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What are Weed Tinctures and How to Make Them


Tinctures are perhaps the least popular way of enjoying marijuana – which is a real shame! Although there’s no ritual like that which comes with smoking, that’s no reason to turn away from this method of consumption.

Tinctures are highly versatile due to their discreet nature and their ability to let the active aspects of cannabis to peak much more quickly. Quiet ofter we hear this question:

What are weed tinctures?

To clear that up, tinctures are a liquid concentration of cannabis, where the THC and cannabinoids are leached out and dispersed into alcohol. Just a few drops of this concentrated serum under your tongue, and within a few minutes, you’ll be feeling the effects.


Why tinctures are a great way to consume marijuana

Unlike edibles, you feel the effects of tinctures rather rapidly, sometimes within 15 minutes. Although the high varies with respect to the type of bud used, tinctures are known for delivering a peak rather rapidly and then bringing a steady high over a long period of time. Unlike eating weed, you won’t be waiting around for an hour and a half, wondering if you’ve peaked yet and if it’s safe to go about your daily activities, or if you should resign your seriously-baked-self to the house.

Tinctures don’t have a smell (unless you open the bottle!), so you can discreetly carry some with you wherever you go, and you won’t have to worry about finding a place to smoke. Let’s face it, even with a medical marijuana card, it makes sense to avoid the stress of a run in with the law and having to explain yourself.

And besides all those reasons, it’s just nice to have another way to medicate! You can purchase tinctures at most medical marijuana dispensaries. A small bottle of 100 drops will run you about $20, and 3 or 4 drops will deliver a moderate dose. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can experiment with making your own tinctures at home. Here are the basic guidelines.

How To Make Weed Tincture


  • Pure grain alcohol of 90% strength or higher (Everclear)
  • Your bud of choice
  • A small glass jar with lid
  • Brown medicine bottle with eyedropper


  • Decide how much tincture you would like to make. A ratio of 1 gram of weed to 35 mL (1 fluid ounce) of alcohol is the minimum, although some people use up to 6 grams per 35 mL. Pick a moderate ratio for your first time, and see how it works for you. There are about 20-25 drops in 1 fluid ounce. An average dose calls for 3-4 drops, so you can expect 6-8 doses per ounce of Everclear you use.
  • Weigh out the amount of weed you would like to use, cut it up, and allow it to dry out. Fresh weed isn’t ideal for making tinctures.
  • Put the weed and Everclear in the glass jar, and allow it to soak. The mixture should soak for anywhere from 1-10 days-experts disagree about the optimum time; once again, this is a process of experimentation and finding a time frame that creates a product that feels good to you. Gently shake the mixture once a day.
  • After the soaking period is done, strain out the plant, and put the liquid in a dark brown medicine bottle with an eyedropper. This will protect the tincture from sunlight to keep the THC from breaking down, and allow you to dose easily.
  • Enjoy!

If you’d like more details on tincture making and their use, check out this comprehensive resource at Cannabis Culture.


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  1. Barbara Gallegos on

    Does Tincture help with Cancer/tumors? I have a bottle of Grandpa Tom’s Tincture
    THC: 5.03 mg/ml
    CBD: 0.02 mg/ml
    Please advise how to use it.

  2. Steve, either or. It will be stronger the more alcohol evaporates off. You don’t have to add alcohol to cut it, you can use water and the burn will reduce and it will go back to its original potency.

  3. He must have meant “per dropper full” rather than per drop (a single droplet). I would recommend newbies start with a few drops rather than a dropperfull. I found 40% grain alcohol to form 39 drops per mL, so ever clear should make even more as it’s thinner. Assuming the canna components thicken it a bit, let’s stick with 39 drops per mL. A fluid oz is 29.574 mL which would yield over 1100 drops.

  4. “There are 591 drops in a fluid ounce not 20-25 like you claim. Perhaps you were stoned out of your mind when you wrote this?”

    Clearly he is talking about the dropper that comes with the tincture bottles and not the scientific literal definition of a drop.

  5. Take all the plant material out. Squeeze it to get everything, but never leave the plant in. As the alcohol level decreases, you run the chance of the plant matter being exposed to the air, which can intruduce mold and stuff.

  6. There are 591 drops in a fluid ounce not 20-25 like you claim. Perhaps you were stoned out of your mind when you wrote this?

  7. Is there anything wrong with just leaving the jar without straining off the plant material, and then just using the eye dropper to take doses as required from the glass jar?

    I figure this will allow for further potency over time? But may also expose the solution to degrading plant material?

  8. midnighttoker on

    Hey Val,,

    Yes I’ve made jolly ranchers and honey lemon cough drops. My gummies need some work though lol
    As far as recipes I just put in a Lil of this lil of that and a whole Lotta the other thing!!! I’m planning on doing some batches soon so I will surely keep tabs of my measurements so I can post here for ya!

    How’s that sound?

  9. midnighttoker on

    If you are using the glycerin method in a crock pot for 16-24hrs, decarbing is not necessary as the heat (low/warm setting) does this already. I’ve been making this type of tincture for some time now experimenting different ways and found that step unnecessary. The feedback I’ve received from my “testers” have stated even though strong in taste (as tincs typically are) my medicine is worthy of two plus thumbs up!

    Just thought I’d share!!

    Keep on keepin’ on ….

  10. Steve Shope on

    I have a bottle of tink but the rubber dropper jad a hole in it and some of the alcohol has evaporated. Can I just add some grain to it or use it as is?

  11. The freezer is supposed to help reduce extracting unwanted compounds, but only works if you get the alcohol below waters freezing point and letting the soaking process take place in the freezer also.

  12. Nasty Nate on

    I have had a lot of luck making vape cartridges using everclear extraction. One step i dont see anyone here mention is lowering the temperature of the plant material and the grain alcohol. I place both the plant material and booze in the freezer while it is soaking. keeping the temp around 0 and 10 degrees during this process reduces the amount of chlorophyll and other unwanted water soluble compounds. when i strain my alcohol from plant material i get a bright yellow and golden color, not the dark green or black liquid i’ve seen people describe. After purging away the alcohol with a double boiler on low to medium heat (MAKE SURE NOT TO INHALE BOOZE FUMES, THEY WILL GET YOU BY SURPRISE) When all alcohol is gone collect the oil from bottom of glass dish with razor blade. (Do this quickly, with less of the unwanted compounds your oil can quickly harden to a shadder-like consistency.) At this point i measure equal parts PG with your ethanol hash oil in a small mixing glass and place glass in simmering water until your solution is well emulsified. allow to cool and fill vape pen of your choosing. (Feel free to adjust the PG ratio to make a stronger or weaker batch) happy Vaping!

  13. Use food grade glycerin (AKA glycerol) instead of alcohol. It is safe to consume, and is very sweet yet low-glycemic (acceptable for diabetics). It is also far more viscous than alcohol and as such is considerably easier to handle. Decarb your shit, add it to glycerin, warm up the glycerin, stir continuously as it becomes runny. Do so on low to medium low heat as glycerin evaporates at a fairly low temperature (as does ethanol). Once your glycerin has visibly absorbed the contents of the plant material (it should be a deep and rich yellow/green/brown with a reddish hue) strain it and use as you would an alcohol tincture.

  14. Valerian root for sleep and relaxing.. or 3 kings strain, promotes sleep and good for pain also.

  15. Charley Flushington on

    So helpful, I have anxiety and panic attacks daily, I hope this will help my mornings fingers crossed!

  16. Donald Lasker on

    Mine is a script. High THC Sativa. 1ml is a large amt.
    Under tongue, directly into action in a few minutes and lasts about 6-8 hrs.

  17. I just started making tinctures myself. I got the directions from a book. earthly bodies and heavenly hair by Dina Falconi. potency depends of the herb, the amount of liquid used. but must decarb the herb.in the oven first!

  18. the strength of the tincture depends on the ratio of herb to menstrum, (liquid used). I am surprised it is not on the label. a 1:10 ration would mean 1 oz of herb to 10 oz of liquid. hope this helps.

