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Marijuana Product Review – Vhit Reload Vape Pen Atomizer


vhit reload vape pen attachmentThere are many, many vape pens on the market right now. I have tried more than most, and my favorite one right now is the iTaste vv 3.0. Everywhere I go I show it to people, and they are blown away every time. You can get bigger hits from it than any other pen I’ve seen, which is the main thing I look for in a vape pen.

I recently got my hands on the Vhit reload dry herb atomizer attachment, which is a very awesome product. Most vape pens can only use dabs, or if they have a flower attachment, the attachment doesn’t work very well, is hard to keep clean, and breaks easily. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found a solid way to use flower in a vape pen. I don’t always want to consume dabs for various reasons, and prefer to consume flower sometimes. But, it’s hard to break out a bong, bubbler, or pipe in some settings, and I’ve often dreamed of a day when I could get all the benefits of a vape pen, but while using flower.

The Vhit is well constructed, affordable, effective, and easy to use. The Vhit is made of Pyrex glass and stainless stell, so it doesn’t break easily. One problem that I frequently experienced while trying other pens is that stirring up the flower after a couple of hits was hard to do. You had to take apart the entire device to stir it after almost every hit. The Vhit has a mouthpiece that pushes down and packs/stirs the flower, without having to take apart anything. It also makes it easy to keep the attachment clean because the push button mouthpiece makes it very easy to discard used flower.

The Vhit attachment comes with the flower atomizer, two replacement coil heads, and a brush cleaning tool. The company that sells it very much supports marijuana reform, which is something that I look for in a company, and is rare in the vape pen world. If you want to smoke flower on the fly in a discreet, efficient way, then I strongly suggest that you pick up the iTaste VV 3.0  and the Vhit Reload atomizer today!


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  1. How stressed you meant to clean the mouthpiece / internal part of plunger. That clogs up ridiculously quickly

  2. fortytwo17 on

    Try placing a glass screen inside the chamber. While I don’t personally mind combustion being mostly imminent. I used to work at one of the largest headshops in the U.S. This is what we came up with, works WELL if you’re trying to use it as a vape and not just a push-button pipe. I recommend the “honeycomb” style of glass screen (Google image search honeycomb glass screen for pics) . If you have any further questions, call this number (501) 520-0720 ,during normal business hours. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help. (Tell them Andrew sent you)

  3. i have smoked for 30 yrs and never out of hing else to pipes or papers “cigars” and i thought it was going to be just something id play with then but put in my box but NO, so much easier on lungs, no coughing, can go anywhere anytime just luv it plus my kids and g/kids have no clue…i will never buy another cigar again

  4. i have a vhit reload and itaste. if the herb is directly touching the coil or too close, it will combust. its pretty harsh on the throat when it combusts so i’m not a fan of that. tried to move the herbs further from the coil so it would VAPE the herbs but i had barely any luck. anyone have a recommended method to actually vape the herb properly with this thing? perhaps adding some sort of screen to seperate the herbs from the coil?? what voltage wouldbe suitable for vaping the herb properly? any help would be appreciated.

  5. yes, vhit reload is just an attachment that will fit on any 510mm threaded battery. itaste = battery. vhit reload = attachment that goes on the battery

  6. I just got the vhit reload and have the I taste vv3.0 what voltage and wattage do you recommend also did you have issues with the screen in the plunger clogging ?

  7. This is more reasonable than that other expensive one that you were pushing the other day.

  8. So if you wanted to use dry flower, do you have to buy both the iTaste vv 3.0 AND the Vhit Reload or can you just buy the Vhit Reload and still use dry flower?

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