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Marijuana Reform Leaders To Speak At University Of Missouri


missouri show me cannabis university of missouriMissouri has one of the strongest chances of reforming marijuana laws in 2014 out of any of the states. I know it comes as a surprise to some people, but the fact is Missouri is more active than virtually any other state when it comes to pursuing marijuana reform. The Show Me Cannabis campaign has held numerous town halls, fundraisers, and other events to increase awareness and start conversations across Missouri. They just announced that two of my heroes, Neill Franklin and Alison Holcomb, are coming to the University of Missouri to speak about marijuana. See below:

Join us on Thursday, November 14, to hear from two excellent speakers on the state of cannabis law reform.

Neill Franklin is a former narcotics officer and currently the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). Mr. Franklin will be joined by Alison Holcomb, who is the Criminal Justice Director for the ACLU of Washington State. Ms. Holcomb was the Campaign Director for New Approach Washington, the organization which spearheaded Washington State’s historic cannabis reform initiative, I-502.

The event is co-sponsored by MU NORML and MU Students for Sensible Drug Policy. It will be held in Stewart Hall, Room 100, also known as Parker Auditorium. A map to Stewart Hall can be found here: http://map.missouri.edu/?bldg=37064

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting event!

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  1. Johnny Bloomington on

    I’d smoke to that if I wasn’t drug tested at work. Here’s to more progress in 2016 (and 2014 if OR can legalize it).

  2. I hope you understand I wasn’t trying to be harsh. We ARE on the same team. I agree 2014 is probably unrealistic, but today’s work can pay off in 2016.

  3. Johnny Bloomington on

    Sorry, just think it’s bad journalism to say Missouri has one of the strongest chances to change mj laws in 2014. You mentioned citizen ballot initiative process but there is currently nothing going on this front. Look, hats off to show me cannabis but they’re not passing state wide mj laws in 2014. As far as me getting off my ass, you better believe I will if a group can get it on the ballot.

  4. That “small group” is doing a good job, and they’ll be more effective if you join them rather than flee. And don’t give me that crap about “conservative state,” either. Nebraska decriminalized years ago, as did Mississippi, and Arkansas very nearly got mmj through in 2012 and almost certainly will the next time it comes up! Besides, MO has the citizen ballot initiative process. I’m in deep red Kansas. We don’t have the citizen ballot process here; we basically have to beg and pressure our legislature to act, and we are doing exactly that. Despite the challenges we face, we’re pressing ahead to reach a goal of mmj within the next three years, maybe sooner. Stop whining, get off your ass, and go legalize in Missouri!!!

  5. Johnny Bloomington on

    “Missouri has one of the strongest chances of reforming marijuana laws in 2014 out of any of the states.”

    Just because a small group has been making the rounds here in MO doesn’t mean we’re changing shit in this conservative state. Arkansas has a better chance for meaningful change. I want to get out of this state!

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