  19. Donald Lasker on

    Hey. Do you think that’s how I would Judge what’s in my oz of medication?
    I like to know what I’m takin but couldn’t find out from dispensary.
    I have a 10z bottle so it would be the equiv. Of 1/10 of flower.?

    The other thing to take into account is that people judge what they use normally from smoking x grams.
    Well e grams of smoked flower could be equal to 4 g when used in tincture form.

    This is what I want to know.
    Can ya help.?

  20. Donald Lasker on

    I’ll try it. And I thought the process of soaking in the ever clear was decarbolizing ?
    I’m pretty new with Tinctures. It’s all I can get in NY right now. But it is fast and it’s amazing that just a few drops of my stuff works so good.

  21. Vaped flowers are Decarbed already, its your vaping. You’ll need to do more runs through your alcohol with more materials for the same effect though. A good rule of thumb is for every gram of normal flowers in the recipe, go for three vaped. Especially if Coffee brown dark, if light brown to dirty blonde with green two times normal buds. If you are a vape only type, wait until you are out of buds to use tincture, you’re body will be used to a higher THC content and you’ll waste a bunch of green dragon.

  22. this is the biggest bunch of bull honkey I’ve ever read. If you’re stuff is sprayed with pesticide it will smoke different, taste will be off. There is no way you can have your goodies without the gross stuff, get a better dealer. It’s all over the trichomes.

  23. tinctures… 1 oz of herb to 10 ounces of alcohol (or glycerine) or vinegar, will give you a 1:10 ratio. if you want stronger tincture, increase the amount of herb per ounce of liquid.

  24. the oils you refer to are I believe extracted thru a cooking process that involves a solvent, such as alcohol or highly flammable liquid..
    dabs are made this way also.. haven’t been fortunate to have enough bud for this process.

  25. oils… herb soaked in oil over a month or so can be used for cooking.. Not sure about weed oil, never made it, you may have to decarb first..
    tinctures are extracted with alcohol , decarb first.. usually a week is enough to extract..
    dilute in juice or water, or take directly under tongue with a dropper..
    I’ve been making medicinal oils used in lotions etc… great book for instructions is…Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair, by Dina Falconi,, explains everything you need to know about making oils and tinctures.

  26. it won’t work unless you decarbolize the weed first.. which means you bake the weed in the oven @ 240 degrees for about an hour. This process activates the chemicals.
    I’ve made several tinctures.. have some strong salvia, but no one wants to test it..

  27. I made this tincture exactly as described using everclear and it is horrendous! I can not even put one drop in my mouth because the alcohol is to strong and burns my tongue. Any tips?

  28. Tincture Express on

    http://www.culinarysolvent.com is where I get my 190 proof. I can’t get Everclear in my state.
    Besides some math being off they also left out the step about your decarb first and you can technically do a QWET instead of waiting 10 days for your tincture to taste like chlorophyll.

  29. Tincture Express on

    Yikes I disagree. The more water content in your alcohol the longer it will take to evaporate off when you make your extraction. After you KNOW you have evaporated all of your alcohol off you do your 50/50 mix with PG. The point is to have no ethanol residue, not to hope there isn’t enough to blow your face off.

  30. OMG please skip this article/recipe and keep googling. The author doesn’t understand measurements and so none of this can be trusted to be correct! Also, I’ve made tinctures for over 10 years and you need to decarb the weed first.

  31. AmberZimmerman6989 on

    Moonshine if it’s real moonshine would probably be the best thing to use because the higher the alcohol percentage the better the medicine! From what I’ve read anyway lol and I’ve read quite a bit… Just going to try to make my own as soon as my stuff is all dry cuz I am not going to do the whole baking it thing living in an apartment lol… If you’ve already tried it, how is it lol

  32. Sorry for double post–also decarb before extracting? if you don’t its gonna be a lot weaker…

  33. Umm what? 35ml per fl oz?
    1 fluid ounce is 29.5735 ml. (Rounded to 30 in the math below.)

    And 1 ml is 20 drops from a dropper.

    So there should be more like 600 drops per ounce of everclear, which would be 100 doses at 6 drops per dose?

  34. I heard a rumor that if the plant was sprayed with insecticides/pesticides then you make a tincture from that plant and use alcohol (everclear) to make the tincture that you risk being paralyzed or damaging your body? is this true? and if so can you just boil it at a certain temp for a certain amount of time to kill anything that would cause this?

  35. So…made some the good ole` “decarveglyes bb/masepotday” way, …..don’t thank I decarbed correctly. Thought about it, ” the thca didn’t convert all the way. But its still attached V.G.” So I dipped a blunt of Reggie….swore I got higher. So…was I right or just high?

  36. The reusable coffee filter is very helpful, it allows you to press the plant material to retrieve the most liquid from whatever you have made.

  37. Decarboxilation is needed to activate the chemicals in Bud for ingestion.
    It can be done by leaving bud out for a few weeks or it can be done quickly.
    Tools needed to do it quicker, a oven or a toaster oven, some aluminum foil, a gold mesh coffee filter and a thermometer to make sure your oven is accurate.
    Make a foil pouch, fill with ground bud and seal tightly.
    Place foil package in oven at 220-250 for 15-20 minutes.
    Remove and let cool before opening the foil.

    Now you can make bud infused butter, coconut oil, alcohol.

    After straining Try adding a bunch of honey to your tincture so it is more palatable.

    It can also be made using vegetable glycerin.

    Anyone that doesn’t understand the medical qualities of cannibis has NEVER watched a loved one suffer when pills don’t work and cannibis Does.

  38. To make cannabis oil you do the same as tincture as far as steeping goes, but then you boil off the alcohol in a rice cooker until all that is left is the gooey oil. See Rick Simpson Oil or YouTube “Run From the Cure”

  39. Loved the simplicity of you article, as a Native American Church we use Cannabis legally in ceremony, being discreet is a great point.

  40. Also whats a recommendable place to purchase marijuana tincture to be taken orally, thank you :)

  41. Hello there. Truly admire your battle to make it legal, I suffer from sever pain continously, and insomnia. Nothing so far the Dr or professionals have given me has aided me, and has cost me fortunes when you cannot work is expensive. So started smoking a few years ago, I am still very unwell but do now get some sleep. Hate the stigma attachment you receive as the postives are better than any prescription I’ve had over many years of trial and error.

  42. Dear M,

    The difference is that oils are extracted with gases, while the later is extracted with alcohol. No article can tell you than 1. With love moon pies are good.

  43. I’m new to using cannabis. What is the difference between oil and tincture? If there is an article you can refer me to that would be great.

  44. Thanks Alex! I should have been more specific, the tincture I am referring to is not made with alcohol,; it is made with 100% vegetate glycerin. It is intended to be absorbed under the tongue

  45. you can but that means you also inhale alcohol. Which we dont know the harm of it in full detail. But some new items that vaporize alcohol have been released to the market. So at least it is not an experiment anymore.

    Luckily another option is to further process the tincture and drain the alcohol. Something i havent tried, since it seems complicated and in my opinion might reduce the high quality.

    Also some other concerns are that vape pens are enclosed environments and there is a lot of heat. And while it has never happened to me, a chance of the pen lighting up on fire does exist.

    Which is why i generally combine the tincture i make with e-juice (you can use plain water though, gives the cleanest high). Generally a 50-50 is the best. But 60 e-juice – 40 tincture and 40 e-juice – 60 tincture is acceptable. Never tried those 2 combinations though.

    Again also my tip is if you are planning to make a tincture to use on a vape pen then you seriously need to consider a weaker alcohol percentage. Again safety first. Reduce the chances of that thing catching fire or exploding.

    Which is why i prefer making tincture for vape pens with regular alcoholic drinks (i use Absolut Vodka or a clear Tequila or Whisky) Their alcohol percentage is much lower which drastically reduces the chances of combustion. Add it that you combine a 50-50 mix on your vape pen and you have probably reduced the chances of an accident to almost improbable to happen.

  46. I’m a newbie, so please bear with me. Can you smoke a tincture in a vape pen like you would e-juice?

  47. I have to say I’ve had the “most potent” tinctures and was not impressed. I find CO to be a much more potent and healing version of the miracle meds.

