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Marijuana Reform Featured On Cover Of State Legislatures Magazine


state legislatures magazine marijuanaBy Morgan Fox, Marijuana Policy Project

In what is surely a sign that serious change is on the horizon for marijuana policy across the nation, the magazine for the National Conference of State Legislatures featured a long cover story about reform efforts in their latest issue.

Given that lawmakers have traditionally lagged far behind public opinion on this topic, this is a pretty big step toward educating them about the need or alternatives to marijuana prohibition.

So far this year, more than 20 states have introduced marijuana reform legislation of some sort, and we will likely see more in the coming weeks.

Source: Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. 20 states this year with more coming? It’s the first week of February; we could have half (or more) of the union introduce cannabis bills in TWO MONTHS. That’s insane. That’s a message.

    Forgive me for being hopeful, but this is exciting.

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