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Marijuana Raid Assisted By Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Customs


homeland security marijuanaThe issue of federal agents being used in a domestic drug raid rears its ugly head again in Michigan as three agencies lend a hand to a Drug Task Force operation in Sanilac and St. Clair Counties.

The St. Clair County Drug Task Force stumbled upon a drug deal while conducting another investigation. The Task Force brought in the Sanilac County Sheriff Department to assist with a raid on a single residence in the city of Melvin; that raid led to a search of a second home in nearby St. Clair Township.

All told the Task Force and Sheriff Departments reported $326,000 of marijuana seized along with 28 guns, $2,000 in hashish, psychedelic mushrooms, $40,000 in cash, a motorcycle and two cars. Two arrests were made.

In a statement given to the Port Huron Times-Herald, St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said, ”We understand that there are legal ways to grow medical marijuana.” Donnellon added, “However, the gentleman from Melvin exceeded the limits of the law by a huge amount.”

The article adds: “A St. Clair County Sheriff dog, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Customs and U.S. Homeland Security Investigation Unit also assisted in the investigation.”

The role of the federal agents in this scheme is unclear and calls to the St. Clair Sheriff Department have not been returned. Why the Drug Task Force and a County Sheriff Department needed agents from three federal agencies to do two standard home raids is a question best asked by the taxpayers and officials in those counties, but the use of federal resources in a local drug interdiction action is always going to bring inquiry- as it should.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point to learn that they are only targeting people who have assets like a house and a couple cars to make the bust ‘worth it’.

  2. Mikey the Muncher on

    All those fools to bust 2 yeah only 2 bad guys, wow that is proof right there of major government excess and wasted law enforcement revenue, what idiots… and all to put on a “we are needed see I told you” show for America… MORONS Ala mode

  3. Bill Jones on

    They call in the feds to help them hone their skills for future oppression of the citizenry. Just helping to gear up for martial law.

  4. Robert Dewayne King on

    The feds were here to make sure they got their cut of the “proceeds of crime” assets that were confiscated !

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