  48. I’ve heard several different people say different things regarding the process. One said to heat the oven to 220 and heat for one hour. Another said heat at about the same temperature for 15 minutes. Also, one said after it’s strained, put it in the freezer for approximately one week, shaking a few times a day. The other said nothing about a freezer… Just store in a dark cool place and it’s ready the next day. Anybody want to comment for me please? I’m confused.

  49. Weston O'Connor on

    I hardly believe a plant from the middle East and 150 proof grain alcohol are ancient native American items.

  50. aint stephen on

    Not true. Alcohol can burn, but under the tongue is the quickest way into the blood stream, and avoids gastric juices. More capillaries/cm2 than just about anywhere else in the body-under the tongue. Can dilute the 180 proof for more comfort

  51. I put dried out and crushed up bud in Everclear before decarbing it. To save it, the first thing I did was (induction) heat the mix in a pan to 170f to evaporate the ethanol. Throw that pan in the oven at 230f for 45 minutes to decarb. Then I added it all back together. I have only let it set for 24 hours and it is already very effective.

  52. You’re supposed to have 2 to 5 Cups of liquid to 20 gm. per C liquid. They don’t recommend mixing water into any of their potions so I’m betting mixing oil and alcohol might make a mess of your bud. I’d call the people who make the machine or email them. They are very helpful. 3 oz of liquid in the machine won’t cut it though. the blender arm can’t reach and the bud will soak up all your fluid and you’ll have sludge.
    If you actually did it though I’d love to hear how it comes out.

  53. Actually it’s tincture made with vegetable glycerin that can be obsorbed under the tongue. With alcohol generally you ingest the tincture

  54. Elliot Jackson on

    So, I have some shake and trim a buddy gave me and have decided to finally make the marijuana tincture my mom has been subtly hinting that she’d like me to make her so she can topically treat her arthritis. I’ve thought of making her a coconut oil balm, but she seems to be dead set on an alcohol extraction, as she grew up in Mexico City and it was very common for families to have a bottle of rum or other booze with some leaves soaking in it for a couple of months. Anyway, I’m still drying out the plant material but am looking over recipes and am trying to figure out whether I should decarb it before I begin the soaking step. I’m pretty sure that THCA would be better as an anti-inflammatory but was just wondering if anyone else had tips on making the most effective tincture for applying straight to the skin.

  55. Greg Gallacci on

    There is a non-solvent extraction process that costs very little, and is kitchen friendly.
    Oils. The right vegetable oil will do a fantastic job of separating the plant matter from the medicine, but what next?
    Remove the oil using a chemical process known since before written language: make some soap.
    Review: saponification, or soap making, is a reaction between fatty acids/triglycerides[oils] and an alkali in the presence of water. Terpenes lack the functional groups to be affected by alkali solutions in water.
    So, use plant oils at room temperature to grab the ‘medicine’ [terpenes and di-terpenes], then saponify the mixture to remove the oils.
    The newly made soap is washed away with additional water, the waxes float to the top, and the medicine, being slightly denser than water, settles to the bottom.
    I said No Solvents, and I do not count water as it removes impurities rather than moving product around.
    The plant oils do not count either, as they are neither volatile, toxic, artificial or overtly flammable.

    BTW, Cannabinoids are di-terpenes.

  56. Greg Gallacci on

    This is an old thread, but I would to add this: tested the last batch of “hot wash” at about 2.4 mg thc/ml. of tincture.
    110 kg body weight [big-boned!], 2.4mg per dropper, that works out to about 22 microgram/kg.
    Threshold for ‘buzz’ is what, 30 or so?
    Three dropper gives ya about 65 or so. Yeah, buzzed.

  57. Used this… Works awesome…I am a light cannabis user, it did lose some volume, it is very thick and almost black. I medicate with anywhere from 1/4 – 1/2 Dropper full. Not sure how many drops, but I use the glass droppers as the measurement. I bought my bottles and droppers from a local health food store, and can order fromAmazon. The taste is fine, a little sweet not bad at all. I don’t really want to use alcohol. Very happy with this recipe, would definitely recommend.

  58. Michaelburton01 on

    Any thoughts on using say 2 oz of olive oil and 1 ounce of everclear?
    With 14g of nice bud.
    I’m using a magical butter machine, at 160f and a runtime of 4 hours.


  59. So, for THC, and not THCA. Using veggie glycerin, would i heat it to make it active after the waiting time?
    I’m planning on letting it sit for two weeks, then heating it over a low heat for an hour or so

  60. And time of harvest ,clear cloudy amber
    I Dont soak. I rinse
    glandular trich vs small trich

  61. Anandamide ,Ceramide
    icann.org annabinoids we don’t hear about Several cannabinoids work in synergy

  62. My naturopath says brandy (distilled a bit differently than other spirits) is better tolerated in body than everclear or high % GRAIN alcohols. Many people unknowingly have sensitivities to grains. Even though most is evaporated in distillation, there’s a a trace. Brandy is a better alternative when making tinctures.

  63. when my sister was first diagnosed with lung cancer i tried everything to ease her suffering. of course she couldn’t smoke, she couldn’t tolerate food so no edibles. i was able to get her part of the time to vape but sometimes she was so bad that wasn’t even an option. her oncologist actually told me how to make a tincture she could use. i had already told him about her vaporizer during one appointment. he then told us that the flower once vaped still has a good amount of thc and the other good compounds remaining. it’s already heated and prepped by the vaporizer so that step of the process isn’t removed. he suggested of all things to use a coffee maker to filter the tincture. not what first comes to mind but a press, the one we used called an aeropress. easy to find one and inexpensive around $20. i would take her already vaped material and let them soak in vodka for a week or so. then pour 1/2 cup at a time into the aeropress and fast easy tincture every time. i tried cheese cloth at first and it was so much harder and messier. especially if caring for someone very ill or you yourself very ill, finding a means to make the process easier, it makes a huge difference with so much to do. i hope this helps someone out no matter. i knew i couldn’t save her but at least i was able to ease her suffering and so too mine.

  64. Co2 extracts
    KIEF is a great medium no solvents and is the first process of HASH
    eating raw cannabis products is underated
    I use RSO , never felt good about taking it because alcohol is POISON
    everything they say about cannabis is really about alcohol
    so I eat Hash / kief edibles for cannabinoid treatments
    and I love the weed blog , some real characters up in here!
    good luck with your treatments

  65. I ate a gram of kief , Blue Dream. got wacked
    next day I heated in oven
    ate that new gram not so wacked
    but i did feel effects
    the 1 difference was anxiety
    decarb = less anxiety

  66. HiThereThisIsMe on

    Is someone who “uses a lot of cannabis just to remain level” really in need of higher concentrations? There is a reason his tolerance is so high. To each their own, but this sounds like a prime example of a “gateway” condition. Maybe convince your husband to quit for awhile so he can get his tolerance back, if in fact the tolerance is due to sustained, excessive use. If not, he’s looking for something else and won’t fill the void with psychoactives…I hear Jesus is a great supplement this time of year.

  67. No, it does dear over time. What does happen is CBN levels go up over time. CBN is the cannabiniod that makes you sleepy. It’s great for insomnia. Without decarbing, you will not covert the THCA to THC. You will still have health benefits but no high.

  68. Possibly. Some conditions require THC to be beneficial. My husband uses a lot of cannabis just to remain level. He almost never gets high no matter how much THC he gets in his system.

  69. Correct. Heating it is what releases the THC. THCA is the raw form of THC. You will have great medicinal benefits without the high.

  70. We add it to drinks for an edible like effect. You will get faster results if you put it under your tongue. If you use alcohol, it will burn. Similar to a red hot under your tongue.

  71. We do ours in a crock pot on low or warm, keeping it below 250 degrees for a couple of days. My husband has a very high tolerance and this works for him with a dose of a quarter ounce. I don’t think you would want to dab it.

  72. You are correct. I believe the author meant “dropper full” rather than “drop”. Most tinctures I’ve seen come in a bottle with a dropper on the lid.

