things with my butter, but usually stick to things that are easy like brownies and cookies. Whenever I take them to events, I leave a wake of super stoned friends and acquaintances wherever I go. I once made my own eyes cross from eating too many of my butter filled brownies, which I didn’t even know was possible until it happened. I feel pretty confident saying that I am a marijuana butter expert.

So when I say that there is a revolutionary marijuana butter related product on the market, I am speaking from experience, and people can take that claim to the bank. Awhile back I was lucky enough to get my hands on a butter machine made by a company called Magical Butter. The machine is so awesome that it’s hard to do it justice in article form, but I will try my best. The Magical Butter machine makes the butter making process so easy that anyone can do it.

There are a few things that I always disliked about making butter. For starters, the prep time involved making butter my traditional way was so cumbersome that it usually deterred me from even starting the process. I would have to feed the trim or shake or bud into a food processor, which took a long time and was super noisy. Another thing that I didn’t like was the smell associated with making the butter. My roommates didn’t like the smell, my neighbors didn’t like the smell, and I’m sure if the police had ever been called, they wouldn’t like the smell either. The third thing I didn’t like was the cleanup duty that followed the butter making process. I hate cleaning, especially when it involves oily butter pots that are hard to get truly clean.

The Magical Butter machine makes all that go away. There is virtually no prep time, especially if you use shake or trim that is crumbly. All I have to do now is throw some sticks of butter into the machine along with some shake, turn it on, and come back after it is done. The machine has multiple options so you can cook the butter for a couple hours, or 8 hours, or whatever fits your schedule. I used to spend long hours hovering over boiling water stirring the mixture. No need for that now, as the Magical Butter machine stirs itself!

There is virtually no smell associated with the butter making process when you use the Magical Butter machine. When you put everything inside the machine and secure the lid, all of the smell is locked inside. That feature alone is well worth getting a machine. I have had my butter machine going in the garage while I have company over, and they have no idea that I’m making butter just feet from where they are sitting. As for cleanup, which used to be the worst part of the process, the Magical Butter machine cleans itself. That’s right, IT CLEANS ITSELF! Hallelujah! All it takes is putting some water and dish soap into the machine, press the ‘clean’ button, and come back after it’s done and pour out the water. That’s it!

Admittedly, the finished product is not as strong as the butter my personal recipe makes. However, it’s still plenty strong, at least 3/4 as strong as my personal butter. This is something that is actually welcomed by most of my friends and family, as they have always felt my butter is too strong. The butter that is made by the Magical Butter machine is still strong enough to dominate my tolerance level, which is one of the highest I’ve ever seen, it just doesn’t cross my eyeballs, which isn’t a bad thing!

If you take butter making seriously, you should really consider getting a Magical Butter machine. There’s a reason why I gave it ‘Product of the Year’ in 2013 – it’s that good. The machine also makes tinctures and oils, which are becoming more and more popular everyday. You can find out more about the Magical Butter machine at this link here.


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  1. It would be great if this machine had an attachment that could have a pressure plate squeeze down for the final process, to extract the butter, or oil, from the material.

  2. i made butter and tinture with this machine, and it was crap. followed all the instructions and everything. like to make the inventers eat this machine. lousy buy.

  3. I recently bought a Magical Butter2 used one tablespoon of soy lecithin granules, 2 cups unsalted land o lakes, 3/4 of an ounce of dry herbs (mid grade).
    I put it on 160 degrees for 2 hours. Made a batch of brownies using a half a cup of my magical butter. I ate half the batch and didn’t feel a thing. I had to make a batch using a cup of butter (all it called for was a half a cup) had to eat like a third a of the batch to feel anything. Should I raise the temperature when I make my butter or what should I do to solve my potency problem?

  4. The manual that comes with the device recommends that you still decarb your botanicals before placing them into the machine (page 9) – I contacted the company to clarify whether this was needed, as I understood that the machine itself took care of that – and I was advised that “decarbing your botanicals before placing them in the machine is optional. It will increase potency of the final product.” Unless you’re really short on time, I can’t think of a good reason not to first decarb in the oven if it will result in an increase in potency.

  5. Yes, it does.

    Because the marijuana is being heated the same way it does when you are heating over a stove, there is no need to decarboxylate beforehand.

  6. If I was to buy this product, should I just follow your “Easy Marijuana Butter Recipe” that is on this website?

  7. do you add the soy lecithin they suggest in their product manual?? do you let it run 2 hrs or a full 8?

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