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Marijuana Prohibition Is Bad For The Environment


earth marijuanaLegalize Marijuana To Get Rid Of Cartel Marijuana Gardens That Harm The Environment

I just read an article on the Huffington Post by Andrew Becker that I felt the need to talk about. Apparently, biologists from UC Davis, the nonprofit ‘Integral Ecology Research Center,’ and government agencies conducted a study which found that a large number of fishers (small mammal) found dead in the Sierra Nevada range were exposed to rat poison. They point to the likely source of that rat poison coming from illegal, large-scale marijuana grow operations in the area.

I would point out to the researchers that large-scale, illegal grow operations, and the detrimental environmental effects that go with them, are a product of marijuana prohibition. If marijuana were legal and regulated, pesticides and other chemicals wouldn’t be wreaking havoc on our public lands because the marijuana America consumed would be grown in a responsible and regulated way. Legal medical marijuana growers in California don’t use rat poison…

The environmental impact of cartel-style marijuana gardens is something that is just now starting to be studied. I really hope for the sake of the planet that the people investigating the environmental damage will seek policy reform as opposed to doubling down on what’s obviously not working. More enforcement just leads to cartels going farther into the wilderness and cutting even more corners, with a direct impact to the environment.

The government simply can’t keep up, even if they stubbornly wanted to. Here’s a quote from the Huffington Post article:

“We do not have a Department budget at the State level that is set aside and identified as funding to go toward marijuana eradication and the cleanup of pot gardens,” California State Parks spokesman Roy Stearns wrote in an email. “If the Districts and Sector have a garden and wish to take action, they must find the money in their existing budget to do the work.” How about we pursue the option of ending marijuana prohibition, rather than let the free for all continue?

Illegal, large-scale marijuana grow operations simply would not exist if marijuana were legal and regulated. I do not know one person on the planet that prefers cartel marijuana. They only smoke it because it’s the only thing around. The second marijuana became legal and regulated, those same people would buy quality marijuana from a regulated storefront. The marijuana would have been grown in a way that is not detrimental to the environment, and if it was, the grower would be fined and/or blacklisted from the marijuana community. Chemicals would still be used to grow marijuana, but they would be disposed of in a responsible way.

If the government and researchers are truly worried about wildlife and vegetation in remote areas were large-scale marijuana grow operations are occurring, they will do something about it. And by do something about it, I don’t mean stick to the same failed policies that are creating the problem. I hope that environmentalists will stand up and start demanding reform. Mother Earth and her creatures are depending on it!


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  1. Anyone that has the time to watch the Strain Hunters videos will understand very quickly that most ganja is not grown in huge cartel sponsored fields, and most who grow it do not spend money on pesticides.

    The poppy growers in Afghanistan live in an area that has long extended droughts on a regular basis. The Tallibums outlawed the fields of poppies for religious reasons, and then distributed seed for the farmers to grow food instead. Please take the time to research what happened. Thousands starved to death when the drought came and killed all of those crops. Somewhere online, is the story of a village gathering all of their wealth and hiring a truck to drive them out of the country, after even boiling and trying to eat the grass in the area. If I remember correctly, two of them died of malnutrition during the ride out, and they buried them beside the road. This year, our military forces and the emerging Afghan forces started to destroy the fields again. If you want to know what happened, search for children sold to opium war lords.

    Prohibition does not work for any drug, and all systems of prohibition create the same kinds of destruction and death as the others do. It does not matter what drug you name in the beginning.

  2. I wonder if a gene could be added to lawn that would cause it to produce THC and cannabinoids. The government would probably be stupid enough to try to outlaw lawns.

  3. Legalize marijuana or all of your furry rat friends will die!

    Since the government cares more about furry rat animals than people, maybe this will get some traction.

  4. I dont Get it They are talking bout pesticides and chemicals and poisons, If people new how much pesticides and chemicals they all ready put in all of our crops corn soey beans etc there would be no debate the chemicals that are used now on crops have all ready damaged natural wells for drinking water which causes cancer and numerous other deathly diseases and lets not get on the frack drilling topic which is destroying whole communities from toxic chemicals by getting into the drinking water and wells …… And This is all just a lie im pretty sure of it we have been lied to for years and its still happening ……..

  5. Reading this story reminded me of a documentary I saw recently on the
    illegal cocaine production that goes on in South America. The array of
    dangerous chemicals, including some heavy metals, used in the production
    of this drug are openly discarded in the rivers and watercourses,
    poisoning the water, killing the wildlife, and destroying the surrounding
    habitat for years to come. This is the legacy that is being left for our children.

    Anyway, great post and I couldn’t agree more about lifting the prohibition on Marijuana. There is clearly a huge worldwide demand for this drug, and the demand is growing year-on-year. This devastation caused to the environment by large-scale illegal cannabis production needs to be addressed, although sadly I can’t see this happening in our lifetimes as the politicians and their paymasters have far too much to lose.

  6. FloridaBadger on

    THE BEST WAY IS TO STOP DEMAND!! What’re yhey gonna hold guns to OUR heads to inhale/purchase? NOT W?OUT A BIG OL SCRAPN!!!

  7. Yes, and now we’re supposed to believe that the same people who brought us this celebrated state of affairs are to control who can buy, sell, and produce cannabis and for which purposes. *facepalm*

  8. And prohibition makes it more profitable for afghans to grow opium instead of food, and more:






    But alcohol prohibition is the only case study we need.

    This article misses the point. All we have to do is repeal the bad law, and large-scale grow operations would no longer be illegal, and there would be quality control again. Again, this is what happened with alcohol prohibition: they repealed it and deaths from “bathtub gin” plummeted.

    Do we support the same cause? I’m not trying to be antagonistic, but I want people to be able to grow, buy, and sell cannabis like people grow, buy, and sell anything else, though that seems to be going out of fashion, too …

  9. Johnny oneye on

    who believes this crap?
    the same people who think cannabis is a dangerous narcotic. reminds me of Trutanich in los angeles ,took a can of raid ,sprayed the can in the camera and claimed ‘medical marijuana’ is poison .
    political liars using cannabis prohibition to further a political future.same old shit

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