  73. Please get your facts correct! There are 600 drops in one fluid ounce 300 in a half ounce. By your math 3 or 4 drops is a dose and that is based on 1 gram of cannabis per 1 ounce of liquid. So your 1 ounce is 200 doses at 3 drops, all on 1 gram or as you have no idea what you are talking about.

  74. Can you post a link of where to get cannabis e liquid/ liquid thc o r whstever that wilk get me high

  75. When using vegetable glycerine—do you know if you can simmer the mixture the same way you you would when using Everclear to bring it to a more consistant state for dabbing?

  76. when using vegetable glycerine ——do you know if you can simmer the mixture the same way you you would when using Everclear to bring it to a more consistant state for dabbing?

  77. do you know if you can simmer the mixture the same way you you would when using Everclear to bring it to a more consistant state for dabbing?

  78. well i reckon you can!!! well shyt.
    i gotta let the boys back on the trail know ’bout this one!
    yewwwwie!!!!! thats some cowboy shit. homie.

  79. But making it for his autistic child wouldn’t he want more THCA and CBDA to help level the child out rather than the more psychoactive properties? This is why process’ aren’t all agreed upon, sometimes different end results are better for different patients.

  80. Make it into a honey tincture after the alcohol tincture is done. Carefully evaporate alcohol tincture to 50% it’s volume (I highly recommend using a crockpot to avoid having that high alcohol percentage over open flames) double boiler it with a metal bowl. Once it’s reduced by 50% add honey and allow a couple more minutes for it to mix in. Bam doesn’t hurt anymore and it’s strong as hell. Can put it under your tongue in coffee and even cook with it.

  81. Make it into a honey tincture after the alcohol tincture is done. Carefully evaporate alcohol tincture to 50% it’s volume (I highly recommend using a crockpot to avoid having that high alcohol percentage over open flames) double boiler it with a metal bowl. Once it’s reduced by 50% add honey and allow a couple more minutes for it to mix in. Bam doesn’t hurt anymore and it’s strong as hell. Can put it under your tongue in coffee and even cook with it.

  82. You can decarbonize it and put it in the oven for 350 degrees for 5 mins . It’s quicker. But warning it will smell up your whole house. Ventilate and open Windows. I don’t advise this method if you live in an apartment complex , dorm or have pesky neighbors !

  83. Also, do you have to put it under your tongue, or can you just put a couple drops in some water and drink it? Because it burns.

  84. So I put the flower in the Everclear before I dried it… I forgot to dry it. Can I save this or did I mess it up?

  85. If you don’t heat it, it wont work. needs to be heated at 240F for about 40-60 minutes for the thca to turn to thc. be a waste of tincture and weed if you don’t do this… these instructions are somewhat lacking…

  86. thats decarboxylation where it turns THCA which isnt psychoactive into THC which is so yeah it does help make it work better for making tinctures and other things edibles included.

  87. I put my son’s drops in water and he drinks it. It takes longer to take effect but it still works.

  88. I was under the impression the herb must be heated to release the property. I have read you must spread the herb out on a cookie sheet and bake it for a few minutes before putting it in the jar of alcohol. I have this for my autistic son but I don’t know because I don’t use it. It seems to work much better for him if I bake the herb first.

  89. curious smoker on

    can you put the tincture oil on a bowl of marijauna and smoke it out of a bong to make the bowl more potent? any bad side affects?

  90. Isn’t it because you boil it down so you lose a lot of the liquid in the alcohol. Because it evaporates thus leaving you with ~20 drops. Are you sure you work in a bio lab?

  91. i definitely recommend soaking for more than 10 days. awhile back i did a test and tried using the tincture after 1,2,3,4 weeks. the strength was noticably better from 1-2 and 2-3 weeks but i couldn’t tell any difference between 3 & 4 weeks.
    i also tried the “decarboxylating” (search for it) and again, could not tell any difference whether the 420 was decarbed or not.
    so for my personal use i decarb it (heh) and let it soak for 4 weeks.

  92. Agreed. I work in a biological laboratory. 20 drops roughly equals 1 mL. Definitely far LESS than 1 fluid oz.

  93. If it is made with alcohol, it seems it could catch on fire. Perhaps if you burn the alcohol off first, you will be left with pure THC.

  94. I made some tincture this way with some good “old” bud. I put in oven at 200 degrees for 60 minutes and it didn’t work. I was told that because my bud was old, it likely decarbed on its own and I likely baked the THC out of it. :( I had a graham of the same marijuana left so I ground it up like flour and put it in a small mason jar with 1 oz of Everclear. Perhaps this will tell me if I had baked the THC out of the marijuana or not. I was told that marijuana will decarb on its own with time???

  95. Shauxana Coks on

    @helpfulstoner – just a question. Can a person smoke decarboxylated weed? Since you said that Tom should have asked if the weed was already decarboxylated?

  96. That is incredibly disappointing sounding. Please, try this, buy something like everclear or Bacardi 151 overproof rum, I used St. Vincent’s 169 over proof rum that was available locally at my Liquor Commission. Buy 1 ounce of medical marijuana, make sure to ask for a strain that helps your problems. Ask if they have Decarboxylated their marijuana at all, to activate the cannabinoids. If they have skip this next step, if not you need to do this part too. Bake your weed after you have ground it up, in a pyrex dish or pie tin that you covered with an oven safe cover. You need to bake it around 175-200°F for 30-60 minutes, really good gas ovens get hot fast and old gas ovens have hot spots, certain ovens have a convect bake setting and others do not. So be careful you don’t ruin your medicine by getting it too hot for too long. Its a learning process and because we all don’t have the same obstacles I can’t give a perfect description. It isn’t as touchy as let’s say, baking artisan breads or even making candy, where a bad day of weather (in terms of baking or making candy) can cause chaos on your recipe. A lack of humidity in your bud or the air can affect things , so if you have extremely dry weed, its going to get dryer and lose more if its turpenoids and flavenoids which on their own have medicinal properties that are sought out by people. Extremely fresh grown weed doesn’t make a great tincture I’ve heard as it contaminates your end product with chlorophyll and it makes your tincture taste like plant matter, yuck! OK so let’s say you’ve completed the decarboxylation or you scored some decarboxylated weed somehow, now you just need to get a mason jar or similar glass or plastic jar (BPA free, if you don’t understand BPA free please don’t use plastic) you put your decarboxylated weed in the jar and cover it generously with alcohol, that strong stuff you bought, the dryer the weed is the more you’ll alcohol you will need as it will suck up some alcohol and you always want it swimming.keep it somewhere cool and dark, After 1-10 days of occasional shaking of the jar, you’ll be able to filter the plant matter out with a cheesecloth or similar method like coffee filter. Make sure if you use a re useable coffee filter that you buy a metal only one or a BPA free plastic one. Now you are left with a very strong alcohol, that is imbued with the medicinal propertied of cannibis. Now is a good time to begin to evaporate the alcohol, increasing potency. If you evaporate 90% of the mixture for example, 1 drop becomes as strong as taking 10 drops would. So you see the way you can control your medicines power. Alcohol is more effective at leeching THC and other active cannabinoids from marijuana, so its better than vegetable lecythin or anything else really since its drinkable alcohol we are using. Hope this all helps.

  97. tincture alchemist on

    You can use anything! Doesn’t even have to be weed… Like the taste or antibacterial properties of rosemary for example? You can make a tincture in the same way, use it for cooking or dose under the tongue. It isn’t a waste of wax, although you must make sure your wax has been decarboxylated first, or it won’t be active if ingested without the heat of smoking or vaping it, if you make an alcoholic tincture you should not be heating it up because of the high proof alcohol. You would have to evaporate all the alcohol and be leftover with another wax like substance.

  98. I put a crushed ounce in a glass canning jar and add enough Ever Clear to cover plus maybe an inch or so. Put the jar in the cupboard and check it every few days. After 3 or 4 days the liquid is a lovely shade of green. After a week it is a much darker shade and in 2 weeks it is so black you can hardly tell it has green. Then take one teaspoon a day if you like. It clears my inner senses and lasts for hours infact time stands still.
    When the liquid is exhausted put the remaining leaves in the refrigerator. If you have a gold filter you can take a few tablespoons of this mixture and add to your ground coffee in your drip coffee maker.
    The tsp of pure tincture is better at night when there are fewer intrusions. The coffee is nice on a week-end morning.

