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Marijuana Reform Supporters Nationwide Can Help Oregon Legalization Initiative


oregon wants you to legalize marijuanaOregon Wants You to Help Legalize!

By Bradley Steinman, 3L, President & Founder of Lewis & Clark Law School SSDP

So, I’m thinking Amendment 64 is going to pass in Colorado. According to recent polls, showing around 51% in favor, 41% against, and 8% undecided, even if every currently undecided voter wound up casting their ballot against A64, CO would still legalize. In Washington state, the only real organized opposition is coming from the medical marijuana community, and we’re witnessing state law enforcement candidates debating about who supports legalization more, in order to try to get elected. The long and the short of it is, Colorado and Washington are poised to pass legalization this November. The polls are lookin’ really good for them. Oregon? Not so much.

While we have 43% in favor, we have a hefty amount of undecided voters, 22% actually. So how about SSDP, NORML, MPP, DPA, and whatever other drug policy reform organizations there are out there try to set up a phone bank to sway undecided voters in OREGON to vote yes on Measure 80?

If we get some volunteer support from around the country, Oregon will pass legalization this year handily. If you have any inkling of a desire to help end marijuana prohibition, I’m asking that you consider helping out in Oregon.

It seems plenty of Oregonians have no idea legalization is on the ballot here this election, and our voters are notoriously pro-marijuana. Oregon was the first state to decrim in 1973, and the second state to pass and implement a medical marijuana program in 1998. Our SSDPers and other fine activists are doing what we can out here, but we have nowhere near the amount of support and energy we need to have a fighting chance.

Will you heed the call and help Oregon legalize?

Colorado and Washington have plenty of support, and are extremely well funded to the tune of millions. M80, Oregon’s hope, is in dire need of support. Ironically, M80 would be the broadest, most sweeping protection of any legalization initiative ever.

Can we pretend like Oregon has a legitimate chance of legalizing marijuana this election, (which we do) and get some volunteer support in a place where it could make a huge impact and legitimately change history?

I’m a little tired of watching the news of federal raids and dispensary shutdowns happening out here in Oregon, knowing that they would end this year if people helped us legalize. And it’s not like legalization is on the ballot every election. We haven’t had legalization on the ballot out here since well before I was born, and I’m 24.

Please spread the message around and see what you can do to help pass M80 and support Oregon’s historic bid to legalize cannabis and industrial hemp. Not very much effort would yield tremendous returns for any effort expended on Oregon’s behalf. It’s time to end prohibition in Oregon. In this economy, I don’t think we can afford not to.

Any love for Oregon? If so, help us pass Measure 80 to legalize marijuana and restore hemp.

Donate and find out how you can get involved here:




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  1. Wish I could give you WA money. 502 is not reform and many are praying that people read it before voting, since they are flooded with propaganda. I am hoping OR & CO will lead the way for cannabis reform with much better initiatives.

  2. INVEST in the full legalization movement with stock symbol MJNA (Medical Marijuana Inc) — With the most recent polls surging in Washington (37 and 23 point leads) and Colorado (11 point lead), ALL with majority support, there’s no telling where this will go in November!

  3. Chris@Super Coco on

    Where is the info for the phone bank im not seeing it but bet your ass im in georgia and am gonna let this accent roar!

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