  99. My only comment on your tincture recipe is that you are not decarboxylating the cannabis first. Isn’t that required to activate the THCA for proper absorption in the bloodstream? Vaping or smoking does this implicitly, but it has to be done explicitly in a tincture

  100. Christine Meeusen on

    The very definition of a tincture is a medicinal herb soaked in alcohol, the alcohol draws the medicine from the plant. Therefore, non-alcoholic tinctures are a misnomer and, in my opinion, ridiculous. The 150 proof alcohol I use to make cannabis and skullcap tinctures is for the purpose of quickly getting the medicine to the system by putting a drop or two on the tongue. That’s it. I know alcoholism and I know alcoholics and tinctures are not a source of throwing them off their abstinence game. It isn’t like even taking a teaspoon of cough syrup. That’s fifty times the drop absorbed on the tongue from a tincture. But anything can be abused. Anything. And anyone. Even old nuns.

  101. I have a question as I have never tried tincture and really want to. Is it a head, body, or both feeling? I’d like to make a sativa one.

    My friend grew some amazing Sativa last year but I can’t remember the name? I think silver or sterling something…. ? Anyway, the high was very clear, motivating, deep thinking, inspirational type and I would like something like that.

  102. how many grams to liquid oz? You begin the day of new mooon and strain the herbs the day of the full moon?

  103. I have a small tincture 50L of patron lil single shooter with a phat dank nug in side and its been there for almost five years how potent is it how do I find out an how much should I injest

  104. Christine Meeusen on

    when we make our tinctures, cannabis, skullcap, curcumin (the holy trinity of pain relief), we make them according to ancient native american tradition. the women only put hands on the making of the medicine, we set them by moon cycles, use 150 proof grain alcohol, and pray over them and turn them once in the morning, once in the evening, from new moon to full moon.

  105. I decarb my weed at 200 degrees for 1 hour, then soak in everclear for 14 days, putting it in freeezer and shaking daily, seems to work for me – cxbx

  106. Sounds like bullshit as soon as you say, “20-25 drops in 1 fluid ounce.” I know damn well that there is a lot more drops in an ounce than that. You credibility died right there.

  107. I purchase a vegetable glycerin menstruum containing 15% THC on my first visit to a dispensary. I have a two-fold goal. I want to relieve the arthritis pain in my right shoulder. I want to increase my libido. On my first try I took 3 drops under the tongue. It had no noticeable effect of any kind. The nest day I took four drops. Again , no noticeable effect. Needless to say I am disappointed. Two extra-strength Tylenol gives me more relief. Viagra is OK for sustainability, but does not by itself increase libido. Would vaporizing or edibles be a better way to go. My asthma reacts strongly to inhaled smoke from a joint.

  108. I have noticed it reduces swelling that the other medications don’t touch. That is by using 60ml of mother tincture mixed into a carrier based and applied directly to the swelling. :-)

  109. This has been my method of a few years now, and have had great results. I store it in a dropper bottle and take anywhere from a half a dropper to 2 dropper fulls depending on the potency and desired effects. The taste is not nice by itself, and stings/numbs a bit under the tongue, but it can be cut a bit with your favorite liquor. I also like mixing it into a drink. The effects take more like an hour to begin, but often last up to 6 hours! The best part is you have a very potent product in a mater of 30 minutes rather that a month of waiting. Also, I have covered the strained material with a little more alcohol rather than discarding and kept it covered and stashed for a month and then stained it and enjoyed the same effects.

  110. I would suggest not doing a one to one ratio of product to liquid Oz. Maybe something like 3.5 or 7 grams to every ounce of liquid. This will obviously give you a stronger, more concentrated tincture so you don’t have to ingest so much liquid to get the desired effects.

  111. Continually? “Slowly increasing it over time” does not mean “continually” increasing the dosage, say, every day or every month.

  112. Jared Gonzales on

    “If you begin with a strict daily dose, and slowly increase it over time, you shouldn’t have any problem with tolerance.”

    uhhhh…that would actually show a huge amount of a tolerance being built up if you’re continuously upping the dosage.

  113. Decarboxylating for THC-A to THC happens only @ 240F, so 370F would be way too hot and will cause your tincture to go down in potency.

  114. Hi,
    Tried this the other day, good result.
    3.2 grams Sour Diesel, dried, powdered.
    Heat 1/2 fl. oz. vegetable glycerin to 375 F, stir in herb in small (1/8 tsp.) increments. Will foam up a bit.
    Stir for another 5 minutes after last herb added.
    Herb should be getting dark.
    Strain WHILE STILL HOT through 70 micron stainless steel mesh.
    Take solids from strainer, mix into another 1/2 fl. oz. glycerin at 375 F.
    Cook, repeat straining.
    Combine liquids, allow to cool; dark brown-orange milky looking product.
    MUCH thicker that pure glycerin.
    1 eyedropper is usually enough for relaxing, two is fun. Three? Don’t go to work.
    Theory sez THC ‘vapes at 370 F, catch vapors in a liquid. Seems to work!
    Liquid ‘vape!

  115. You will need the following…
    1 ounce of dried cannabis (buds or tops)
    1 bottle of Everclear or other high proof clear alcohol
    Sweetener (sugar both refined and unrefined, honey, brown sugar, molasses, etc)
    A double boiler
    A candy thermometer
    A tall slender bottle(s) for processing and storage. (a nice deco bottle for display, if not re-use the original bottle)
    Coffee filters or cheesecloth

    Fill lower half of double boiler and place on heat source. (hot plate, stove top, etc)
    Pour bottle of Everclear into upper boiler.
    Insert candy thermometer and turn on heat. Adjust heat SLOWLY bringing temperature up to 185-189 degrees F.
    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you do not exceed 190 degrees F as it will then boil off your alcohol rendering the whole process a colossal waste of time and bud.
    Take 1 ounce of dried cannabis material, grind to a medium coarseness and add to the warmed alcohol.
    Allow to sit at this temp for several minutes before turning off the heat and allowing to cool completely.
    After the mixture has cooled to room temperature, using the funnel and your bottle(s), pour the mixture into the bottle(s) and then cap lightly.
    Place the bottle(s) somewhere dark and cool for 1 week. Shaking or mixing not required.
    After a week, take the bottle(s) and pour the contents through the coffee filters or cheesecloth back into the double boiler which again has had the lower half filler with water.
    Insert the candy thermometer and SLOWLY bring the temperature of the alcohol to 185 degrees F and sweeten to taste.
    Allow to cool completely before returning to the bottle.
    You now have Creme de Cannabis. A light green, nutty flavoured sweet elixir that’s useful whenever the need strikes.
    BEWARE. This is very potent and care must be used when ingesting.
    A teaspoon helps with pain, 2 with bad pain like a tooth ache.
    A shot will take care of a migraine, 2 shots will probably allow you to amputate a limb. I’ve never need more than a single shot to help me deal with migraines, a bad back or an arthritic knee so please be careful with the use of this.

  116. I also know of a method using vegetable glycerin (easy to find anyplace that has a craft store) and slow waterbath extraction…great for under the tongue or in a vape pen.
    take 2 grams of high end buds, dried and ground. Put them in a 4 oz glass mason jar along with up to 2 fluid ounces of glycerin. Mix gently until all the bud is moistened…I use a chopstick for this. Cover with lid and loosely seal band. Place in crockpot (put a small washcloth between the pot and the jar) and fill the pot with water to just below the bottom of the lid. Cover, set pot on warm, and then all you have to do is check it every 12 hours for 3 days…swirl the tincture and check water levels. Your tincture will look anywhere from golden dark brown to dark sable brown…this is normal. It is not burnt. After 3 days, strain warm liquid into another 4 oz mason jar once through cheesecloth, squeezing out as much tincture as you can. Add tincture coated buds back to the cooking jar with 1-2 tablespoons of water. mix and strain again. Seal jar tightly. I like to make myself an individual small batch of brownies with the leftover bud, just for the taste, and because there is still some of the psychoactive ingredients in the moistened buds.
    If you try this, and like it, let me know…tracichrisco1969@gmail.com. I use it in my vape pens kind of like a rescue inhaler when I’m nervous or having a PTSD attack. It doesn’t GET you high, but if you smoke (or whatever) a couple hours before, and use the vape, it will extend the effects.

  117. Always one! Always…so stupid. Many herbal medicine is alcohol based. Are you also against vanilla and flavor extracts. Learn discernment and thinking for oneself.

  118. Ravarshi Kashaku on

    is this the same glycerin tincture you’d use in Evape pens? If so thank you for the knowledge of this, i’ve been looking for how to make glycerin based vape-oil myself, i’ve got an easyvape, but i want an Epen and alcohol based tinctures for the buzz… I read that this decarbs the bud, i’m not sure what that means, Thanks again.

  119. When I touch weed I need to washing hands because if I touch my eyes they get irritated, itchy,swollen and red. When I tried the oil I woke up next morning swollen eyes even more but no other of the effects. Might of did to much but when smoke it no problems.

  120. I’ve made both decarbed and non decarbed tintures and oils. If you decarb it you lose all the Acids like THCA, CBDA. I make both, but neither get me high, I do it for the health. If I want to get high I just rip the ole bongo. ya know?

  121. If you begin with a strict daily dose, and slowly increase it over time, you shouldn’t have any problem with tolerance. I would think that you could also follow this strategy and still increase the dosage on the occasions of increased pain (or other symptoms). The goal is stability and management of your symptoms, so you might want to use tinctures on a daily basis, while supplementing that with other stronger or weaker remedies as you see fit.

    From, Not a Doctor

  122. thank you so much this is incredible. i just have one question though. by taking a dose of tincture here and there, after a certain amount of time, will the body tolerate the dosage therefore having to take in more drops? or will it stay consistent as in the effect?

  123. Proverbs 15:18 – “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it.” It’s all about your character while you smoke.

  124. Longer than smoking. I smoke 3 – 4 hits every 3 – 4 hours. Half a dropper 4 – 6 hours. Anxiety medicine.

  125. Cranberry juice will eliminate any taste and burning from an Alcohol tincture, but by mixing it you’ll have to wait about 20-30 minutes for effects to take hold.

  126. yes the burn is normal in a tincture under the tongue , you can also do a simpson oil that tastes better , I like them both . they take care of my knees , bone on bone and my bad lower back and ocasionaly a pinched nerve. no painpills at all in 3 months while taking tinctures . Did you know that you can also put drops in bellybutton and get the effects you want , in about a minute you taste it a little after putting in bellybutton

  127. I tried a tincture once, but I was unable to stand the burning under my tongue for more than a few seconds. The burning sensation is from the alcohol content, but my understanding is that you can make it with glycerin instead.

  128. Derps420: First of all this article isnt about Alcohol killing, this is about an alternative way to get the benefits from marijuana. Alcohol kills if you are consuming a significant amount on a regular basis, or consuming a significant amount of alcohol and then doing something you shouldnt like driving you dummy. go bitch about alcohol in a different article…….DROPS of alcohol based tincture is not harmful. period. some people…..

  129. Made my first tincture, and it worked fine. I used a couple of drops under my tongue but burned for about 30 seconds and I felt an instant numbing sensation. Is the initial burning sensation normal ??


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  131. jeremey clandestine on

    THC itself will not vaporize until temperatures reach 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Did you see vapor or smell it? Smelling it is ok because the plant material contains terpenes (the pot smelling chemicals) that vaporize at much lower temperatures around 250 F while the psychoactive molecules remain stable.

  132. you don’t have to have everclear, Bacardi 151 works, or moonshine is my favorite. 100 proof or better works best and I use 1 cup alcohol to 1/2 oz of weed

  133. I decarbed at 250 F for 5-6 minutes and it started to produce vapor. I was told when it started to produce vapor you have to get it out of the oven immediately or rick losing THC. Did 350 actually work?

  134. You aren’t drinking the alcohol; it’s simply used as a menstrum. You’re using drops, not shots of the stuff. I have used alcohol for years to extract what I want from herbs, and a 2 oz. bottle of tincture can last for years. Never tried cannabis, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

  135. Jeremy Donaldson on

    Don’t know about alcohol tincture’s but with glycerin you have to decarboxolate you meds to get full effects. And I would let it sit for at least 30 days if not 90 or more. Good Luck

  136. bbbbobby davis on

    I get it..my question is it more harmful…
    I smoke it on top weed…I taste the grain at times…is this worse

  137. Thank you! It didn’t seem logical that I should have to toss it out. It’s been almost 3 weeks now, I’ll just keep adding more product. Do you think I should discard the old product before adding new or just keep it marinating? It seems to me all the benefits have absorbed into the alcohol. I didn’t realize there was a 180 proof vodka. Will try that next, if not glycerin.

  138. Yes this works great. I wish I knew exactly why but these drops are the most effective for my nerve pain due to Lupus. Does it have an antiinflamitory affect or is it working on pain receptors in brain? Another thing I have noticed is my energy levels have increased after 2 weeks 3-4 doses per day. Could I be absorbing more nutrients from the increased digestive activities due to the drops? Any thoughts from some green scientists?

  139. I don’t do anything with weed, but I do work with tinctures and extracts. You do not need to start over; just add more product. It sounds like you’ll need to experiment to get the dose that’s right for you. That said, chopping your product small should help. Also, shop around for the vodka. 180 proof is usually bottom shelf stuff. Ordinarily it’s only consumed by alcoholics and herbalists. It need not be Everclear brand, and if you explain to the shop keeper that you’re looking for 180 proof or better to make tinctures and extracts, they should help you out. (P.S. similar recipe for vanilla extract: 3 vanilla beans, split lengthwise, one cup high-test alcohol, steep at least ten days)
    Good luck!

  140. 151 rum is 75.5%, you need something 180 proof or higher (90% or higher)
    I am going to use Spiritus, which is somewhere around 190 proof (95%)
    Other than that, I do not have any knowledge on how to correct your tincture.

  141. Okay. I did everything by the book (I think, anyway). 28 grams of product, 28 ounces of 151 Rum. Mason Jar with a tight lid. Shaken daily. Sampled it today. It’s only been 10 days but there is no effect. What did I do wrong? If I should have used more product can I still add some more product or do I need to scrap everything and start all over? Would really love to get this down. Can’t buy Everclear where I live. Should I try vegetable glycerin? Thank you.

  142. Everybody is different, but I believe the drops would be similar to edibles if you put the drops in something you eat or drink. And digested cannabis is effective anywhere from two to six hours. Or longer if you are a lightweight. But always be careful with dosages, trying just a little bit first, and then waiting a couple of hours to gauge the effects.

  143. but if it is designed for use sublingually the best effect would be derived by holding under the tongue as long as possible.

  144. Exactly right. It’s important to heat the tincture (in a double boiler on an electric stove, no open flame) or pre-roast the bud as mentioned one comment above.

  145. So make it without alcohol it you’re that kind of sensitive. Not every piece of information in the world is scripture, it’s just information. Jeez.

  146. Before you start calling anyone fools if they tell you to heat it up, you better read up on decarboxylation and learn the difference between THC and THC-A

  147. with this recipe, you wouldn’t be meant to take the whole 1oz. it’d probably take a few droppers full to feel effects.

  148. Can you split the left over 1fl oz into two 0.5fl oz ? or is it better to just take the whole 1fl oz that your left with?

  149. Oops.. forgot to mention, unless you take in under your tongue (the quickest effect), then you’re making it an edible (slower but longer effect).

  150. I think it works best in liquids, like hot tea or chocolate. You want to disguise the taste.

  151. Aren’t we saying alcohol kills yet you are using it. Pure alcohol to process this tincture, Come on who do you think your fooling. Tincture can be made safely without alcohol.

  152. Just, buy a magical butter machine unless you are planning on making this for more than yourself.

  153. There is a way easier way to do this. Take 3.5 grams of what’s ever kind of bud you choose. Put it on a cookie sheet, bake in preheated oven(350) for 5-6 minutes, take out of oven and put t into a container (glass jar) with either 151 or everclear(2 fluid oz of booze should be used). Put the jar with the dried bud and booze into a pot with about 1″ of water in it. The water should have started to boil and then the flame lowered to maintain the temperature right before boiling. Put the jar in the water. Put a thermometer into the bud/booze mixture to maintain a temp of about 170-185. Don’t put thermometer into the water, put it into the jar. This should stay there for 20-22 min. 2fl oz were put into the jar, you should end up with 1fl oz of tincture due to 1fl oz boiling off. If there is a little more than that is ok. Take the mixture after 20-22 min and drain it in a fine draining utensil. Keep the liquid disgard the green. ( it won’t do anything for you anymore. )

  154. ahoy from WA state. legal here. smoking some Fire Cut Og. it should be legal in the entire country.

  155. i just want my weed to be legal all you see is kids smoking smoking smoking just legalize it we already filed for bankruptcy


  157. The quantities in this article for making tincture are correct. Use 1 gram of quality ground up bud to one ounce of Everclear. If you can’t buy Everclear in your area use 151 rum.

    Dried plant matter still contains about 6-8% residual moisture which can prevent some THC release but it’s not a big concern. Pre-heating the dry bud is optional. Perhaps 10 minutes in the oven at 150 degrees will quickly drive off the moisture. 300 degrees for ten minutes is excessive. THC and the other components of weed are highly soluble in alcohol. Laboratory tests show that Everclear will strip out the THC within 20 minutes if the mix is swirled continually. Or, wait longer and just shake the mixture occasionally. Don’t believe the urban legends that say it must be boiled in alcohol or soaked for 10-30 days. One hour of soaking and some shaking will extract almost all the THC.

    A standard one ounce eye dropper bottle will provide 25 doses of tincture. Dosage: One eye dropper of tincture. Adjust as needed. Best taken on an empty stomach. Effects will be felt within 10-15 minutes. Taking under the tongue (sublingually) will speed absorption and bypasses the liver but straight Everclear makes that process unpleasant. You can concentrate the tincture by evaporating the alcohol at room temperature until 1/4 ounce remains. This will suffice for sublingual dosage of 6 drops.

    The tincture will remain potent for many years if stored at room temperature in a dark place. To be safe and discrete, buy a dropper bottle of some herbal product and soak off the label. Scan it and print out on glossy inkjet paper at the highest resolution. This makes a commercial looking label. Spray it with artists varnish used for sealing oil paintings to provide gloss and water resistance (Kamar varnish or similar). Glue to the bottle and store it away from kids and the curious.

  158. I made this the other day and WOW. Took 4 drops and my eyes feel swollen shut almost.

    All I did was:
    Grind a little less than an ounce and add it to mason jar.
    Add everclear. I only put enough in to “cover” the herb and no more.
    Shake it once a day for 6 days
    Strain with cheesecloth.

    Simple! Don’t listen to the fools that tell you to heat it up first. Maybe leaving it in the freezer would help, but mine worked just fine at a constant 70 degrees.
    I did the most basic recipe possible with mid-grade herb and seems potent enough to me! Any more powerful and I’d have to start splitting the drops for people without a tolerance….

  159. God did not give us THC this is a designer drug from before the end of the last ice age, from the Atlantian period of mankind

  160. Lols, only Subcool would admit he’s new to this, modest like a boss. I am looking to distance myself from some of the more ‘heavy’ and mind clouding effects of burning chlorophyll and other misc. plant matter. Will be looking into some tinctures this week for anxiety and sleep, thank you for the very in depth information!

  161. How long does the Thc Drops stay in your system?(Are they like edibles where the Thc stays in for a longer period of time in your body?)

  162. still not legal here on

    I use stems and shake, once I gather enough I put them in a full bottle and let them sit in the closet, shaking daily. I’ve never been sure about the right time so I usually let it go 3 weeks. I also take a full shot glass full. We call it space juice but maybe I’ve just been overdosing. I encourage all smokers to try my method as you use little of your good “smokable” bud.

  163. I bought some at a despiser but, it doesnt work on me! I put them under my young but nothing! I’ve put up to a hole dropper in, any recommendations?  Ive even tried drying under my tounge with a paper towel before i put the drops in.

  164. brendans jar of nugz on

    only thing i would recommend adding to the first recipe is to bake the cured bud in the oven at 325 degrees for around 5 minutes or until you can smell the odor of the bud when standing near the oven strongly. This activates the THCa in the marijuana into THC the active ingredient in the high. Without the heating process the THCa is never denatured to THC and therefor takes away from the potency of the overall tincture. (THCa is what naturally resides in marujuana, and the heat added in all forms of consumption whether smoking or cooking is what activates the THC in the marijuana. I made a form of a less potent tincture using a whole bottle of everclear and around a half ounce of high quality “dro” stems. After baking the stems and allowing them to soak in the everclear for around 3 weeks (shaking the bottle daily) i had a beautiful golden brown colored tincture. after testing the product, i came to find that around a double shot (3 fl oz) of the infused everclear gave a mild drunk buzz and a body high of up to 4 hours. when doubling that dosage the results are a drunk and highly stoned individual. With such an easy prep and great results i look forward to experimenting with tinctures more and highly recommend trying something for your self. I plan to try out the super concentrate recipe given above and look forward to enjoying it.

  165. Leonard Krivitsky, MD on

    I believe it is a matter for the majority of people to see that the whole cannabis prohibition, the whole DEA “dogma” that “marijuana is a dangerous drug without accepted medical use” be exposed in its anti-scientific, deceptive nature. Cannabis is not physically addictive as it lacks the recognizable “physical withdrawal syndrome” (like opiates, or alcohol, for example); the so-called “gateway drug theory” has been proven to be nonsense by a scientific research, and was even declared “half-baked” by a recent study; Drug Marinol, much touted by the DEA, is not at all the same as medicinal cannabis which, as opposed to Marinol, has over 70 active compounds interacting in therapeutic ways. Cannabis decriminalization is followed by a decrease (not an increase) in “teenage use”, as the example of Portugal clearly shows, and (with another major scare-tactic disintegrating), smoking cannabis does not increase one’s risk of lung cancer; combine all this with the violence-suppressing qualities of cannabis use, its propensity to be a “safe alternative” to alcohol/hard drugs, its remarkable medicinal properties, and then see if the DEA “dogmas” have any factual foundation and not just an empty talk that is being enforced by a version of philosophical “radical pragmatism” which basically “allows” its followers to disregard the truth in favor of, let’s say, DEA “dogma”, with such a dogma being constantly “reinforced” by a consciousness of “guilt” and “fear”. What we (and I mean, all of us) need to do is spread this scientific knowledge (along with the refutation of “dogma”), so that even for the politicians this becomes a question of either siding with fear and ignorance (which will assure one kind or “legacy”), or with science, progress and compassion, which will bring a totally different “legacy” altogether; let’s not forget to ask our politicians as well as to why they are “crying broke” and yet, at the same time keep financing the so-called “marijuana enforcement” while most of the country wants this rather harmless natural substance decriminalized altogether, and definitely legalized when it comes to its many remarkable medicinal uses.

  166. This is my recipe for those that don’t support the use of Alcohol

    My question if you can tell me Ninja is how much stronger are the alcohol based tinctures in comparison.

    Alcohol free Cannabis Tincture
    By Subcool

    Recently I was introduced to a way to create a convenient cannabis based medicine. It does not require smoking or even the ingestion of baked goods but just a few drops under the tongue. It contains no harmful additives and if made correctly using good bud actually taste quite pleasant.

    I’d like to show you how to make this amazing cannabis preparation. It’s a vegetable Glycerin based Tincture that you can make easily with just a few inexpensive kitchen items. You simply soak high quality cannabis shake and kief in the Glycerin for 60 days.
    Glycerin is easy to find and the company “Now” makes a very high quality version you should be able to find it at your local health food store. I like to take high quality shake and bud and grind them up well and place in a 2 quart glass jar. I also like to add 5-7 grams of Kief to the jar to increase the medicines potency. Remember this will be ingested so keep everything sterile and use good tasting shake not waste leaf. Once you fill the jar 90% with the ground weed and Kief slowly add the Glycerin until the weed is covered and the jar is full. Make sure to rotate the jar for about 3-5 minutes per day mixing up the jar well. I like to flip my jar upside down each day and let the weed float to the top of the Glycerin. After 60 full days used the 190 Micron Bubblebag to strain out the weed. It was extremely difficult and I think a French Press or some type of fine kitchen screen to strain the shake out of the tincture would work better.
    Now here is where some knowledge of Cannabis can be very helpful. For a medication that will provide relief for nausea and stomach pain as well as tremors and shakes it seems that Sativa hybrids work best. These varieties tend to provide a more up buzz that’s best for morning and daytime medication. You can even vary the harvest time and use a Sativa that’s harvested early for a Tincture that is even more energizing and up beat. Indica strains seem to provide better pain relief and make great medication for night time especially sleeping. By making two different types of preparations, using different types of cannabis harvested to suit the individuals needs we can provide long term effective relief from many ailments. I also am very happy to use this as ammo when the anti cannabis people want to bring up smoked medicine.
    Glycerin Tincture is very easy to titrate and a patient can take just a few drops under the tongue getting just the relief needed and no more. Tincture doesn’t seem to get you high or stoned and many without serious ailments don’t even feel it’s effects unless thay take a large amount like 30 ml, Everyone is different in this aspect. We have also seen incredible results with migraines. When your suffering from a serious headache all the blood is rushing to your head and not your stomach so taking a pill orally is a slow fix. With this preparation you can brush your teeth vigorously and then apply a few drops into the mouth. The medicine passes across the mucous membrane and seems to have immediate effects on our friends with this problem.
    Do not confuse Vegetable Glycerin with the product used to make soap, this comes from animal fats and is not the same thing. Vegetable Glycerin is used in cough syrups and many other products and is safe for human consumption. I do recommend drinking extra water, as it tends to dehydrate you if taken in larger amounts.
    MzJill found the following online

    Glycerin or glycerine, it is a sugar alcohol, and is sweet-tasting and of low toxicity. Glycerol has three hydrophilic alcoholic hydroxyl groups that are responsible for its solubility in water and its hygroscopic nature. Its surface tension is 64.00 mN/m at 20 °C, and it has a temperature coefficient of -0.0598 mN/(m K). It is a central component of lipids.

    In foods and beverages, glycerol serves as a humectant, solvent and sweetener, and may help preserve foods. It is also used as filler in commercially prepared low-fat foods (i.e., cookies), and as a thickening agent in liqueurs. Glycerol also serves as a way, along with water, to preserve certain types of leaves. Glycerol is also used as a sugar substitute. In this regard, it has approximately 27 calories per teaspoon and is 60% as sweet as sucrose. Although it has about the same food energy as table sugar, it does not raise blood sugar levels, nor does it feed the bacteria that form plaques and cause dental cavities. As a food additive, glycerol is also known as E number E422.

    In organic synthesis, glycerol is used as a readily available prochiral building block.
    Glycerol is used in medical and pharmaceutical and personal care preparations, mainly as a means of improving smoothness, providing lubrication and as a humectant. It is found in cough syrups, elixirs and expectorants, toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products, and soaps.

    As a 10% solution, glycerol prevents tannins from precipitating in ethanol extracts of plants (tinctures). It is also used as a substitute for ethanol as a solvent in preparing herbal extractions. It is less extractive and is approximately 30% less able to be absorbed by the body. Fluidextract manufacturers often extract herbs in hot water before adding glycerin to make glycerites.

    Used as a laxative when introduced into the rectum in suppository or liquid (enema) form; irritates the bowel and induces a hyperosmotic effect.
    Glycerol is a component of glycerol soap, which is made from denatured alcohol, glycerol, sodium castorate (from castor), sodium cocoate, sodium tallowate, sucrose, water, and perfume (fragrance). Sometimes one adds sodium laureth sulfate. This kind of soap is used by people with sensitive, easily-irritated skin because it prevents skin dryness with its moisturizing properties. It is possible to make glycerol soap at home.

    It is also used in de-/anti-icing fluids, as in vitrification of blood cells for storage in liquid nitrogen

    The first time I made Tincture I used two ounces of very Up weed with high THC and low CBD. The medicine was incredibly potent but it actually made you feel tweaked and was only good for daytime use. If I used it late at night for pain relief it actually woke me up and gave me cannabis energy. We wanted to create a more relaxing and calming Tincture so I used the following strains, JTR, Space Queen, Urkle, Jacks Cleaner. All these plants were fully seeded and the harvest times were past the 70 day mark. This insured we would have a more sedative form of medicine. Much of the weed used was either Purple or maroon colored. I have seen the Bubble water turn the color of grape juice when using these Purple strains and I wanted to see if the color and the taste came though into the tincture. We also added a large pile of golden kief to the top of the jar before adding the Glycerin.
    Thanks to MzJill for her great action shots of me straining the mixture.
    I think a crank press would work much better as far as ease of production. My way using the 190 UI Bubblebag is extremely tiring and even hurt my hand after squeezing for 20 minutes about what it took to process this run. My arms were worn out from squeezing so look into a press unless your looking for a work out. I think its very important to fully decarboxylate the THC Acids. We heat the oven to 170 ( My lowest Setting) and let warm up and sit for about 45 minutes. At day fifty I washed the jar well and also placed in a bucket of hot water till it cooled. These two steps insure the Tincture is activated to it’s full potential. The plum colored Tincture is really impressive and as we hoped a much more calming effect is produced than the first batch made with early harvested sativas.
    I find it this batch helps me with my RLS and if I take 15 ml with unsweetened grape juice its actually quite pleasant. We give small dropper bottles to anyone we know with a medical card and we have had some amazing feed back.

    “I take the Tincture on a fairly empty stomach, and brush my teeth very well before taking it. I have one tablespoon of Tincture; I take it in small sips, holding each sip, and swishing it in my mouth for as long as I can. This allows for the most absorption of the Tincture; and provides the fastest relief of my Migrane Headache, Nausea, and pain. It warms me from the inside, and relaxes me so I can eat. If I take a tablespoon, I can do my housework and chores without ill effects. With one and a half tablespoons, I sleep all night without waking from pain; then wake up, feeling refreshed. For me, Tinctures are the best method for Migrane pain control”. Joymum

    “This morning, I didn’t take Tincture I tried to keep the bong hits low, to see how my body would respond. Yucky, I’ll say. First my heads seems to be just a little slower, (its always hard for me to think), my housework seems harder to finish; I start o.k., but then my energy just goes away. I’m beginning to feel shakey and nauseas. My non-cancerous Fibroid (fatty) tumors are reminding that they are there. All of this is just after about 22 hours without full med treatment. 2 – 3 days, and I would be in my own world again, because of the pain that would return. But tonight I will be taking Tincture, and wake up feeling just fine. MzJill & Subcool told us when we received this treasure, that not everybody feels the Medicinal Effects, of Tincture. Perhaps its not the right method of delivery for them. I do not feel ‘High’, or ‘Druggy’, from Tincture. I only feel a relief from Migrane Headache pain, and a decrease in shaking. I do feel a warm, calm feeling, of over-all well being.”

    We have another friend who has a grandmother in the final stages of cancer. Shes weak and in pain and can’t eat and she is basically wasting away. My friend passed some of the Tincture to her son and they put a few drops on her tongue. They reported she asked for something to eat and then went to sleep. Her son called my friend back and asked where he could buy some of the “ Miracle medicine” He informed him it was not available from mainstream doctors but he would get her some more.

    I am not trying to make exaggerated claims here I am new to this and I am just as surprised as you may be by these claims but I can tell you these people’s quality of life has improved and main stream medical professionals better open there eyes to what God gave us. I am no scientist but I’m also not stupid. It’s hard to ignore these results and since were not smoking the Cannabis there number one argument against medical cannabis is silenced with this preparation. This is a great way to heal ourselves without dangerous toxic chemicals

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